A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 17

“OH MY GOD”Kira covered her mouth as her eyes opened in shock. She took steady steps out of there and left for the princess room.

“Kira you don’t look so good. What happened?”Princess Helen asked

“My princess,do you trust me?”Kira asked

“Of course I trust you”

“If I tell you this,will you believe me?”

“Let me hear it first”

“Olivia poisoned your food”Kira said

“What!!!”She stood up in shock

“I was there watching through the window and saw it with my two eyes. I think she was responsible for yesterday’s incident too”

Anger flashed in princess Helen’s eyes

“How dare she try to kill me? What gave her the guts to poison my food?”

“I really don’t know. I was shocked beyond disbelief. I never expected her to do such a thing”

“I’m waiting for her here”

Few minutes later,Olivia knocked

“Come in”Princess Helen said hiding her anger

Olivia entered with the tray of food

“Greetings my princess”Olivia greeted

She nodded

“I’ve brought your food your highness”She said

“Olivia,I am not hungry”

Her countenance changed. How can she suffer to poison a food and the princess rejects it,she won’t take that. She decided to persuade the princess

“But princess it’s your favorite”

“I’ll only eat when someone eats with me”Helen said

“I guess Kira should eat with you”Olivia said

“I just finished eating and I’m not hungry yet”Kira replied

“My princess,I’ll call Rita to come and eat with you”Olivia suggested

“How about you Olivia?”

“Me???…N…No…thanks my princess but I’m okay”

“Don’t say No. Today is your lucky day,you get to dine with the princess”Kira chimed in

“It’s a pleasure but I’m not hungry”Olivia was beginning to get scared

“Open the food Olivia”Princess Helen commanded in a serious tone

Olivia opened the food

“Now take a spoon and eat some”she said

“But my-”

“Did you put something in my food?”

“No my princess”

“Then take a spoon and eat some”Helen was frowning now

Olivia started crying

“I’m sorry my princess. I don’t want to die”

“So who is good to die then? Me? Olivia I trusted you. Why did you betray me like this?” Tears dropped from her eyes

She loved Olivia cause of her calm nature and caring attitude. She was also a great cook.

She was even planning on making Olivia her personal maid when she is crowned as the queen and Kira is crowned as her right hand lady not knowing that Olivia was a green snake in a green grass.

Olivia went on her knees immediately

“My princess please forgive me”

“Who sent you?”Helen asked

Olivia refused to talk. What if she calls his name and he comes to kill her?

“No one”


They rushed in

“Take her to the King”She ordered and they dragged her into the royal court room. They made her kneel before the king.

Zaki was with the King at the time and when he saw Olivia,he knew something was wrong. She has been caught.

He looked at her and their gaze met. He used his eyes to warn her not to call his name. Olivia lowered her head

“What is going on here?”King Darius asked

“Greetings Father,greetings uncle Zaki”Helen curtsied and they nodded

“What has Oivia done my precious jewel?”The king asked

“Father,Olivia tried to poison me”

Everyone gasped

“Poison? How?”

“You remember the incident yesterday that almost took my life,she was responsible for it. Since she saw that I was alive,she decided to do it again”

The King faced Olivia

“I am sorry your majesty”She pleaded

“Bring the food and let her eat it here and now” The King commanded

Kira brought the food and gave it to her. No one dares disobeying the king so she collected it with shaking hands and tearful eyes.

“Eat it”He commanded

She took three spoons of the rice and started vomiting seriously with blood running down her nostrils.

The maids gasped while the guards shook their heads. The Queen came out and met the scene

“What happened to Olivia?”She was about rushing to help her when the King’s voice stopped her

“Olivia betrayed us”

“Betrayed?”She was confused

“Olivia was the one that poisoned the princess”

The Queen froze

“What? She did what! Why? Who sent her? Olivia who made you do this?”

