(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 37

?? CAMILA ??

We are all sitting in the living room staring at each other and there are two unfamiliar guy with us.

“What are you all doing”I finally said and Zeke and the new guy that Walk in break eye contact and Finally he realized I’m in the room too.

“How did you even find us here?”Zeke asked the unfamiliar guy.
“That my job”he replied with a smirk.
“Who are this two guys”I asked.

“I’m Daniel”he fl!rted and he stretch his hand for a shake and I wanted to take it before Zeke grab my hand and place it on his laps making me blush.

“Arrrrrgh…I never knew someone is overprotective over his guy”Jackson said not even taking a glance at us.
“And who is he?”I pointed at the second guy.

“Hey let get back to the real deal”Daniel said.
“What are you two planning and how did you even know Jayden?”

“Hey I told you we work for your father before he quit and we all separated”Daniel replied and I just listen even though I don’t really understand.

“So what are you guys planning?”
“We should go to bed, then by tomorrow we can all get to do the needful”Jayden Replied.
“Plus I won’t mind having your girlfriend tonight”Daniel smirk with his eye thralling my body making me feel uncomfortable.

“Just quit it”Zeke Replied and he raise his hand in surrender.
“Fine Good night”Jayden stood up.
“And where do you think you are going?”Cassie asked.

“To sleep”he smiled at her.
“No way…That my room”Cassie frown.
Poor girl!!! she doesn’t even understand the message he is trying to pass to her.
“More reason I will have to sleep there”he walk away and Cassie follow him Immediately.

“You dare not”
“So where are you two sleeping”Jackson asked?
“There is only one room left meaning you both have to sleep on the couch”I said.

“No”Jackson rejected.
“I have some work to do, so I’m okay with the couch”Daniel Replied and I smile.
“You should quit smiling to everyone”Zeke whispered into my ear and I blushed.

“Good night”I wave at Jackson and the new guy before Zeke pull me by my waist and we head to Vivian room.
Wait? Was Vivian kidnapped too?.

Dad haven’t even call or message me since morning unlike before, he check on me every seconds.

I lay quietly beside Zeke even though we were both facing the ceiling and i suddenly feel uncomfortable sleeping with him.

“Goodnight”he muttered before he went to sleep but here I am unable to sleep with different thought running through my mind.

“Zeke”I called but there was no response.
His he sleeping? Like seriously he is sleeping in this kind of condition and moment?.

“Are you sleeping”I whispered not wanting others to hear because Cassie room is just opposite this so it obvious they might hear me.

“Zeke”I sit up angrily when he wasn’t replying me for real.
I tilt my head a little before turning my head to see him sleep peacefully.

He is really cute while he sleep too. I’m so lucky to have something like him as my boyfriend. Very protective of me, Care for me and doesn’t even want any guy around except for him.

I lay back again and sigh deeply, I doubt if I would be able to sleep till dawn.
“I can’t believe he is sleeping when I want him do badly”I scoff but my heart stopped when I saw the press beside me and Zeke was already on top of me.

he was staring intensely at me and I was surprised because I thought he was sleeping.
“Wh__at are y’__ou doi___ng?”I stuttered.

“I really wanted to take things slowly but I can’t”
his l!ps landed on mine, devouring and furthering my urge.

I fed on his l!ps, and overcame the fear. I could take it—take him. It wasn’t a big of a problem.

He forced his t0ngue into my m0uth, tasting every inch as his h!ps connected with mine. I felt his eng0rged dk against my stomach, throbbing and pulsating with a need.

But when he pulled back I wonder what I did wrong? I know I’m a b@d ksser but that isn’t more reason why I should do that.

Spreading my l.egs w!de open, he settled between them, his growing dk rubbing against my opening through his p@nts. I clenched hard.

When Scott pulled back, his hungry gaze landed over me and he picked up the blindfold he had gotten from the party.

“I rather see your dk inside me than being blindfolded,” I said with a wicked smile over my n@ughty l!ps.

“Who said they were for your eyes?” He asked, leaning in, his warm breath at my chin.

My smile faded away as he pushed my hands behind my back. His eyes were locked with mine

My cheeks flushed hard and he parted my l.egs with his other hand. The warmth of my pv$$y tickled down my th!ghs. He flicked his f!nger at my cl!t and I flinched at the slightest feeling.

?? ZACK ??

I don’t know what time it is but obviously we’ve been here all night probably and I don’t know if Dad said something last night because I waited for him all night for him to say something.

“Good morning family”I heard that familiar voice and I try hard getting it.
“Manson”I heard a female voice and it obviously for Vivian. I didn’t even remember she was a victim of our own problems.

“Manson?”I repeated.
“Shut up”he fired and I flinched.
“Hey bring them in”I heard him say and some set of people were brought in even though I can’t see them.

“Can somebody switch on the light”Zoey said and like it an order the light was turn on and I realize Dad was sitting right in my front and we were all tied to a pillar each and the house looked like an abandon building.



“Gomez”My mom said and my eye widened.
This is the Gomez my dad talks about everytime?.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing”Zoey said.

Why is he tied up too?
Why is Manson doing all this?.

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