DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

?(Can you keep a Secret)?


I got fed up with dancing, I glanced over at Kiara for the uptenth time just to realize she wasn’t there anymore.

“Christian what are you looking at?? ” Emily asked I shook my head.

“I’m just thirsty, Where’s Kiara?? ” Emily’s mood turned sour
What’s up with that?

“who cares?? maybe she’s dancing with someone else.. ”

“I’m going to get a drink… ” I pushed past her and some girls heading over to Julian and Isaac who were dancing with Evelyn.

“Evelyn..?? ” I yelled getting her attention

“Hey Christian wanna dance?? ”

“Hey guys where’s Kiara?? ” Daniel showed up wearing a worried look, Evelyn brought out her phone.

“She texted me 45 minutes ago she said she was in the girls toilet and I didn’t check up on her. ” Evelyn said

“Let’s split.. ” Julian said as we all nodded

“me and Evelyn will check out the girls restroom.. ” I volunteered as Evelyn nodded.

“Inform us through a text if you guys find anything.” Julian said

“Wait..” Evelyn stopped us before we could split.

“Where’s Aaron?? ” she asked

“great two people are missing.. ” Julian stated sarcastically.

“he’s probably at the Lounge..I’ll call him.” Isaac said pulling out his phone.

“OK any updates just call or text.. ” Daniel said as we eventually split.

It was kinda awkward walking with Evelyn as we pushed past some people in the club.

“So… ” Evelyn said starting off as we skipped to a subtle spot In the club.

“Yeah.. ” I ran my fingers through my hair, this just went from uneasy to awkward.

“I liked the song you guys played..” Evelyn complemented.

“Thanks it’s a Luca Folage original.. ”

“I’m sure Kiara loved it.. ” she said

“Excuse me? ” I

“Shhh I’m hearing voices.. ” Evelyn said clasping her index finger on my lips.

“it’s coming from the girls toilet.. ” I said running ahead to the restroom.

‘This will teach you a little lesson b!tch’ I heard indistinct chatters against the other side of the restroom.

“Christian wait…” I didn’t heed to her squeal, I pushed past the door to see Linday and some of her girls as they formed a barrier hiding something.

“Christian??… ” her voice broke in a high note, the look on her face was horrified.

“Christian did you find??….kiara ” Evelyn broke in a pant catching her breath.

Lindsay had her right hand pinned to her back.

“What’s in your hand??” I asked her

“Nothing… ” she stuttered in panic.

I paced towards her and she flinched frantically.

“Christian stop.. ” she quivered visibly shaking so did her girls.

“Move.. ” I ordered as her girls were already shaking and muttering to themselves.


“I said move.. ” I yelled at her, she didn’t budge I stride towards her and yanked her arm wide open revealing a red lipstick.

“Christan it isn’t what you think?? ” I pushed her out of the way to see Kiara, the girls jogged off meeting behind Lindsay.

“Kiara?? ” Evelyn squealed in horror running up to meet Kiara.

Her forehead was marked with the logo ‘B!TCH’ her lips were a bit bruised her hair was wet which smelt like toilet water, she looked out cold, her glasses were broken.

“Kiara… ” Evelyn whimpered gently shaking her but her eyes glued shut.

“Evelyn we got your text, Kiara?? Holy crap” Isaac gasped In shock.

“Someone call 911 or something.. ” Julian yelled.

“Christian I’m sorry it isn’t what you think, Kiara just came in here lashing at me and calling me names and the next thing.. ”

“I don’t want to hear it, get out.. ”

“Christian?? ” Lindsay sobbed

“Fcking get out of my face Lindsay, as from now on I don’t want anything to do with you. ”

“But.. But.. ”

“Fucking get out before I loose it on you, we both know you don’t wanna pass that limit.. ” I. Scowled at her, she sucks in her pathetic tears throwing the lipstick down on the floor.

“And we both know you’re going to regret this..” she piss at me and flings her hair before walking out with her girls.

“The guts she had.. ” Isaac hissed bitterly.

“I would have fucking slapped her deaf.. ” Aaron said emerging from the door.

“I called Kion he’s coming to pick her up.. ” Evelyn said as I just nod.

“let’s just get her out of here..” Daniel said as Evelyn wiped the b!tch marked on her forehead with her napkin.

“Hey Christian can you give me a hand.. ” Evelyn said as I stride towards Kiara and swept her off her feet.

“Be strong Kiara.. ” I muttered under my breath.

“Christian… ” she moaned silently.

“I’m here for you.. ”

It’s being two weeks since the incident, Kiara was marked absent for fourteen days, so was Kion, Lindsay stayed as far as possible from our table and was being reported for her actions but because her dad own the school she was only suspended for three days, I can’t believe she would do that to Kiara and lie on top of it all.
I hope Kiara is alright.
I sat down on my seat with my head bent down glancing over at Kiara’s empty seat.

“Kiara” I looked up to get a glimpse, it is her

“Kiara.. ”
I walked into the class nervously rubbing my arms with Kion next to me.

“Kiara.. ” I couldn’t estimate how fast Christian pulled me in a hug, my ? strange out but I pat him back.

“Christain.. ” I voiced in a shocked expression as Isaac jumped in to get a hug too, same with Evelyn and Julian and surprisingly Aaron.

