Episode 33

Camila doesn’t understand but I do and Vivian do but why must she spill out nonsense in the front of Camila.

“You are really beautiful to have make someone love you so deeply”She continues and I almost choked.

Can she stop talking for a sec or that might kill her?.
“Cassie can I see you for a moment”Vivian called out for Cassie and they left to her room.

It took so long to realize she purposely left me with Camila alone. That Vivian girl is a bitch, no wonder she go for a blind date when she have someone already.

I started shifting uncomfortable and don’t even know whether I should sit and wait patiently for Vivian.

It pointless talking to her, she doesn’t even remember me and if she does….She is going to hate me like never before.

“Zeke”I heard my name and quickly turn only to realize Camila was already close to me.
“How did you know my name”I asked in awe.

“You were the guy in the hospital right? holding my hands”She asks and I nod unable to talk”
“I’m sorry Zeke”I wasn’t staring at her but this time I did and was surprised to find her crying.

“Hey don’t cry”I use my thumbs to wipe her tears and pull her into a warm hug even though I’m sure I reek of alcohol so bad.

“I’m sorry”She keep saying.
“Did you remember something”I whisper close to her ear and she nod.
She really remember everything? is that why she came to Cassie instead of been with Manson?.

That guy can’t be trusted, he won’t just let her go like that after killing for her sake.
“Can we start again”She whispered and my body froze.

“What do you mean by start over again?”
“I love you”She replied and my body froze as my hand wrap tightly around her the more.

She do? She likes me? She wants to be with me no matter what? I tried saying those words back but I just can’t, Camila doesn’t know My father was the cause of her accident and the trauma that had happened during the short period.

“Zeke”She called.
“Yes”I replied.
“Should we start all over again?”She asked again and I release her and stare at her for a while.

I can’t just let her go back to that beast because of my silly mistake. No one knows and forever will it be.

We don’t need to spill anything out to anybody. Dad doesn’t need to know if we are together again and No one need to know I love her even though I deceive Myself not saying those words back.

I love you too!!!! My heart screamed but I couldn’t say it out all I did was just stare at her and watch her stare at me back expecting something dreamy.

I find myself leaning closer and before our lips could touch Vivian and Cassie came out.

“I gave you enough time but you wasted it for a stare”Vivian sarcastic tone interrupted and we separated and I try hard not to smile.

“I should drive you home and Cassie it fine she can stay here at least I might get to see Zeke face everyday”She said and I scoff.

Why is Camila staying here now and is her father not coming with protection like he always does hindering her from her right.

Cassie and Camila walk us to the car but before I walk out of the door. Camila pull me back.
“What are you…..”She gave me a very deep kss that got me lost for a sec.

“Bye and chat me up on WeChat”She said and I smile before kssing her myself taking full control.

“I really miss those l!ps”I joked.
“I miss the arrogant boy and greet the guys for me especially Jack”She said and I frown.

“Jack is special?”
“Zeke”She called out.
“Fine!!!”I peck her l!ps again making her laugh before we Walk out and realize Vivian is already in my car.

Geez this girl?
So cr@zy!!!

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