They were still eating and laughing when someone will crack a joke when Blaire climbed the table and hit lightly on her glass gaining everyone’s attention to her…

“Attention everyone! So my parents are out of town and guess what I’m organizing a pool party tonight!!” Blaire said and people began clapping while murmuring to themselves.

? A pool party? Wow! I’m definitely in

? I hope Alex will come along

? Me too..

“You’re all invited and make sure you dress, sizzling hot!” Blaire winked and got down the table.

“Who’s going?” Alma asked.

“Me, I feel like there’s gonna be some drama at her party.” Zoey said.

“Then I’m coming along..” Alma said.

“I’ll follow you wherever you go honey” Everett winked.

“Fréak” Alma rolled her eyes.

Alex faced Abbie who was now sitting beside him.

“Do you wanna go?” Alex asked and Abbie nodded.

“A little bit of fun won’t hurt right?” She muttered and Alex smiled.

“I’m coming then”

“Lian! Will you come? Say yes, say yes!!” Whitney said and Julian sighed then nodded.

Violet scoffed as she stared at Abbie and Alex who were discussing.

“Something smells fishy between these two. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking” She thought..




Beauty finished washing her hands when someone entered the room. She looked up and smiled.

“Did you do what I asked you to do?” He asked, leaning on the wall

“Yeah… She now thinks we’re back as friends (scoff)… I never consider her as one to begin with. She’s too ugly to be my friend” Beauty smirked.

“So what next?” She asked

“You do nothing for now… Till Don gives orders that’s when we’ll proceed with the next plan” He spoke.

Beauty smiled and leaned on the sink.

“Who would have believed you were this bad… Leo” Beauty muttered.


After Alex (who was in Abbie’s body) and Beauty had that brawl, Alex went in the hall and just then a figure approached Beauty.

“Aren’t you tired of that girl? Acting like she owns the school.. You wouldn’t want her to steal Alex away from you right?” The person said.

“It’s you…”

“Call me Leo” He cut her off when she was about to say his name.
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“I can help you get rid of her.. Boss wants her but her family is super rich so it will be difficult. Help me and you’ll get Alex,, all to yourself” He stretched his hand.

Beauty looked at it before she slowly accepted his handshake with a vicious smirk playing on her lips.


“Why is it so hard to believe,, I’m I too handsome??” Leo smirked.

Beauty chuckled and approached him then cupped his cheek, tracing her fingers on his jawline.

“Maybe,, yes… And I love bad boys” She said.

“Thought you wanted Alex”

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t want another.. Just like how want you now,, badly” She whispered the word “badly” to his ears.

Leo grabbed her @$s and switched position, pinning her onto the wall. He immediately claimed her l!ps without wasting time as his hand found it’s way beneath her mini gown.

He shifted her pa..ntie and dipped three fingers inside her. She mo..aned in his mouth and wrapped her arms round his neck, pulling him closer.

Her hands left his neck and trailed from his chest down to hide bulge. She vnzip his trovser and brought out his thing then began stroking it and Leo groaned thru$ting his finger more deep into her.


He broke the kss and lifted up one of her Iegs and like that, he pen..etrated her.

“Ahh,, you’re so big baby… Mhm, I like that” Beauty chuckled and kssed him.




“Ahhh I can’t believe it!! My poor baby has seen dk!! My baby!!” Veronica cried dramatically.

Kate: “…”

Abbie chuckled… She just explained everything to them.

“So you mean I’ve been living in the same house with Alex!! The hottest je.rk!!” Kate exclaimed.

“So let’s leave that aside… Where’s that mudafker who dare broke my baby’s heart!! I’ll kll him and send his d*ck to his family to burry just that as I feed the rest of his body to a stray dog!!” Veronica gritted her teeth..

“Mom, calm down.. I’m over him, besides I have a boyfriend who loves me for real now” Abbie blurted out before she could realize

Veronica and Kate turned to her.

“What!! Really?? Who!! Is he hot??” Veronica asked

“Is he rich??” Kate asked.

“Is he sxy??” Veronica asked again

Abbie pinched her brows.. That’s the reason why she didn’t want to tell her family..

“It’s Alex” Abbie sighed and Kate’s mouth fell wide open.

“What!! You like getting your getting heart broken right?” Kate said.

“Like I said,, he’s changed.. He’s not longer a playboy” Abbie said.

“Well I’ll have to see him before I confirm. Ask him to come over in the weekend, he’ll pass a test” Veronica said

Abbie sighed, already feeling pity for Alex in advance.

“I have to go get ready for the pool party” Abbie stood and left for her room.



A car honk was heard and Abbie immediately rushed down stairs with a bag containing her swimming suit.

Kate and Veronica were rushing to see but Abbie pushed them back.

“Why? I want to see Alex..” Kate said

“Yeah” Veronica agreed.

Alex was standing beside his car, looking at them. He began advancing

Abbie pushed them back and closed the door..

“Heart, is that your sister and mother?” Alex smiled.

“Yeah, trust me you don’t wanna see them now. Let’s go..” Abbie pulled him to his car

Alex turned back and was startled to see Kate and Veronica looking at him through the window with scary faces.

Kate even brought out a knlfe and showed it at Alex, signalling him his fate if he dares break her heart

Veronica showed him a picture of someone’s skeleton.

Alex gulped down hard and slowly entered the car. He looked at them again and they were still looking at him like ghosts.

He quickly drove out of the mansion..




Estella looked at the building and exhaled before walking in the building. She went straight to the madam’s office.

As usual, she was getting a thre..esome

“M.. Madam” Estella peeped in.

“Ahh.. Come in Star!!” She mo.aned out.

She inhaled loudly before walking in trying to remain unfazed with the unholy scene in front of her.

“Good evening madam” She said.

“What do you want” The bro..thel owner spoke as the men pulled out of her.


“I came to ask for resignation. My sister’s bills have been settled so there’s no need for me to continue working here..” Estella said

“Really? And you think I’ll let you go?” The madam spoke.

Estella’s eyes widened..

“Madam Lilah..” She muttered.

“You’re the best selling slvt in this building.. You think I’ll really let you go like that? For free? C’mon” Lilah chuckled and mo..aned.

“Madam, we agreed you’ll let me go when my sister’s bills are settled” Estella said.

“That was back then.. I never knew you were my lucky star, you’re not leaving this job till I say so else… The whole world is gonna have a fun topic to discuss on…fk!!” She let out an ear splitting m..oan as she came undone.

Estella’s lips began trembling..

“Madam please…” She begged and the woman chuckled.

“Will you come join me have fun?” She said, a question which has just one answer.

Tears fell from Estella’s eyes.


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