Episode 41

By Kebby NG

“Who told you I feel better? My body still aches,” she told him as she quickly laid on the bed. “Then use your drugs. It will make you feel better? Or are you waiting for me to feed you with my mouth again?,” he asked smugly.

Sharon glared at him. “I told you I don’t feel too good. I’m not interested in using those drugs. Get out and let me sleep,” Sharon said.

“Shouldn’t you take drugs if you don’t feel well?,” he asked her refusing to back down. Just then his phone vibrated. He checked the phone and a smirk appeared on his face.

He read the message. It is from Alex. ‘Good, the boy is getting better everyday,’ he thought as he stared at the phone screen. He can vividly remember when he had first met Alex back then.

The boy had appeared lost and broken. He looked like he had completely lost in the battles of life. Like he doesn’t have purpose for living anymore. Amber had been the one who found him back then just before he committed $ui¢ide.


He was still with a backpack containing lots of school tools. He was about to hang himself to a tree when Amber found him. That night, she had insisted that they had a date night.

Though he was reluctant to accept due to the workload he has in office, he still took her out. Amber had been anticipating the date for days so he couldn’t do anything other than accept.

It was where they went to for the date that night that she found him. She had quickly rushed to him and tried frantically to stop him. When he refused to listen and Amber realized she isn’t powerful enough to stop him, she immediately called for help. Luckily, he was close by. He had swung into action and rescued the guy.

Amber repeatedly asked him what happened but he wouldn’t say a word. She hugged him and he just burst into tears. His shoulder shaking terribly as he cried.

That incident had brought their date to a halt and Jasper was very grateful for that cause he never wanted to go on the date.

They all tried what they could to get him to speak but he refused to say anything. Just crying and crying that it even became annoying to Jasper. He couldn’t understand why a grown up guy would be crying like a baby.

The guy just kept on repeating ‘Mom’ over and over again. He just kept on saying that same word. Amber figured out something must have happened to his mother.

“Where do you stay?,” Jasper had asked him impatiently. He just wanted to help him go back to wherever he came from and warn his relatives about him being depressed.

The guy didn’t say anything. Amber had glared at him and he shrugged his shoulders. What? He was only asking a harmless question.

“What is your name?,” Amber asked him quietly.

“Alex,” he replied quietly.

From then on, he stayed with them. After some weeks, with great difficulty he began to talk about somethings. Like what he was studying in school, how old he is and other petty things.

But he never spoke about what happened to him and Amber being kind – hearted let him stay with them.

Back then, he was a frightened geek, a scared nerd, a depressed guy who looked like he had been through alot. But now he is a confident and handsome guy who is now proud of the ownership of several gaming companies.

The one that has been creating sensation in the gaming world. Many ladies are in love with him but they don’t even know him. Cause he always use a shell identity. Like a fake identity. That’s why they call him Mr Anonymous.

‘Ask me whatever you want and I’ll do it. You only have a single request. Don’t misuse it,’ Jasper typed and replied his message with a happy smile on his face. He feels like a great teacher now and Alex is his amazing student.

Lena looked at him suspiciously as he typed with a smile. “Hmm… Brother, I hope you aren’t cheating on sister in-law cause I have never seen you chat with someone while smiling like this,” she told him.

“Dad, who is the lucky woman? Tell us more. Is she better than Aunt Sharon?,” Jimmy asked and Lena sighed. She is tired of $lapping his head. How can his small head be filled with so much nonsense?

Jasper frowned as he looked at them. Why does these two always jump into conclusion? They really have weird imaginations.

“He can’t find anyone better than me,” Sharon snorted and Jasper looked at her.

“What are you trying to say? I’m the nation’s husband. Have you forgotten? I can get any lady I like,” Jasper immediately answered. What does she think?

“Yeah. Says the man who said he would rather kss a duck than kss me but he eventually ended up begging me to kss him,” Sharon replied.

Lena laughed and Jimmy’s eyes widened. “Really! Dad, you ki…ki… kssed aunt Sharon!!?,” Jimmy asked as he made a gagging sound like he is about to vomit.

Sharon sat up on the bed and looked at the little brat. “No wonder you two are father and son. He is the big devil while you are the mini… Little d’vil,” she told him.

“How dare you call the nation’s husband a d’vil!?,” Jasper retorted feeling pissed off. “Nation’s husband…. Mr nation’s husband, have you received a badge for the name? I don’t understand why that name is making you proud,” Sharon answered.

“You won’t understand. Now we need to set some rules before any wedding preparations,” he told her.

“First one, I’m gonna be the husband so as the wife, you have to follow your husband’s every wish and command,” he told her.

“I’m sure it’s not me that you are talking to. Which husband? Cause we want to get married, I should become your slave. Is that what you are trying to say?,” Sharon replied.

“I never mentioned you becoming my slave so dear wifey go and get your ears checked. Maybe there is something blocking it,” he told her.

Lena turned around to take Tia to her room cause once this couple start, they won’t stop with their silly argument.

“You are the one that should get your head checked. Infact get your whole body checked, especially your brain. Maybe they can reset it for you,” Sharon answered.

Jasper frowned and stirred his wheelchair closer to the bed. “Again, whenever you want to address me. Treat me with respect. If you want to call me hubby, put sir with it. If it’s possible, add uncle to make it uncle hubby,” Jasper said.

Sharon looked at him and wanted to laugh but she quickly stopped cause of the way her throat hurt when she wanted to laugh.

“Dear hubby, are you sure you didn’t forget your sense at the office?,” Sharon asked him and Jimmy burst into laughter.

“Dad forgot his sense at the office. Hahahaha. Dad, how could you have forgotten such an important thing? Your sense,” Jimmy said as he laughed so hard that he held his stomach.

Jasper glared at him and threatened,“Shut up! I will seize those devices forever if you don’t keep shut right now.”

Jimmy immediately put his fingers on his lips and saluted his father as he tried to hold in his laughter.

“I told you treat me with respect. Telling your husband he forgot his sense at work isn’t part of showing respect,” Jasper stated with a frown.

“Point of correction. It’s future husband. And Mr hubby, I want a chocolate cake for the wedding,” she replied. Jimmy eyes shone with excitement. He also loves chocolate.

“No, I don’t like those sweet stuff. I’m getting a fruit cake for the wedding,” Jasper protested. Jimmy pouted sadly. But he wants a chocolate cake. The last time he tasted a fruit cake, that stuff tasted weird.

It wasn’t sweet or bitter. “I am getting a chocolate wedding cake and you can’t change my decision,” Sharon uttered.

“Then get your chocolate cake. I’ll get my fruit cake,” Jasper mumbled. Sharon almost screamed. Why is he hell bent on dividing the wedding ceremony into half?

He wants to wear a blue suit and now he wants two wedding cakes for just one wedding. Two different wedding cake. Please, when the priest or whoever will be in charge of the ceremony ask them to cut the cake, which one will they cut?

Jasper received a notification and checked his phone. He immediately looked at Sharon.


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