Episode 58

By Kebby NG

She finally found her voice to ask. “Who will I give it to?” Definitely not Aiden the last thing she wants is to see that ba$t.ard’s face again.

“See I guessed right, she has no one to give it to” Jimmy said and Sharon frowned. What sort of a spoilt brat is this? Can’t he keep his mouth out of this?

“Shut up Jimmy” she snapped at him before turning to Jasper who was putting her in suspense.

“Tell me Jasper” she requested and he smirked which got her confused, why is he smirking when he is supposed to be spilling, whatever it is he has to say about her having someone to invite.

“I will tell you in the bedroom so don’t be in a hurry wifey” he wink and she rolled her eyes.

Does he really need to joke with everything, this is not the first time she will be saying it but Jasper should have his head check whenever he is having his leg check.

“Ahhh don’t do that here” Jimmy groaned and Jasper turned to him. ” Do what? ”

” Nothing, let’s just eat” he said burying his face in his food.

Sharon refused to forget Jasper promise to her, she pace around the room as she wait Impatiently for him.

He has been in the bathroom for the past ten minutes which seems like hours to Sharon. She groaned as she walked towards the bathroom door.

She knocked on it and waited for Jasper to respond and it didn’t take long for her to get a response. “Yes” that was his response to the knock.

“Are you a merman?” Sharon ask and Jasper eyes almost bulge out of its socket. “What?!” His eyes widened

“You have been in that bathroom for an hour I am just wondering if there is an invisible swimming pool in there, and you suddenly became a merman” she stated

” You are unbelievable. You have a weird way of telling someone you miss them” Jasper said

Miss who? What is he talking about? Why will she miss him? She wouldn’t care if he doesn’t come out the whole day, that will be less burden on her part.

She won’t have anyone to argue with and that is peace of mind.

“Miss who? In your imagination” she rolled her eyes even though he can’t see her.

“You keep denying everything, why do you won’t me to come out if it isn’t because you miss me?” He asked

” Because I need to ask you something” she answered. “You want a kss?” He asked as he opened the door and she moved out of the way for him to pass.

“Do you use that brain of yours for anything else besides ungodly things?” She ask and quickly added.” I can imagine how frustrated your secretary is”

“Think whatever you want, you should be lucky that I am kssing you a lot of girls are out there dying to be peck by me” he bragged

” Then go ahead, go and kss them, no one’s is stopping you” she utter with her hand pointed at the door

” I don’t want to” he said wheeling his chair away from her.” Why not? ” She fieghn concern. “I thought you want to be kss by them” she added

” I don’t want you to cry” he said.” Why would I cry? “Sharon wondered but he answered

“Because it is called cheating and when husband’s cheat on their wife they cry” he replied

” I won’t cry, I will just pay you back in your own coin” she said. ” You are going to take revenge? “He exclaimed as if he was just ele¢trocuted

” No hubby revenge is a huge word let’s give it something like…. ” She trailed off as she tried to find the right word for it. ” Payback, yes payback, it is called payback”

” It is the same thing” Jasper yell ” no it’s not, revenge is cruel but when you pay someone back they are usually greatful, don’t worry hubby it is going to be fun, when should we start? ” She giggled

” Forget it” he sigh. ” You see that’s the problem, you don’t want to kiss any lady except me and I don’t want to kss you” she said

She is right, he can’t imagine kssing someone else besides her.

“So what was it you were saying at the dining table? ” She asked sitting on the bed

” What?” He asked. ” About the invitation card. Who will I give it to?” She ask

“Ohh that it’s…. “He trailed off when a thought came to his mind, he should make Sharon pay for what she said earlier.

“I am waiting” she remind him when he kept mute not finishing his words. “I will tell you only when you kss me” he said before getting on the b.ed

This man is something else! Why won’t he just let her mouth be, can’t he seriously think of something else except kss.

“In your dreams” she said, stubbornly. “We already have sx in my dream and your mo®ns were great” he said

“Yuck disgusting” she utter as her face squeeze in disgust.” How can you speak so carelessly? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should not saying things like that either. One more thing I will never mo®n for you” She said.

” Are you sure?” He wink “And why can’t I say things like that? We are going to be married in a few days. Why should I be ashamed of saying the word ‘sx’? ” He asked as he repeat it.

” Forget it, now give me an answer” she demanded. “No sweetie not that easy” he moved his index finger as a way of saying no. ” If nothing is give nothing can be received” he added

” Says who?” Sharon scoff.” The universe” he answered

” The universe doesn’t speak” she replied. “It does if you are patient enough to listen you will hear her voice, wanna know how?” He ask

She gave it a quick thought and nodded positively. “Too bad the only way to know is through…”

Sharon cut in immediately. “Don’t tell me through a kss or I’ll pass”

“No, but vrgins can’t learn it, which means you need to have sx to learn” he said and licked his lower lip, $eductively.

” You have a weird way of making a request. I don’t want to hear the universe voice” she snapped

” Your choice”

” Yes, my choice”

” Are you sure you won’t regret it? I mean the universe voice is beautiful” he said

” I would rather listen to a dog bark” she snapped

She is a hard one to crack, but he won’t give up just yet. He is Jasper Madon he gets whatever he wants.

“I guess you don’t want to know the secret person too” he said referring to the person she is going to give the invitation card to.

“Not that” she wave her hand in dissagreement.” Then come closer baby, I will whisper it in your ears” he said

” I thought you said you will only tell me if I kss you” she reminded. ” Yes but after tonight’s kss your lips might swollen I don’t want you to have trouble communicating with others” he teased

” I think it’s you who will have a swollen lip because I will bit you if you try anything stupid” she said, in a warning tone.

” Come closer before I change my mind” he said and she quickly close the space between them, she is now sitting so close to him.

“Your ear” he said and she moved closer to him that she could feel his hot breath on her ne¢k and she reacted to it.

He was expecting her to push him away or do something funny but she just sat still not moving.

He gently mover her nightie a bit giving him access to her shoulder, he plant wet ksses on it and whisper when she mo@n. “I thought you said you will never mo®n for me, wifey”

The moment he said that she wanted to push him away and yell at him for taking advantage of her but he was quick to capture her lip in a deep kss.

He moved his hand to her top as his traveled towards her bb. He was about to squeeze it when the door burst open.


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