(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

Episode 39


“I’m not leaving this place until someone tell me what going on”I yelled as everyone rush in and started packing their things.

“Can we talk about it later”Zeke said for the umpteenth time as Cassie help me put my stuff in her bag too.

“Am done”She came out with a big luggage bag.

“Let go” Daniel lead the way and we all follow him and to my surprise there is a black Lamborghini parked outside the house.
“We need to divide each other into two”he said and we all stare at each other.

“Zeke, Camila obviously and Jayden”
“While, Jackson, Cassie and I would be going in my car”he said we splitted immediately.

“Hey dude where are we going?”I asked.
“To your house”he shouted and the rest follow him while I went to my car.
“You don’t need to be scared”he kiss my hand before I start the car and drive off the compound.

“Can you explain things”I asked Jayden staring at him through the rear view.
“Manson is on his way to your house obviously we can get him there before he attack us here”he replied still going through his phone.

“What the h.eck is this”I pointed and the black car almost like fifteen cars were packed in the front of the Williams mansion”

“It time”Jayden alighted and I saw Daniel already at the front.
“Just stay here okay”Zeke face me and I nod before he alighted.

? ZEKE’S ?

I follow the rest of the guys and to my surprise they were right Manson smiled immediately he saw us.

“I was wondering where the weak guy had gone but I see you got my best friend and this nobody”he washed Daniel but he just ignore him.

“I will break those mouth if you don’t keep shut”Daniel sputtered out.
“I can’t believe you fall for this…I got you right where I want all if you to be”he smiled.

“What do you mean”I said looking around although scared at the guns pointed at all of us.
“Where is my baby”he asks.
“Camila can never be yours”I fired back.

“You don’t need to shout okay, it going to be your end soon”he laugh evily.
“Daniel what going on?” I asked facing him.

“I think someone betray us”he hit his hand on his palm.

“Long time dude”Manson and Jayden exchange brotherly greeting and I don’t really understand what going on.
“What going on?”
“Thanks”he smirk at me and Daniel brought out the gun and Immediately Manson guard brought out theirs too.

Manson signal them to all drop their gun and they did. “It unnecessary, you don’t have to get involve in this”he face Daniel.

“Lay a hand on them and I will break your skull”Daniel threatened and he laugh but short.
“Get them”he order and before I knew it we where fighting for our freedom from Manson gang.

“Put them in the car now”he shouted and they blindfolded us all.
“Zeke”Camila called struggling from the huge guy hand.
“Let go off me”I struggle free but he was stronger than me as he carry me up and they put is in the car.

I heard the noise of a moving vehicle but I don’t know where exactly we are passing because we were blindfolded.

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