A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 14

“I want the school security footage of today’s activities”Jaden said walking to his desk

“The school security footage?”Mr Martins asked wondering why he wanted it

“You heard me well”

“What do you want to use it for?”

“For something very important”He replied

“Like what?”

“Mr Martins,I’ve got no time to answer silly questions please it’s a matter between life and death”

Mr Martins stood up and brought out his computer then switched it on.

“So which footage do you want again?”He asked

“Today’s footage”


He searched through the files and found the footage but it was empty. Jaden was confused

“There is nothing in it”Mr Martins said

“How can there be nothing? Aren’t the CCTV cameras always on?”

“They are but I don’t know why today’s own went off”

“This is shere conspiracy. Why must the cameras go off the very day your troublesome niece drag Elena into the school pool?”

“Mitchell did what?”Mr Martins asked in shock

This girl is going to make him loose his job one day

“Yes. She fell in the pool and dragged Elena in with her knowing that Elena can’t swim”

“I’m really sorry about that Jaden. I’ll talk to her”

“If I find out that this was a plot to end her life,I’ll make sure Mitchell gets expelled and also make sure King Darius hears about your sx escapades in this school. Elena is precious to me and I don’t play with her. Be warned” Jaden said and left the office

Mr Martins wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He needs to call Mitchell to order if not,his secrets will be exposed and the princess will sack him.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Elena finally opened her eyes and the first person she saw was Chris. She sat up and rubbed her head

“What happened?”She asked looking around

“You drowned”

“Oh yeah. I almost died didn’t I?”

“Yes but luckily I was there to save you”Chris said

“You saved me?”She twitched her brows

“Yes or were you expecting someone else?”He asked

She ignored his question

“Where is Kira and Jaden?”

“Kira went to get you water and I haven’t seen Jaden since the incident with you”Chris said

“You’re lying Chris”

“How do you know that?”He asked

“I just know. Jaden was the one that saved me cause I saw his face before passing out”

Chris froze

The princess was smart. He needs to cover it up before she starts suspecting him

“You caught me”He laughed

“What do you mean?”

“I wanted to trick you but I guess it didn’t work”

“Yes it didn’t”

“Elena you’re awake”Kira screamed as she entered and hugged her

“Yes I am”

“I was so scared. I thought I was going to loose you then your father will cut off my-“She trailed off when she remembered Chris was around

“Thanks for watching her Chris”Kira said

“Yes thanks for watching me Chris”Elena said still looking at him

She was beginning to suspect this guy

“My pleasure. I’ll be on my way now”He stood up and walked out

“There is something strangely odd about that guy”Elena said

“Why do you say so?”Kira asked giving her a bottle water

“I just feel it but I’ll confirm it. What of Mitchell?”

“She’s fine”

“She is really a good actress. So she tricked me”Elena clenched her fist

“I thought you can discern between liars and people who are honest. Why couldn’t you do same thing with Mitchell?”Kira asked

“I guess her tears didn’t make me notice. Anyways it’s fine”She sneezed

“Oh Elena,you’ve caught a cold”

“I’m fine”

“No you’re not. The nurse said I should take you home to rest for a week”

“Why? The school dinner party is this Friday”

“Have you forgotten Princess Helen is supposed to be in attendance?”Kira whispered

“I totally forgot about that. It will be easier that way. Elena didn’t make it to the party but Princess Helen did”Elena sneezed again

Nurse Eva came out and checked on her then gave her one week absence from school.

Kira went to their room and packed a few stuffs so it won’t look like they’re going with nothing. Jaden ran to them after they came out of the College gate.

“So you’re going for a week?”He asked sadly

“I guess”

“Which means you won’t come to the dinner party on Friday?”

“Yes”She replied

“Bummer. I wanted you to be my dance partner”

“I’m sorry Jaden. I promise to make it up to you when I come back”She said

“Okay then. I sure am going to miss you Elena”

“Same here”She smiled and left with Kira

Jaden sat down on a rock there and Stanley walked up to him

“Cheer up Jad. It’s only for a week”Stanley said

“It looks like months to me”Jaden replied

“So what are you going to do then?”

“I don’t know”

“Will you attend the dinner party as Prince Derrick or Jaden? I heard Princess Helen will be present”


“So if you go as Prince Derrick,you can dance with her a little and calm your nerves”

“No. Elena is the only girl I’ll dance with Stanley”

“Fine”Stanley rolled his eyes as Chris came to them

Immediately Jaden saw Chris,he stood up and left

“Are you guys fighting?”Stanley asked

“No we are not. I guess he doesn’t like me”Chris said

“He likes you Chris. He is just not in a good mood”

“I figured”Chris said

“So who is your date to the dinner party?”Stanley asked

“I have none”Chris replied

“Are you serious?”Stanley was surprised


“You need one. Come on,I’ll show them to you”He dragged Chris into the school hall way.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Elena has changed her clothes to that of royalty before entering through the gate. The guards and maids outside bowed as she walked elegantly into the palace.

“Greetings mother and father”She curtsied smiling brightly

“Greetings my precious jewel”The king smiled

“How are you Princess?”Her mum asked observing her

“I’m fine mother”

“Kira come forward”Queen Zara commanded and Kira obeyed

“Is she fine?”The queen pointed to Princess Helen who had already taken a seat beside her father

Kira curtsied and explained all that happened to them

“Princess,how did you survive that?”King Darius asked in ulter disbelief

The first time she saw water after her brother’s death,she was unconscious for weeks. Even at the pool party,she fainted and didn’t wake up for 4 days but this one was only few hours

“I decided to get over my fear father”She replied

“Really?”Queen Zara’s worried face lit up


“This is great. Rest all you want Princess. We’ll inform Olivia to cook a special meal for you then get drugs”The King smiled at her

“Where is Olivia?”She asked

“I sent her out for some fruits”The queen replied and Princess Helen smiled

She curtsied and went to her room followed by Kira.

“I can’t believe she finally got over that fear”Queen Zara said

“I’m equally surprised my queen but it’s a good thing. We just need to keep encouraging her so the fear won’t surface again because she hasn’t recovered fully yet”The King said

“That’s true. We have her back and Kira has her back too”


A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Master Zaki was with Olivia,the palace chef

“Master Zaki,what if I get caught?”Olivia asked nervously

“You can’t get caught. You’re a smart girl so play your card well”Zaki said

“But what if the princess find out,she’ll not be happy with me”

“The Princess won’t find out because the drugs will slow her down at that time”

“What of Kira?”

“Forget about Kira. Do you want to do this or not?”He asked getting annoyed with her questions

“I want to but I’m scared”She said

“Olivia,you’ve been a chef in the palace for some time now and they all trust you. Just add this to her food and no one will suspect.

The money I’m going to pay you is three times larger than your salary. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by”

Olivia thought for a while about what she could use the money for. She would use some for her family and keep some for herself too.

“Okay sir. I’ll do it”She said

“Good girl”He gave her the small bottle containing the contents and she collected

“Put this in any food you’re going to be serving her”

“Okay. Good bye master Zaki”She alighted from the car

“See you when the work is done”He said and she left

“Princess Helen,you made the wrong decision coming home. Watch and see how I’ll end you little by little”He laughs maniacally and drove off

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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