(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 34


Immediately Zeke and Vivian drive out of the house compound. Cassie pull my hand into the house giggling and I can’t help but blush really hard.

“So how was it?”she asked and I raise my brows tentatively.
“How was what?”I repeated.
“The kssed and blah…Blah”She blabbered.

“Where you two eavesdropping”I roll my eye.

“Vivian is a thing”She mumbled.
“Is that your partner?”I asked.
“Yeah and it seems she likes you for no reason”She smile at me and it was contagious because I find myself smiling back.

“So you two work things out does that settle_”I interrupted.
“Cassie!! we are keeping it between the both of us and of course my best friend so don’t mention it to anyone”I warned and she raise her hands up in the air.

“Fine do your thing”She said and I chuckled before jumped on her and started giggling.
“Stop behaving like a kid Camila”She try pushing me away but I hug her tightly.

“Camila stop there is still one more thing left to do”She said and I pull away.
“Why his father wants you dead and it happened the day Andrew died, isn’t that a mystery”She said and I sigh deeply.

?. ZEKE’S ?

“Can you please slow down”I yelled at Vivian after she speed up by an extra 50 kilometers.
“Stop acting like you don’t like it”She screamed out loud.

“What the h.ell can you just slow down”I yelled and press on the brake and my head would have hit the dashboard if wasn’t for the seat belt.
“Are you crazy?”I yelled.

“Crazy for you”She smirk and started driving on normal speed and I sigh in relief.
“So that girl, where is she from?”She asked.
“Aren’t you going to asks her since she would start living with you?”I repeated and she scoff.

“Whatever”She roll her eye.
“Why are you even asking?”I asks.
“Because I’m fking jealous of her”She replied.

“Have never seen you care for a girl that way and it amazing but still surprising”She said sounding sad though.
“Do I really care?”I asked and she glance at me then back at the road.

“Yes and it really obvious dude”
“You need to keep this a secret”I warned.
“Why should I do that?”
“I can’t go around spilling everything to everyone so you better keep that mouth shut”I replied and she scoff.

“You should be nice if you want me to keep my mouth shut”She said and I just ignore her.
She drove into the compound and the security open the gate when they saw me.

“Sir”he saluted but I just ignore him and walk in with Vivian trialling behind me.
“Is that necessary?”I asked her.

“I want to greet my long time friends so don’t be Happy too much”She roll her eye and push me away before walking in before me.

“Vivian”Zack was the first to notice her present and they hug each other and everyone took turn except from Jackson who just stare blankly at her.

“Where did you spend your night”It was Dad deep masculine voice and my fist clenched.
Did this man know I was almost murdered because of his stupid mistake and he even had the gut to shoot the girl I love.

“I’m I not allowed to go anywhere I want”I replied.
“Wow Vivian”My mom walk to her an she greeted her politely.

What so special about her?.
“That isn’t an answer”And that how the fight started again.

“he was with me”Vivian voice interrupted us.
“He was with you?”My mom repeated.
“Yeah, I’m here for a school project and we decided to meet up”she added and I look at her.

Why is she even lying and defending me in the front of my family?.
“Is that why you refuse to attend the party”Zoey teased.
“Can you all stop it, Nothing happened okay I wasn’t with her”We exchange glance and I scoff.

“Zeke”Dad yelled.
“Hey I only slept outside overnight at least I didn’t attempt to kill innocent souls”I stomp out of the living room and walk to my room shutting the door behind me.

“What did he just say”I can hear his voice from my room.
“You need to take it easy with him”My mom pleaded and that made me boil.

Is that even necessary?.
“Dad did you kill someone”I heard Zoey voice and I chuckled.
I waited patiently for an answer but I didn’t hear anyone voice and for a while everyone was silent.

Why isn’t he talking?.
What wrong with him?.
Isn’t he meant to be spilling out something now?.
Why isn’t anyone saying anything.

I ignore them and went to get my laptop then place it on the bed before going to take a quick shower.

I change into a blue shirt and just short before I log into my WeChat account and message Camila and she replied immediately.

? hi babe
?Hope you weren’t scolded *I smile
?All that matters is you *No I wipe it off and retype.

?Is Vivian back
?No isn’t she with you?
Geez…..What Vivian Still doing with my family?.
? Probably on her way *I lied*
?Oh sure

?So…………. *I was short of words*
? Should we hang out this weekend
?I hope it doesn’t land us in trouble
?I will be your superhero *I chuckled*

?Sure pick me up at Cassie place
? Alright

?Talk to you later gotta do something for Cassie.
?Okay *I drop my laptop beside me and exit my room to get a drink.

Why is the house so silent as fk?.
I walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see the place empty.

Where are all the maid and….”Geez”I ran out of the kitchen and ran back to check on Jackson and I sighed in relief when I saw him writing something into his book.

“Hey what’s up with you?”he asks.
“Hummm, where is everyone?”I asks.
“I don’t know”he shrug.
“Weren’t you with them?”I asked.
“I left immediately after you”

“Didn’t Vivian leave already?”
“I don’t know, hey dude what’s up with the question”he closed the book and concentrated on me.

“The house is empty”I said and he shove me away and ran out of his room.
“Jack’s”I called.
“Mom and Dad aren’t in the room”He said and I ran downstairs then outside and to my surprise the security are all gone.

“No guards”I said panting heavily as I ran back into the house and met Jackson searching everywhere.

“What going on?”I asked.
“I don’t know so don’t asks me okay”he replied and my eye caught something on the floor.
“Isn’t that Dad pen”I pick it up from the ground.

“He never let anyone have or touch it”I said observing the pen.
“Why is it here?”Jackson asks and I exchange glance with me.

“I think something is wrong”

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