Abbie came and sat down next to Alex who was watching others dance wildly to the music. Some people already left.

“Weak dude” Abbie teased.

“Really? Should I show you why ladies always chase after me” Alex whispered to her and she hit his chest.

“Naughty” She said and Alex chuckled.

Abbie began looking at him.

“I know I’m handsome, stop staring at me that way” Alex smirked.

“It’s not that.. I was but wondering on who could be the person who could be after you” Abbie sighed.

“Yunno my family is rich. Maybe is just one of my dad’s enemy who wants to get to him through me” Alex shrugged.

“Really?” Abbie asked and he nodded.

“I hope so” Abbie pouted.

“Awwn,, Heart is worried about me.. Cute” Alex said and Abbie chuckled.

“Need to use the restroom. I’ll be back, don’t you move an inch from here” Alex said and looked around before kssing her, taking her by surprise.

He winked and stood up then left..

Abbie touched her lips and smiled. Lucas who was coming back to the pool paused when he saw that.

He folded his fists tightly and gritted his teeth in anger.



Alex dipped his hands in his pocket as he walked to the restroom. He has been here a couple of times with his dad when he was young so he knows his way around.

“Sir, the restroom there are dirty and we still need to clean them.. P,, please follow me to our second restroom” The maid stuttered, trying to mask her nervousness

Alex just nodded and she led the way to a door. Alex opened the door and went in before turning the lights on.

He was surprised to see he was in a bedroom

“Huh? But it’s not the- ahh!!” Alex groaned when the maid st..abbed a syringe on his neck, injecting him.

Alex’s eyes rolled and he instantly slumped on the floor, falling in a deep slumber..

The maid exhaled loudly. She swallowed hard and dragged Alex’s body and with a lot of struggles, she placed him on the bed.

She walked out of the room and just then Blaire was coming towards her with a smile on her face.

“It’s done ma’am.. I injected him with the sleeping drugs.” The maid said with her head down

“Good” Blaire muttered and flung a bundle of money to the maid’s face before walking in the room.

She smiled widely as she walked to Alex, str!pping off the bikini she was wearing at each steps she took. She stopped in front of him, completely nked.

“Oh my Alex..” She muttered and straddled him, rocking her pvsy on his boxers as she ran her hands through his body..

“You really think you’ll ditch our engagement just like that? Nah, you’re mine! Mine alone! And I’ll do whatever it takes to have you..” She muttered

She chuckled as she cupped his cheek.

“I don’t know what relationship you have with that Korean wench but I’ll make sure it doesn’t develop to something serious. I’ve been in love with you since we were kids and you wanna dump my feelings for that girl? No baby, it’s not done like that..” Blaire said, lowering her face to his.

“You’re mine.. Mine alone and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you,, even if it means.. Getting pregnant for you” She whispered the last statement and slammed her lips on his hungrily.



Abbie frowned when she didn’t see Alex. She’s been sitting there for more than 15 minutes and he’s not yet back.

“What if he’s fking a girl in the restroom” Her subconscious self said.

“No! Alex promised me he’ll change” She thought and stood up.

“Let me look for him then” She muttered and left to look for him.

“Alex?” She called as she walked.

She made to open a door when someone grabbed her from behind and pinned her on the wall.


“So you left me for my brother? Don’t you have shame?” Lucas said jealously

“What are you talking about? Let me go!!” Abbie made to push him off but he slammed her back harshly on the wall, gripping tightly on her arms.

“Ahh..” Abbie moaned painfully.

“Don’t act dúmb with me. I saw how he kssed you and you smiled” Lucas muttered.

“Lucas you’re hurting me..” Abbie winced.

“He’s not good for you.. He’s a playboy, he’s arrogant and a jerk. He’s not the one for you Abbie, I am!” Lucas shouted

“Why can’t you give me a chance Abbie? Give me just one chance to correct my mistake.. I love you don’t you see that?” Lucas said desperately. Abbie could even smell the alcohol on him

Abbie pushed him off with all her strength and she slapped him.

“If I didn’t catch you, will you have told me? Huh!! Will you have told me the truth about you and Della and the stúpid plan you had on me? No!! And that’s what makes Alex way better than you. He didn’t try to hide who he is by playing the good boy role just like you, he told me everything about him.. The good and the bad… You, what did you do? You were just lying to my face, constantly playing the good boy card on me” Abbie shouted and glared at him..

“Don’t come closer to me ever again” She spatted and made to leave but Lucas grabbed her hand and pinned her back on the wall

“Let me-” Abbie’s eyes widened when Lucas kssed her. She began struggling to push him off but he gripped her hand tightly, pinning her against the wall.

Tears escaped Abbie’s eyes as she kept struggling to push him off.




Whitney walked out of the dressing room, back in her clothes. Julian was waiting for her outside so they could go home.

She looked up and saw Tyler standing there in front of her.

Whitney rolled her eyes and made to walk away but Tyler held her hand.

“What do you want?” Whitney asked.

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“You kssed Julian” Tyler said.

“So?? What’s your business in it..” Whitney scoffed

“But why him? You like him??” Tyler asked.

“None of your business.. Besides weren’t you kissing those girls at the pool?” Whitney muttered jealously.

Tyler smirked.

“So it’s about it? You were jealous” Tyler muttered, taking a step closer.

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“No, I wasn’t” Whitney took one step back and her back hit on the door of the room she just came out of.

Tyler placed his palms on the door and brought his face closer to hers.

“If you want a kss from me, yunno. You can just ask, I’m not stingy” Tyler smirked and licked his lips, staring at her lips.


Whitney gulped down nervously as she stared at his lips which kept coming closer to hers..

She closed her eyes when his lips was just few inches away, expecting his lips on hers when..

“What’s happening here??”





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