Episode 21

“Christy I need to go home now, my distance is far and I didn’t tell my children I won’t be coming home today, Dembe said.
“I understand aunty, thank you so much, Christiana said.

“I’ll be here tomorrow, Dembe said.
“Isn’t it too stressful coming from the central region to Gulu? Jendyose asked.

“But I have to come to be here and help find this Mukasa of a man, he can’t get away with this, Dembe replied.
“But aunty the cops promised to do something about him, Christiana said.


“And you trust them? Don’t bother about the distance, I’ll be here tomorrow and don’t worry too much okay, you need to give yourself rest, Dembe said touching Christiana chin and she hugged her.
“Safe journey aunt, she said.

“Bye love, bye Jendy, Dembe waved.
“Bye my dear, thank you so much, Jendy said and she left.

“Let’s go home, Jendy said and stopped a cab home……


After the call with Mukasa, Kizza carried the baby to Cynthia room and met her lying down.

“Aunt any problem? Cynthia asked sitting up when she saw her.

“You’re lying down? I don’t understand, won’t we eat dinner? Kizza asked.

“Dinner? How I’m I suppose to know I’ll be preparing dinner? She asked.

“Excuse me? I’m I to do that also after taking care of the baby? Kizza asked back.

“Aunt this is your house and I’m just a guest, you are to tell me what to do if you need help, so what I’m I preparing? Cynthia asked getting up.

“I don’t know, just prepare what you feel we should eat for dinner, Kizza replied.

“Fine, I’ll get that done, Cynthia said and left the room and Kizza shook her head and left too with the baby…………

Christiana and her mom arrived home and she sadly sat down weakly,
“Let me get you something to eat, Jendy said.
“No please, I’m not hungry, Christy said.

“I know you haven’t eaten since morning and its not good for you, remember you just gave birth, Jendy said.

“Where is the prove? I got pregnant miserably, and gave birth miserably, where’s the joy in it? Christy asked and Jendy heaved.

“Still you need to be strong so you’ll have the strength to look for your daughter, Jendy said.

“Mom please food won’t solve or help how I’m feeling right now, I feel so frustrated, Christy said and Jendy sat beside her.

“Dear i understand, but you can’t let this break you, if he purposely did this to break you then you have to prove him wrong. Put yourself together and know this, he can’t harm his own blood, you should be relaxed if you’re scared of that, Jendy said.
“Are you forgetting something? Christy asked.

“What? Jendy asked.
“The witch who is his wife, she is going to maltreat my daughter same way she did to me, that’s why I want her back. Besides how will my baby feed? Christy asked worriedly and Jendy heaved.

“She’ll be fine and you’ll see her before that time. Now I’ll go prepare something for us to eat so I can take my drugs, so just shower up and rest a bit, Jendy said.

“Your drugs? Were you sick? Though I noticed you’ve emaciated, sorry i was too worried to ask why, what was wrong with you? Christy asked.

“Nothing serious, I was just missing you till I fell ill when I didn’t know where to find you, Jendy replied.
“Sorry about that mom, Christy said.

“Its alright, I’ll go get you hot water to press your body, Jendy said.
“Huh! Hot water? Christy asked.

“Yes, you just gave birth and its necessary, She replied and went in and Christy sighed.
“Mom seriously you know I don’t like hot water, can you use ice instead? Christy asked and Jendy laughed inside………..


Done getting his properties in the new house, he sat down somewhere weakly and called Cynthia number but it was switched off. He heaved and called up his aunt but she was in the shower.

After 3 rings of no one picking up, she came out and picked up the call when he insisted to call,
“hello Mukasa, she said.
“Aunt good evening, he said.

“Evening dear, have you arrived yet? She asked.
“Aunt i already did, I just finished getting my things off from the truck. How is my wife? Her phone is still switched off and I can’t reach her, he said.

“Is that so? I left her in the sitting room to shower, hold on let me give her the phone, she said going out but met the baby crying seriously and Cynthia was there watching the television.

“Cynthia, your husband is on phone, she said giving her the phone and she got it and went into her bed room.
“Hello babe, how was the journey? She asked sitting on the bed.

“Not stressful, but getting all the properties in the house was more stressful, anyway I’m just done and tomorrow I’ll start arranging the things. What’s wrong with your phone? He asked.
“My phone?oh Low battery, she said.

“Ohh i thought as much, and how is my baby girl? He asked.
“He is kicking here badly and I’m feeling so weak, besides its boring here, I just want to go, she said pretending she didn’t hear him well.

“I understand but you have to reason with me for now, at least stay for a month and you’ll be with Me here, he said.

“Alright alright, just take care of yourself okay, she said.

“I will darling and you too, he said.
“When are you coming down? She asked.

“I think I shouldn’t come down, the doctor said Christiana, her mom and a strange woman came to the hospital and they are going to report me to the cops.

I think the cops will be looking for me if I get there, I have to stay clear for a while till they get tired of searching, he replied.
“What! They are involving the police in this? Gosh! Cynthia said.

“That’s it, I’ll send in money for you to take care of yourself and when its 1 month I’ll sneak in and take you out alright, he said.

“Alright if you say so, take care okay and don’t do anything funny now that I’m away, she said and Mukasa laughed.

“I won’t okay, be a good girl for me alright, i love you, he said.
“Love you too, goodnight, she said.

“Good night, and my regards to my aunt, he said.
“Alright, she said and dropped the call. She shook her head and left to the sitting room to return the phone to Kizza.

“Thanks, Cynthia said to her and sat down to continue with her movie.
“Cynthia did you hear the baby cry while I was in the shower? Kizza asked.

“Yes, and why? Cynthia asked back.
“Why? You mean you watched the baby cry without you doing anything about it? Kizza asked.

“What did you expect me to do aunty? The baby cried and I had a more interesting movie i was attending to. Besides she is your responsibility and not mine, Cynthia said.
“I wont tolerate this in my house Cynthia! Kizza shouted.

“Fine, if you feel i have overstayed my welcome here, just let me know and I’ll leave! Cynthia shouted back and left for her room.
“No no no i didn’t bargain for this, no way! Kizza shouted and took the baby to her room……..


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