“Girls!!!” Abbie came in the class and ran to the girls.

She immediately pulled Whitney in for a bone crushing hug.

“Abbie, I’m suffocating” Whitney tapped her back and she released her.

“I see you’re the real Abbie” Alma smiled.

“Huh? How did you girls know” Abbie exclaimed in shock and Whitney chuckled.

“C’mon! Our Abbie is a queen of víolence, you think we wouldn’t notice you drastically changed?” Whitney said.

“Aww girls come here” She said and they did a group hug.

“Uhh Ha-rin?” Beauty walked to them.

Abbie looked at her plainly. Alex told her what transpired between them.

“Can we talk in private?” Beauty said.

Abbie looked at her friends and they nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go” She said and they left the hall.

“Rin I’m really sorry for the hurtful words I told you.. I was just so jealous you spend time with Alex, I’m really sorry” Beauty smiled.

Abbie looked at her and sighed. She suddenly began feeling bad for her.

How will she react when she learns that she’s now dating Alex. Was it a bad idea accepting to date him?

“It’s.. It’s fine. I.. I’m not longer mad” Abbie forced a smile.

“Really? Thanks so much sis!” Beauty hugged her and Abbie slowly hugged her back..

They broke the hug shortly.

“See you around” Abbie said and went in.

Beauty’s smile immediately turned to a vicious smirk. She brought out her phone and dialed a number.

“I already made up with her,, what’s next??”

Abbie entered the hall and looked at Alex’s seat where he was discussing with Julian. He looked at her then winked and she gave out a forced smile, still thinking about Beauty.



Estella got down the cab and she spotted Rudy going towards their department.

“Rudy!!” She called and ran to him.

Rudy turned and smiled when he saw her..

“Stella” He called.

“Rudy, sorry I couldn’t find time to talk with you. I wanted to tell you I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me and I promise I’m gonna pay you back for your kindness.” Estella said sincerely.

“You wanna pay me?” He smirked and Estella nodded, already expecting him to request the same thing those men kept asking each time they did a favor for her.

“Then let’s be friends and stop avoiding me or shunning me off. It hurts” Rudy said and Estella’s eyes widened..

“S.. Sure” She muttered.

“Good” Rudy smiled and turned to leave..

“Rudy! Please, kll whatever feelings you have for me… I’m not who you think I am, I’m not meant for you.. You deserve far more better than me, someone pretty, more noble than me” Estella said and Rudy turned to her..

“Star..” He called and Estella’s eyes widened.

“W.. What did you just call me?” She stuttered.

“Star.. Your name is a derived word from Estelle which is an olden French word for Star” Rudy said and she heaved

“About what you said, if it was really easy I’d have done that long ago but it isn’t.. I’ll try though” Rudy said and Estella nodded.

“Let’s get to class” Rudy said and they left for class.




In an empty hall…**

“You.. You two are kidding me right?” Rudy stuttered.

“Does our face look like we are joking?” Alex asked with his hand in his pockets.

“Believe us Rudy” Abbie said

“Fk!! This just gave me goosebumps!!!” Rudy exclaimed and turned..

“So all this while I’ve been living with Alex!! And Alex was Abbie!!” Rudy exclaimed and the couple nodded.

“This is ¢ràzy!! So this thing really exist??” Rudy exclaimed.

“That’s how we saw it” Alex shrugged.

“And Abbie,, you said you were dating Lucas. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have told you he was dating Della” Rudy cupped Abbie’s cheek.

“I’m sorry bro, he told me to keep it a secret and I believed him” Abbie pouted.

“But I’m over it now” Abbie smiled.

Rudy sighed.

“I need to talk to Lucas now” Rudy said and looked at Alex.

“Alex we still need to talk some other time.” He muttered and left.

Abbie made to leave too but Alex held her hand and she faced him.

“What’s wrong? You seem quite distant with me.. Did I do something wrong?” Alex asked.

Abbie sighed.

“It’s about Beauty.. Alex-”

“Heart, there’s nothing between I and Beauty and I’m thankful there was nothing.. It’s you I love and choose and nothing will change it. Stop thinking about other’s happiness and for once think about yours” Alex said.

“But it’s wrong.. Beauty is my friend and-”

“Can’t you see she’s just using you? Which friend will always belittle her fellow friend. She’s just trying to get to me by using you” Alex said and Abbie shook her head.

“I’ve known Beauty for a long time.. She’s my friend, she’ll never do this to me” Abbie said.

“I see,, you believe her more than me…” Alex said and smiled though Abbie could see he was hurt.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria.. I’m sure our friends are waiting for us there..” Alex said and left the hall.

Abbie sighed and followed him.


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