Episode 51

By Kebby NG

Janiece waited outside the school gate for Asher impatiently. It was the school closing hour. She was still surprised that she didn’t get any message from the school.

She raised her head to see Asher walking towards her looking neat and a gasp left her mouth because his school uniform usually looks dirty since he gets into fights easily.

“Mom,” Asher called as he tapped her getting her back to reality. She blinked her eyes repeatedly as she looked at her son who was wondering,’What the heck is wrong with Mom? Why is she staring into space?’

“Did you have a hard time at work?,” Asher asked while Janiece still stared at him wondering if he is really her son or someone else in his form.

“Asher, is this you?,” Janiece asked, squatting to reach his level. Asher stared at her with his narrowed eyes which says ‘Do I look different or something is wrong with your eyes?’ He even had a frown on his face as he asked, “Do I have a twin?”

It was then janiece realized how dumb her question sound but who would not be surprised to see her troublesome son who always look dirty and unkept after school now looking so neat and responsible. It’s just so unbelievable.

“No, that’s not it. It’s…it’s just that” she paused and stared at him to study his expression but as usual he is having this cold and expressionless face. She shook her head sideways and said, “Nevermind, let’s go home.”



Ann sat down in her office. She has just finished examining a patient. The patient was a pregnant woman to be precise who is almost due for delivery.

While treating her, her mind drifted to the time when Amber was pregnant with Tia. She remembered how her mother treated her.

It has been days since she went to Jasper’s house to check on Sharon. She sat on her chair lost in thought of whether their relationship has improved or not. Maybe they still fight and play pranks on each other or they are now a loving couple.

It’s not like she wants them to improve what she really needs is for them to drift apart. But she still needs to know so that she can inform the boss.

He has been pestering her ever since she informed him of a new woman in Jasper’s life.

She is going to try her best to get more information because she needs the boss to get rid of Sharon as soon as possible. She has this strong feeling that Sharon is going to be a hindrance.

‘It won’t hurt if I go and pay them a visit?’ She thought with a sly smirk on her lips.



Jasper sat on his wheelchair as usual. He watched Sharon play with Tia. Now that he is able to watch them closely, they look like mother and daughter.

He wondered if it would look more cute if it were Sharon and his biological child she’s holding. The thought of that was enough to get him hard.

‘Control yourself Jasper. In few days time you will have her all to yourself. She will officially be yours’, he thought with an assured smile on his face.

Sharon noticed him smiling and asked, “Why are you smiling?”. He raised his head and his eyes met with hers, his smile grew wider. Sharon stared at him suspiciously before rasing Tia in a position to look at her father.

“Tia dear, why do you think Daddy is smiling all alone? Is he planning something?” Sharon asked Tia who only babble.

Jasper answered her question even though it was not directed to him. “You guessed right. I am planning something but don’t be anxious, it’s not about you.”

Sharon’s smile turned into a frown as he said his last statement. What does he mean by it is not about her. Then what is he thinking about that is making him smile so hard.

‘We have not even gotten married yet he is cheating on me, This man is really unbelievable’, She thought, glaring at him so hard that he moved his wheelchair back in fear. Jeez! I’m shaking my head at the weird thoughts on her mind. Sharon is something else. A man shouldn’t smile anymore?

Wait, what is the feeling? She can’t explain why she is angry out of the blue just because he said what he is planning is not about her.

Is she jealous? Jealous! No way, she can’t be jealous. You can only be jealous when you love someone or something and she doesn’t even love him so how can she be jealous?. The stupid exercise he has been asking her to do might be the one affecting her way of reasoning.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Jasper said in fear of the unknown. He knows something is up and he is not safe whenever Sharon has that killer look. Sharon only smirked before questioning him now with an innocent look.

“Like what, hubby?,” She asked, putting on an innocent face which made her look cute that Tia even giggle happily in her arm.

‘Hubby’ Jasper scoffed. Mentally, she is making it sound like it was forced out of her mouth. “How am I looking at you?,” She repeated her question when it seems like he is lost in thought. “Like… like this” He said trying to imitate her but he end up looking like a monster.

I have no idea if that was what made Tia cried but all I know is that the little angel started crying that Sharon had to stand up and pacify her by making her rest on her chest, her small round head literally on her shoulder.

“You made the poor baby cry because of your look. I almost jumped in fear too,” Sharon complained, still patting the baby.

“I was only trying to show you what you look like whenever you do that,” He said trying to imitate her face again.

“Stop doing that” Sharon scolded and continued,”I and Tia might end up having nightmares because of you.”

“I think it is me who will end up having nightmares because of you,” He said pointing at her. Sharon hit her forehead in frustration. She can’t believe she will be getting married to this man.

She turned her head to look at Tia’s face, it was then she realized the baby is asleep. She must have fallen asleep while they were arguing.

“Aunt Sharon! Dad! Aunt Sharon!,” Jimmy yell her name as he ran into the room.

“Shhhhh,” Jasper and Sharon tried to shush the little troublemaker as he opened the door. At first Jimmy stared at them as if something is wrong with them, of cause he will think that way since he is not aware of the sleeping angel in Sharon’s arm.

“What’s wrong?” Jimmy whispered still unaware of the baby. ” Tia is sleeping,” Jasper answered in a whispering voice too.

“Ohh,” Jimmy pouted and was about to walk further into the room when Lena walk in too. She started in a loud voice too, “Jimmy why did you have to run…”

“Shhhh… Quiet,” Jimmy, Jasper and Sharon whisper yell and she stopped talking immediately. She stared around the room and gave them a look, ‘What the heck is wrong with you guys? Why staring at me like that?’

“Keep it down aunt,” Jimmy said standing close to Jasper. “What’s going on? Why do I need to keep quiet?” She ask in a not so loud voice.

” The baby is sleeping,” Sharon answered when Jimmy and Jasper won’t stop trying to tell Lena with their brows by arching it at the direction of Tia but Lena didn’t get them.

“Give her to me,” Lena volunteered as she walk closer to Sharon who gave her the baby, Tia moved in protest at first but when Sharon pat her and peck her forehead she went back to sleep.

Jimmy and Jasper had this ‘awww’ sweet look on their faces as they stared at Sharon. She reminds them both of Amber and they both felt kind of relief that they have Sharon.

Sharon stared at them suspiciously after Lena left. Her question jolt them out of their imagination. “What’s up with that look?”

“What look?” They asked simultaneously. They really do have a lot in common. Sharon sighed and decide to change the topic because answering their question will only lead to another meaningless conversation.

“Nothing,” She answered sharply before fixing her gaze on Jimmy. “What was it you wanted to say that you could not hide your excitement?”

” Ohh right,” Jimmy said making him sound and look like a prince in a Disney movie who forgot to ask the princess for a dance and would say ‘Silly me, can I have this dance your highness?

Jimmy brought out an invitation card. ” The invitation card arrived and I thought of showing it to you guys.”

Sharon collected it from him with a smile as she said, ” It’s beautiful”. Jasper added, “Just like us”

Hearing that Sharon glared at him and he gulp down nothing, Jimmy noticed this and could not help but chuckle.

“Dad actually the card is more beautiful than…,” he refused to finish his words as Jasper glared at him. This little brat!.


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