(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 32

? ZEKE’S ?

“What do you mean by I sx you”
“You don’t remember anything”She brush her hair down with her hand.

“No I don’t so you better start speaking”I raise my voice a little.

“Didn’t you miss me?”She asked and I scoff.
“That isn’t an answer”I replied.
“Fine!!! you didn’t okay but you filled my whole ear with Camila last night”


“Who is she?”
“Did you break up with your girlfriend? and why would you even drink because of an ordinary girl”

“Will you just stop talking”I stopped her because it really annoying to hear her call Camila an ordinary girl.

“What the time?”I asks.
“I don’t know”She shrug.

“Sht”I cuss.
I need to get home now, I have an important thing to do.

“What is this place”I asks looking around the room and I found my phone and car keys on the table and quickly grab them.

“Arrrrrgh, Zeke won’t you let me sleep”
“Just get me out of here”I raise my voice a little and she stare at me before crawling out of the b.ed and to my surprise she is in her full pyjama.


“Can you at least let me change?”She asks.
“You better be fast”I said and she roll her eye before walking into her bathroom probably.

Are you curious about who Vivian is?. Well Vivian is a girl I once had a blind date with when Dad wont get off my neck saying I need a girlfriend to handle business like that.

Vivian would have been a goal but her boyfriend showed up at the date and that ruined everything. She apologized but as an ignorant kid I didn’t even care because I wasn’t interested.

But due to the drama that Happened that night I can never forget her.
I walk out of the room and was surprised it led to a big sitting room.

Does she live here alone or her ugly bf won’t show up here again cussing, I chuckled at my own words.

I was still looking around before I heard two voice of a female laughing. Firstly I thought it was from Vivian but definitely not her because it two.

“Seriously”a deep laughter follow as my car key fell off my hand when I saw Camila and Cassie walk in.

What is she doing here? Wasn’t she meant to be in the hospital receiving treatment and with the best guy that can offer her happiness?.

Stop…pause… rewind….She just call my name!!!!.
I don’t know if I’m happy or not but I know it worth the fact she remember me.

“Hey let go”Vivian walk out but stopped when she notice the awkward Moment.
“Cassie who is she?”She look at Camila from head to toe.

“Oh she is my best friend, I invited her in last night”Cassie Replied. If she remember Cassie then why not me?.

“Oh it nice to meet you…..”She stretch her hand forward to Camila whose eye is totally lock in mine.

“You are…..”Vivian repeated.
“Camila”She took her hand and Vivian turn to me but I just looked away.
“Camila, wow it sounds to familiar and it feels like someone wouldn’t stop calling that name in my dream”She teased.

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