(Search for Love?)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

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Episode 35

? ZEKE’S ?

I contacted Camila immediately to be vigilant and safe while Jackson and I don’t even know what to do because there is no clue and we can only report a Missing person after 24 hours.

“The pen”Jackson said staring at the pen with close observation.
“Can you stop staring at the pen like that and find clues”I shot at him.
“There is no way someone could have been able to clear a family off in just a few minutes without a well preparation”He said.

“So what are you insinuating?”
“It not a revenge, it a well planned Mission and there is no way they would have cleared out our security too”he replied.

“I think Dad is hiding something”he muttered and he kept staring at his pen.
“Let me try Dad number”I went upstairs to get my phone and my laptop too.

I don’t know if I should tell Jackson about Dad bad act recently and the fact he hired an a$$assin to kill Camila at the party or should I mention to him the a$$assin that killed Andrew was right in my house last night and I let him go?.

“This pen is a voice recorder”Jackson said Immediately I walked into the living room with my laptop around my arm.

“Is that why Dad kept it so safe?”
“We need someone who could hack into it and I think we might have a clue”
“I don’t get”
“Zeke!!! Dad wouldn’t have dropped this pen if it doesn’t mean anything”he raised his voice a little and I snub him.

“So who do you think?”I asked.
“I don’t know”he sigh deeply and my mind drifted to the guy that came in last night.
“I think I know someone”I said and Jackson stare at me like I was crazy.

“I’m serious”
“Who is Jayden”

I will be right back…………


“cheers” *The sound of a glass hit each other.
“You did a very good job”I laugh.
“Thanks Dad”
“They are all dancing to my tune but when the time comes I will stop.the drum”I laugh deeply and my son smile.

“So where are those fools are?”
“In our custody, now it time to strike into the Gomez too”
“That won’t be hard Dad, he already trust me so much.”

“You can’t be very sure the man is_”
“Let give him more time and I’m still yet to track down is stupid daughter that refuse to love me”
“We own everything son, you don’t have to worry”I sip my wine and he did the same.

Conway is a very dangerous family, I rule everything. I write the whole script and made them act to every scene.

Manson is really doing a great work even though he seems to be loosing interest but he came back immediately Camila regain his memory again.

This is how it all begin


*Few years ago*

I’m the only trusted person David Williams trust so he made me his secretary after driving him for years and he so much love me and decided to give me a white collar job.

I was so happy and Satisfied at least I was able to take care of my family and my parents are doing just fine.

In addition, I clear up my debts and bills and Manson attend the best high school then.

But one day after Gomez left my boss office that particular morning things change from good to bad and gradually things started crumbling and it obviously about me.

Those two were best friends and they so much love each other no matter how much I tried to get that attention from Williams he gives them totally to Gomez and they partner well in a joint organization they named WilGO enterprises then.

“Good morning sir”I walk into his house and found them laughing and still talking about old time. It took so long before they notice me and Gomez made it obvious he doesn’t trust me so well.

According to the story I heard, they are childhood friends who got a lot of things in common.
“Yes”Gomez asked.
Gomez is the boss of a Mafia gang then and no one dare mess with him because he can kill you with a snap of his finger.

“Hey don’t be hard of him”Williams joked and collect the file I was holding and I bow before leaving.
“Seriously people like him can’t work with us”I heard him tell Williams.

“Hey, there is enough benefits I can derive from him but don’t worry…His son would be useful in our security according to what I heard he is also a criminal”Williams laugh mocking me and my fist clenched.

So he wasn’t doing everything he did for me because he likes me? He is doing it because of my son?.
“Oh”Gomex laughed and I walk away leaving the two.

How can they treat me like this? Is it because I’m a pauper?. I will show them even a pauper is smarter than they thought.

That very day, I vouched I will create a dispute between those two and in addition I will make sure even their sons and daughters pay for it.


I’ve travelled out of the country after I failed In a job that almost cost me my life. I’m Williams former trained gang but I left the gang after the fight that happened between my two best boss.

I didn’t even bother going back to my house because I’m sure he is out to get me so I travel at of the country immediately shutting down my tracker address and VPN.

“Grrrrrrrrriinnnnng” my phone ring distracting from my make out session but I ignore it after like three times I groaned before reaching for it not pulling out of the bitch for a sec.

?I need your help *I froze when I heard that familiar voice*
? wow long time dude
?Where are you?
?What wrong

?Dad got kidnapped
?Sht *I pull away and sit on the bed
?I’m in California, don’t waste time
?It gonna be hard but possible flight *he hang up and I throw my phone away and started packing my things.

“What are you doing?”
“Get out of here”I said and she roll her eye before packing her cloth and she walk out of my suite.

I put on my shirt and a trouser before existing the suite immediately with some of my luggage.

There is only one person I know that can resolve this case quite well.


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