Unlike the other days, Estella was smiling widely.. She was literally glowing.

The doctor already started her sister’s treatment and they gave her the assurance that she’ll be safe.

“I should thank him, that’s the least I could do” She thought.

She made to take a book from the shelf but someone else held the book with her. She looked at her left to see it was none other than Zoey..

“Estella?” Zoey called.

Estella looked around to make sure Blaire and Della wasn’t around before she replied.

“Hey” She smiled.

“You read books too? Thought you only know how to do makeup and act like slay queens” Zoey rolled her eye.

Estella chuckled and took the book.

“Need to make up for my low GPA. I’m not a smartass so I need to read daily” Estella said.

“Me too! I can even call myself a dullard” Zoey whined and Estella smiled..

“We can read together… That is, if you don’t mind” Estella said.

“Sure… My two friends are currently busy so it won’t hurt if I read with you” Zoey said.

They both went to sit and they began reading… It only took 10 minutes for them to fall asleep on their books.

Zoey began snoring…




Alex went and sat on the bench then brought out his phone and texted Abbie again

Ever since she left, he doesn’t know where she went and he has been trying to contact her but it’s futile.

? Please let’s meet up, I’ll explain everything to you

He sent and sighed then ran his hands through his hair. He looked at she viewed it but just like the others, he didn’t reply.

“Hey Abbie!! What are you doing there,, you think it’s time to slack off??” Violet barked.

“Shut the fk off!!” Alex snapped and stood then left the hall, leaving Violet stunned and confused..




Lucas walked in the lounge and slammed the door angrily. He ran his hands through his hair as he began pacing to and fro in the room.

“I messed up! I messed up big time!!” He thought as he paced.

His phone began ringing again and he angrily set it to airplane mode.

Yes, he wouldn’t deny he had an ulterior motive when he began dating Abbie but as time went by he found himself caught in a love web with no way out.

Actually, Della said she’ll be coming over and he agreed with the aim of breaking up with her but things took a huge U turn and he didn’t know when he fell in for her se..duction.

As he was still in deep thoughts, the door opened and Della walked in..

“Babe, it’s not fair.. You’ve been ignoring me for weeks now. I should be angry with you because you cheated on me with that Korean thing” Della ranted.

“Della leave” Lucas said..


“I said leave!! Leave Della,, it’s over between us!!” Lucas said and Della’s eyes widened.

Was she dreaming or he is ending more than two years relationship just because of that girl..

“No babe,, you can’t do that to me.. I love you, I’m sorry if I was angry at you.. Please forgive me!!” Della grabbed Lucas hand.

She pushed him off.

“Della leave while I’m still calm” Lucas growled..

Della shook her head and immediately began undressing herself. Lucas’s eyes widened as she did so

“Is it sx that you want? I’ll give it to you” She muttered.

Lucas’s eyes traveled through her body and without thinking twice he grabbed her neck, pinned her on the wall before claiming her lips in for a rough kss.





Abbie sighed sadly as she got down the car. She began heading to the interior.

Alex’s parents called and they asked her to come over so she has no choice.

She walked in the living and met Blaire crying her eyes out while Lilian tried to console her. Blaire raised her head up and began crying even more

Abbie sighed, already knowing why they called her..

“Alex” Marshall stood up with a frown on his face.

“Can you tell us what happened between you two” He asked.

“Dad, he said many mean things about me.. He insulted me, he called me ugly and then there’s this girl in our school, he’s always hanging out with her.. I think they’re dating” Blaire cried.

“A girl? Alex, what has gotten into you!! You’re engaged for heaven’s sake!?” Lilian scolded.

Abbie just stayed quiet, she wasn’t even in the mood to talk..

“Don’t you have something to say?” Marshall asked but Abbie still remained quiet.

She looked at Blaire who was still shedding fake tears..

“What if she’s the one Alex likes?” Abbie thought and suddenly felt a pang of jealousy hit her..

“Since you don’t want to talk, you two will be going to a two weeks vacation at an island.. Alone! Maybe with that you’ll start getting to like her” Marshall said.

Blaire’s eyes immediately brightened..

“Alright” Abbie said to everyone surprise. She began heading upstairs.

“Thanks so much dad!! I’ll make everything possible for him to love me” Blaire said.

Lilian smiled and touched her hair..

“Need to buy cd… Lots of cds” Blaire thought, smiling naughtily

“Go and park your things, you two will be leaving tonight by 7pm in discretion” Marshall said.

Blaire nodded happily. She hugged Lilian and Marshall before leaving with her driver.




Alex got down his car in front of the Leighton mansion. He began rushing to the gate but stopped when he saw Blaire, standing beside Abbie.

She held a straight look on her face while Blaire kept smiling non stop.

“Enjoy your stay there okay?” Lilian said and Blaire nodded happily..

Abbie looked sideways to see Alex standing there..

“Excuse me..” She said and discreetly went to him.

“Abbie, we need to talk I’ll explain everything to you..” Alex said.

“It’s no use explain.. Even if you have a tangible excuse, it still won’t change anything.. We were enemies and I think it should just end there.”

“Besides you’re engaged to Blaire and I think me still being in your life will complicate things. Don’t worry, I’ll be leaving on a trip with Blaire and I’ll try my best to make things work out between you two so that once we switch back bodies, you’ll continue your life with her and… I’ll leave your life just the way you wanted it. My dad was right, it was a bad idea coming to America.” Abbie said..


The car hone was heard and Abbie sighed..

“Bye” She gave out a small smile before walking to the car

Alex stood there on his spot as he watched her enter the car. Blaire gave her a triumphant smile before getting in too.

And like that… The car drove off.


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