Rudy barged in the place in anger and his eyes widened at the scene he saw..

“Yes.. Baby!!”

Della kept releasing ear splitting mo..ans as Lucas rammed her hole. He squeezed his face in disgust.

“Lucas!! How could you!!” He shouted and Lucas pulled out of Della then wore his pa..nts.


“I thought you were my friend!! How dare you play with my sister’s feelings.. My sister upon all the girls out there!!” Rudy said angrily.

“Rudy please let’s not talk about it” Lucas sighed.

“And I can see you don’t even feel remorseful about what you did!! You’re here busily ramming this slvt’s hole!!”

“And what do you want me to do!! Huh?! What!! For one fking month I’ve been trying non stop to gain her forgiveness. I was just planning on fóoling her but I ended up falling for her!! I’ve tried everything,, but it seems useless. I admit it, I fked up big time!! Should I kll myself because of one girl!” Lucas yelled.

Rudy chuckled.

“You’re not different from your brother. In fact, your brother is far more better than you. He does his things openly and not like a coward like you” Rudy said and Lucas grabbed his collar harshly.

“Don’t you dare compare me to him!!” Lucas growled

“The truth hurts huh? You’re nothing but a coward and a two faced-”

Lucas landed a pvnch on his face and Rudy staggered back with a bI.eeding nose.

Rudy glared at him and immediately retaliated with a pvnch too.

Lucas grabbed Rudy’s neck and slammed his back on the wall with a furious look on his face.

“That’s enough Lucas…” Tyler held Lucas’s hand.

He slowly released Rudy.

“Did you know of his deed?” Rudy asked Tyler.


“Answer me!!” Rudy snapped and Tyler slowly nodded.

Rudy chuckled in bewilderment.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you two… I’m ending whatever ties we once had together, fk off!” Rudy said, glaring at them.

“Rudy, we’ve been friends since childhood. You-”

Rudy left the room, slamming the door behind him. Tyler sighed and looked at Lucas




“Can’t believe you girls knew” Alex sighed and Zoey chuckled.

“It’s really fascinating to see how you’ve changed so much.. On the norms you only talk to girls when you wanna flirt with them” Alma said

“Hey flat à$s..” Everett came and sat down next to Alma.

Alma rolled her eyes.

Abbie just looked at Alex as he ate his meal in silence. She sighed for the up tenth time..

“Hey Alex” Violet joined them on the table and the girls began hissing.

Alex just nodded without sparing her a glance. She sat down next to Alex and Abbie rolled her eyes.

“Wow.. Never knew I was invisible till now” Alma scoffed and Violet rolled her eyes. She looked at Abbie who smirked at her.

Violet remembered the unfortunate incident that happened this morning and she began glaring at her. Only God knows how she was able to remove the glue from her mouth.

“What are you eating, can I have a taste?” Violet said and Alex wanted to speak harshly at her but when he remembered Abbie, he nodded.

She began eating from Alex’s plate and when she brought her fork to Alex’s lips. Alex looked at Abbie before he opened up and she fed him.

Violet kept smiling widely while Abbie kept glaring at her as if to chop off her hand.

Abbie stood up.

“I’ll take my leave, I suddenly lost my appetite” Abbie glared at Violet before leaving.

Alex chuckled and shook his head..

“I need to use the restroom. Will be back” Alex said and left.

“Who does that bch think she is.. Feeding my boyfriend in front of me like I wasn’t there. And he even accepted.. He even allowed her to feed on his plate like dàmn! She was so close to him as if to kss him if he just said so!!” Abbie ranted as she marched aimlessly.

Someone pulled her in a room and a gasp escaped her lips as her back landed on the door.

Alex smirked as he stared at her with one of his palm resting on the door

They were currently in the J.A.V suite.

“What do you want? Aren’t you eating with your Violet?” Abbie rolled eyes.

“Why are you so worked up over nothing. Violet is my friend,, I’ve known her for a long while and she’ll never do what you’re thinking” Alex said just the same way Abbie said earlier.

“Oh..” Abbie muttered and looked down, she took in her lips.

Now she gets him..

“I’m sorry I hurt you earlier… I just couldn’t believe Beauty would do this to me. The truth is I trust you,, alot… I’m sorry baby” Abbie pouted.

“Call me baby again” He said, leaning closer.


“Again..” Alex whispered to her ear.

Abbie laughed when Alex licked her ear.

“It tickles” She chuckled and snaked her hand round his neck.

“I love you” Alex said.

“I like you..” Abbie muttered and Alex smiled before claiming her lips.

He carried her by the h!ps and placed her on the table with him in between. Abbie dipped her hands in his hair, pulling him closer to herself.

His to.ngue slipped into her mouth and met with her warm tongue. Alex bit on her lower lips and lowered his head to her neck where he placed a wet kss.

“If I get diagnosed of asthma one day, know you’re the reason why.. I just can’t understand how fast my heart is currently beating” Alex whispered with his head still buried on her neck.

Abbie smiled.

“Let me greet my twin peaches” He said and squeezed her bbs.

Abbie’s eyes widened and she pushed him away.

“Pe..rvert!” She shot with her hands covering her chest while Alex laughed.




The president of America walked in the white house with his fleets of bodyguards following behind him.

“Welcome back Mr President” The maids greeted and he replied with a smile.

He went straight to his room and as he approached, the sobs kept getting louder. The president opened the door and he sighed sadly as he saw his dear wife wallowing in tears while hugging some pictures to herself.

“Lucia..” He called and walked to her.

“Where could my baby be? It’s been 22 years now Roland… Why can’t they find my baby, who took my baby from me!!” She cried bitterly, her shoulders shook as she did so.

Roland went to her and engulfed her in a hug. She rested her head on his chest as she cried.

“We’ll not loose hope love. We’ll fine our baby” He muttered and kssed her hair, fighting back his own tears.

Lucia hugged him back as they cried.


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