“No one my queen”She replied still in pains

“She should be killed for betraying our princess”Zaki said and Olivia looked at him

So after helping this devilish man,this was her reward? He was even the one suggesting they kill her.

She vowed to haunt him down if they killed her and if they don’t,she will make she comes back for revenge.

Rita stood there with disbelief in her eyes. How can a human being be this wicked? He made her poison the princess and is suggesting they kill her for betrayal?

What a world we live in!

“No she won’t be killed. We are humans and not animals. She will be banished instead.

Olivia from this day onward,you’re banned from setting your feet in this palace and this kingdom.

Your family can stay here but you are to be seen nowhere around this kingdom”The king declared

She burst into tears

“My King please have mercy”She begged

“Guards!!! Take her out of here”

The guards came and took her away and the King dismissed the remaining maids and guards.

Princess Helen sighed and went to sit on a chair beside her father

“I am glad you are safe my daughter”He said patting her head

“Me too”She replied

“Permit me to take my leave your majesty”Zaki said

“Won’t you stay over for dinner?”

“No my king. I have something important to attend to”

“Okay then. You may go”

Zaki bowed and left the palace. He has failed on his plans again. He needs more help than he thought he would.

“Tomorrow is Star Crown College dinner party princess. Are you strong enough to attend?”Her mother asked

“Yes mother I am”She smiled

She couldn’t wait to see Jaden. She missed him so much. And she couldn’t wait for Kira to see Stanley either. She knew those two had a thing for each other.

She pecked her father’s cheek and followed her mother to her room.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Queen Zara dragged her into the dresser.

“You need a beautiful gown and not a long one this time around”Queen Zara said

“But why mother?”Helen asked

“I’m tired of seeing you in ball gowns. It’s time for a change. Also,I want you to look good for Jaden”She winked and Kira laughed

“How did you know Jaden?”

“We’ve met in your school before. Isn’t he dreamy?”

Helen blushed

“She’s blushing”Kira teased and the Queen laughed

She brought out a beautiful and flare off shoulder gown. It was purple in colour and reached a little below her knees. It was beautifully decorated.

“It’s beautiful”Helen complimented

She collected it and hung it on her shelf. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow night.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



The halls were beautifully decorated and students flooded everywhere looking beautiful and handsome too.

Mitchell wore a blue and short satin gown with accessories. She wasn’t looking happy. She didn’t succeed in making Jaden her dance partner and is stuck as Desmond’s partner for now.

She walked into the place the party was to be held and saw Jaden and Stanley standing near the fruit punch. She wanted to go say hi but changed her mind.

She wondered why those two didn’t get dates when almost all the girls in school are crushing on them. It could be because of Elena and Kira.

Jaden wore a simple black suit and leather shoes and looked really handsome. Stanley wore same thing.

“I really miss Elena Stanley”

“I understand”

“The worst part is that her line isn’t going through and I don’t know where she leaves”Jaden complained

“She isn’t gone forever Jaden. She’ll be back by Monday. She may even come back tomorrow”Stanley assured him

“I hope so”

“The party is about to start. Let’s go”

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


A big dinning table was unveiled showing many seats that could accommodate the students. Their names were written on the seats too.

Mr Martins made an announcement and everyone sat on the seat having their names.
Fortunately,The Princess seat which was the most beautiful and the head of others was right behind Jaden’s seat.

After they were all seated,Mr Martins gained control of the mic.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Star Crown annual dinner party”

The hall shook with applause

“We all know the party can’t go on without a very special guest. The brain behind this school. Let us welcome our beautiful,amiable,intelligent and wonderful princess. Please join me welcome Princess Helen of Gatrish”

After he finished,the princess entered and the students gave her a standing ovation with applause and cheers. Some were drooling. She took steady steps to the stage and shook Mr Martins before getting led to her seat.

Her beauty alone lit up the room. All thanks to Kira for her professionalism.

She sat down and when she turned to her right,her eyes met with that of Jaden.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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