(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 36

?? ZEKE’S??

“Who is that?”Jack asks.
“You call Daniel”
“You call? Daniel are you crazy”

“Like we have a choice”I scoffed.
“Those guys are dangerous and we can’t mess with them”he raise his voice.
“Jack I’m not in the mood for all this”I turn off my laptop.

“Why do I have a feeling you know something”
“And what do you mean by that?”I asked.
“You left home last night and you came in with Vivian obviously you weren’t just with her right”Manson said and I raise my brow tentatively at him.

“Do you still have tingling feelings for Vivian”I smirked at him.
“Hey you are changing the question”he quickly said and I try hard not to laugh.

“Anyway I was attacked last night and….”I explain everything to him and he was surprised but was mad about the part Vivian and I slept on the same bed.

“I think I get it now”he said and I took my eye from my laptop to him.
“Can I have your laptop”he said and I stare at him before passing it to him.

“Seriously”He roll his eye when he saw my laptop wall paper obviously Camila but that when she is in disguise though.

“Let get back to business”

“Have seen the computer study do something with a recording pen”he turned on a button and it started playing and I gasped.

“Shhhh…”he shushed me and I stop talking and listen to the voice recording.

“Find Conway?!?”The stupid kept repeating and I scoff angrily.
“This is totally useless,it’s late we should get some sleep”I said.

“Seriously? Zeke just because you hate him doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned he is somewhere with our brother and mom for crying out loud”he said and I sigh deeply.

“So what do you expect me to do?”
“Let find Jayden and Manson”
“Wait Manson…..he is Conway”
“Manson Conway…that he is full name”I said and he just stare at me.

“We should leave and firstly we are finding that idi0t you let go”
“Yeah at least he is better that Daniel”he picked his car key and I trail behind him.

“There is no way you will get that guy”
“Says someone who let a murderer go”he ignite the car and drive off.

“You should call Camila”

“Zeke sometimes I wonder why I didn’t come first, you need to be sure she is save at least in this situation”he fired and I scoff before picking up on phone to call her.

I tried her couples of time but she didn’t pick up and I was getting worried.
“What wrong”Jack asked when he saw how scared I was.

“She isn’t picking up”
What do you mean she isn’t picking up?”

“I still chat with her few hours ago”I said still dialing her number but it keeps going to voicemail.

“We should go to her place”
“Yeah”I agree to it and we drive off to Cassie place.

“She lives here?”Jackson asked staring at the small penthouse in the front of us. I didn’t even notice it while I was here.
“Let go”I ran to the doorstep and ring the bell countless of time.

I was happy when I realized someone turn the door knob from the other side revealing Cassie.
“Zeke”She called in surprise and she look my left and was surprised to find Jackson.

“Is there more”She roll her eye.
“No but can we come in”I asks.
“Sure”She open the door properly and we both walk in.
“Where is Camila”
“Didn’t you check the time before you drive here and why is Jackson here? I thought you are keeping it a secret”

“My family got kidnapped”Jackson said and her eye diverted to Jackson.
“Are you joking”She laugh.
“he is serious”I said in a more serious tone.

“What? were the h.ell is Vivian?”She asked finally noticing Vivian isn’t with us.
“Ummmm…..”I stuttered.
“She was kidnapped too”Manson added.

“Cassie who are you talking too”Camila walked in yawning and I couldn’t resist her b0dy before she was just in a lingeries, a tran$parent one for that matter.

“Omg”she grab the r0be and tie it round her body covering every place that is mine to see.
“What are you two doing here”she look at me.
“Long time Camila”Jackson stood up and pull her into a warming up and my fist clenched.

“Yeah”She buried her chin round the crook of his neck.
“That fine”I stood up and separated them and I notice Camila blush.
“Am not stealing her dude”Jackson Replied.

“And I didn’t say so”I roll my eye making Camila chuckled.
“So why are you two here?”She asks returning back to her question.

I explain everything to her over again but I left the part we got a clue it is related to Conway though.
“So what your plan?”
“I have a plan”I heard a voice and we all turn to look at the person at the door.

?? ZACK ??

“You better start talking or we are all dead”I yelled at my dad even though we are tied up in a dark room and I couldn’t see him but at least I’m aware he is the room.

“Son, I know nothing about this so quit it and stop blaming like I fake our kidnap”he replied.
“Then why is the voice that keep coming here keep directing all questions to you and he mentioned a Gomez name”Zoey added.

“I don’t know anything okay”he clearify himself again.
“He said he is going to make you and Gomez pay for what you did to him, so what the h.ell did you do?”I yelled angrily but he didn’t say a word.

“hey we should quit this, let just hope Zeke and Jackson find us sooner than expected”Mom added.

“I have a confession to make”Dad finally said and I think it got all of us attention because everyone is not muted expecting him to say something.

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