Alex leaned on his car and looked down. The sky was starting to get gloomy, signalling it’s going to rain any minute from now.

“It’s my fault..” He thought and entered his car then began driving back home.

He was driving back home but his mind wasn’t even with himself. His phone began ringing and he looked at it to see it was from Rudy.

He sighed and looked front. Then he began recalling the first day he saw Abbie.

Though she had an angry look on her face because of Blaire, he could have sworn she was the prettiest girl he has ever seen and he immediately picked interest in her.

When she rejected him, his ego couldn’t take it so he decided to get back at her so as to mask the pain he felt when she rejected him.

They continued bickering each other and strangely he grew fond of their fights. He could have sworn that his heart skipped a beat when he pinned her on his bed during the night they had to do their project but he shrugged it off.

Now this unfortunate event happened and it brought them closer and he got to know her more better..

It took him all his self control to mask up his anger with an “I don’t care” look when Abbie found out about Lucas playing with her..

And now she’s having plans of leaving his life just like that?? Forever??

Is this a way for life to pay him for all the hearts he has broken??

“No…” Alex said and made a U-turn then took the road Abbie’s car took and he began driving at a furious pace.

He was still driving with the hope of catching the car before it reached the airport..

5 minutes later, the car began slowing down till it stopped. Alex checked to see the fuel tank was empty.

“Sht!! Not now!!” Alex hissed and got down the car.

He began running on foot.. He kept running and running and the rain began falling but that didn’t stop him.

He tripped and fell, bruising his knee but still stood up and continued running aimlessly..

The rain badly drenched him and the bandage on his wounded arm was badly soaked too but he cared less..



Abbie stared blankly at the car window as the rain water splashed on it. Blaire kept blabbering on and on but she was less concerned as the car headed to the airport..

Abbie sighed..

She doesn’t know how nor when it happened but she strangely began liking spending time with Alex.

She wouldn’t call it love because after what Lucas did to her poor heart, she wasn’t sure she will love again

Let’s just say it’s attraction or maybe crush she feels for Alex.

She doesn’t even know when that started but she just found herself constantly wanting to be with him. Out of jealousy, she blocked all the numbers of Alex’s f*ckmates on his phone.

At one point she began questioning herself if the love she had for Lucas was really that strong.

Maybe that’s why she was able to forgive him (Lucas) in her heart though.

Abbie looked front in the car and began imagining her life. How will her life be when she goes back to Korea.

Yes, it’s true she has lots of friends there and her other family but will she really feel free with her friends the way she feels with them here.

And Alex…

“No.. I can’t do this” Abbie muttered

“Huh?” Blaire looked up from her phone.

“Driver stop the car now!” Abbie ordered and the driver abruptly stopped the car.

“Babe what are-”

Abbie opened the car door and suddenly dashed out of the car, running in the rain..




Alex didn’t stop running though his speed greatly reduced. He stumbled for the third time and fell on the floor, breathing tiredly.

“Abbie…” He heaved out, breathing heavily.


He swiftly looked up to see Abbie standing in front of him, completely drenched in the rain too.

He immediately stood up and they began starring at each other… The rain still pouring on them.


“Abbie, let me explain things to you… Yes, I agree.. I was hellbent on being the one to pop your cherry and you can call me a jerk for that, call me a fóol, idíot and all of that I agree… But that was before all these happened.. Me getting close to you isn’t because of that but because,, because,, because…” Alex sighed when the word didn’t want to come out of his mouth.

He isn’t really good at expressing how he felt

“Because?..” Abbie slowly said, hoping he’ll say what she really wishes to hear.

“Because,, as time went on I began getting more and more entrapped with you.. You lived in my mind all day long, a day spent without isn’t a day worth living, you occupy my thoughts completely and I can’t imagine how my life will be if you leave, it’s today I realized how addicted I became to your presence, our little fights, bickering, everything I became so addicted to you… You caught me in a love web in which I don’t ever wanna escape. I fell head over heels for you Abbie. I think,, no I know I love you… Brat” Alex said breathlessly.

Abbie just stared at him as a tear unknowingly slip out of her eyes.

She was really caught off guard by his confession that her heart couldn’t stop racing. Never in her wildest dream will she have imagined her enemy falling for her.

“Abbie, I know I’m not perfect… I’m far away from perfection but I’m for real. I really love you”

“But Blaire..” Abbie muttered.

“I don’t love her and I’ll never will… I can’t force it when my heart choose you” Alex said.

“I know you don’t love me.. But just give me a chance to show to you how much I mean everything I just said.”

Abbie took his hand and placed it on her chest.

“Please don’t break me… I won’t take it a second time” She said.

“I swéar on my life”

Abbie smiled and immediately hugged him tightly. Alex smiled and hugged her back.

They both completely forgot they were still standing under the rain.

Alex broke the hug and cupped her cheek with their nose brushing against each other. Abbie closed her eyes and like that, their lips met

Just like the first time they kssed, both felt sparks all over their body as they devoured each other’s lips slowly, their hearts hammering loudly against it’s ribcage.

Alex clutched tightly onto Abbie’s waist and he dipped his hands into her wet long hairs as he bit on her lower lips.

She opened up and he probed his tongue into her mouth, relishing on the sweetness of her mouth.

“Alex…” Abbie mo..aned out and Alex broke the kss to look at her cute face.

Abbie smiled and raised her hand to touch his handsome face. At last, they’re back to their original bodies..

So that was what the shaman meant by the answer lies in them?

“Told you I’m the best kisser right?” Alex smirked naughtily and Abbie chuckled then hugged him

Abbie hugged him back, resting her head on his broad chest.

“I’ll make everything possible for you to love me… Just the same way I do” Alex kssed her hair.




Abbie smiled as she watched Alex sleep. He was holding her slender body onto him as if she was going to run away as he slept.

Abbie began admiring his handsome sleeping face and she began wondering how could someone as sinfully perfect as Alex could fall for someone like her..

Abbie’s gaze went to his sxy pink lips which was slightly parted and she licked her lips.

“I’m still waiting for my wake-up kss” He said with his eyes still closed.

Abbie chuckled and pecked his lips before he finally opened his eyes.

“How was your night?” Abbie asked.

“More than perfect with you in my arms” Alex smiled and hugged her closer.

“I was just wondering something” Alex said and Abbie looked at him.

“What?” She asked

Alex smiled

“Does your leg hurt from running through my mind all night??” He whispered.

Abbie immediately flushed red like a tomatoes. She pushed him away, trying to hide the blush on her face.

“So cocky!” Abbie said while Alex laughed.

He turned her face to him then pecked her lips..

“I’ll be in the kitchen. Freshen up and come” He smiled then stood up and left the room.

Abbie’s gaze followed him till he left completely. She fell on the bed and hugged her body, feeling so happy to be back to her original self.

All these still seem like a dream which she is just waking up from..

Her eyes widened when she remembered she didn’t spend the night at home.

“Fk!” Abbie quickly took her phone and turned it on. Luckily it was waterproof if not it wouldn’t have survived the rain..

“Sht!! 15 missed calls!!”


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