“Guys I can’t breathe.. ” I almost choked as they all let me breathe.

“We must Celebrate the return of Kiara.. ” Aaron said dramatically.

“oh shut up she didn’t die.” Evelyn said

“What happened we tried calling you but you didn’t pick up and we tried calling him too but Kion just disappeared..” Isaac said

My mom went cr@zy and turned our house to a clinic, I was OK after a week but she denied me freedom to go back to school, it took a lot to convince her and Liam that I wanted to go back.
As far as they know I got into a terrible accident down the stairs, if they found out that I was bullied by Lindsay and her clique my mom will band me from going to school.
And Liam would gloat how dangerous my idea of quitting homeschool and actually going to school was a distraction and an obstacle and I hate it when he gloats.
And Kion didn’t want to go back to school ‘not without me’ he says.

“I’m just glad she didn’t turn up dead.. ” Aaron shrugged as they all glared at him.

“I’m glad my best friend is back..” Evelyn said pulling me in a decent hug.

Soon the Bell rang as some left and some actually stayed while I sat down at my usual spot.

“Kiara Gold.. ” I looked up to see Mr Wilson who held my records.

“Yes Sir.. ” I stood up as everyone looked back at me.

“you’ve been absent from school for the past two weeks, so have Mr Kion.” Mr Wilson said as we both looked over at each other.

“OK who would love to help Mr Coleman out with his homework for the past two weeks.. ” all the girls raised their hands even the ones with fish for brains.

“Evelyn.. ” Mr Wilson called out “you’ll be helping Kion workout the problem for the past two weeks.. ” Mr Wilson said as they both nodded as all the girls hissed.

“Now who would help Kiara Gold? ” I bowed down a little no one put up their hands, all the girls hate me and besides no guy in the class isn’t that smart


“Christian… ” Mr Wilson called “You’ll be helping Kiara on what she missed out for the two weeks.. ”

‘Typical.. She gets all the guys even though they’re taken’ I heard Lindsay mutter but I just ignored and looked down at my book.

“OK Class let’s begin with a pop quiz.. ” Mr Wilson said

“Arrgh.. ” the class moaned in Frustration.

“a freakin (B-) I knew I was smart.. ” I enthusiastically rejoiced at my grade Mr Wilson handed to us at the End of the day.

“how is that a good grade.. ” Kion whines as the bell rings.

“at least it’s better than your (D)..”

“you love it when you gloat at me don’t you.. ” I smirked which kinda got under Kion’s skin.

“but you love it.. ” I teased.

“Come on Kion the Library is avialable let’s study there.. ”

“Why can’t we go to your place?? ” Kion asked.

“Cause I don’t want to start a fire and I don’t want your Crazy fangirls to track down where I live and TP my house. ” she said and I just giggled.

Aaron came out with a beaming smile which made him look suspicious.

“Wow Aaron what’s your grade.. ” Evelyn asked

“D-..” we all just stared at him in confusion.

“Jesus that’s worse than Kion’s grade..” Evelyn smirked.

“Then why the hell are you smiling?? ” Kion asked

“I got a D- that’s the highest I’ve ever gotten In Mr Wilson class..”

“how is that improvement? ” Evelyn asked.

“Let’s just go already.. ” Kion dragged Evelyn back to the school building and Aaron left, leaving me in front of the School Building waiting for Christian.

“Hey.. ” I flinched but heave a sigh of relief realizing it’s just Christian.

“will you quit that?? ”

“guess I’m your Tutor..”

“here… I don’t need your Help.. ” I hand over my grade to Christian.

“How is (B-) a good grade it’s practically same as (C) and not a good grade.. ” he said

“Aaron got a (D-)…”

“That’s Aaron he can get an F he only pays attention to his grades when his Dad hears about it.. ” Christian said which makes sense now.

“OK where are we doing this Lecture.. ” I said as he shot me a sinister smirk.

“a car travels at an everage speed of 100 kilometer per hour what distance does it cover in five minutes.. ”

“I don’t know.. ” I whined we’ve been studying for two hours and I’m already exhausted.

“That’s not an answer.. ”

“I don’t know the answer.. ”

“Stop being Lazy we’ve not even gotten to Calculus yet.. ” he said and I slammed my pen down on the table in between the room .

“that’s it.. ” I said slouching back on the couch

“That’s it?? you give up??.. ”

“I’ve reached my limit.. ” I said not giving a damn.

Christian slouched back to the couch too probably tired too.

“Where’s the Remote I wanna watch TV.. ” I said as Christian swiped away my glasses.

“What the hell?? Give that back” I barked like I was gonna kill him.

“No… What’s the answer.. ” he said

“Give me back my glasses Christian before I open a very painful but easy way to hell for you.. ” I threatened.

“What’s the answer?? ” he smirked putting on my glasses and I snapped and jump on him trying to choke him until he gripped hold of my hand and tumbled me down on top of me slamming my hands down my side.

Holy Crap

My heart skipped a beat as our nose brushes slightly, I breathe in calmly.

My eyes scarcely searches his face in horror.

“You know you look pretty without glasses..” he let’s out a chuckle before he leans in.

“Christian.. ” Christain got off me in a jerk nervously bracing his neck.

It was Emily.

“What’s going on?? ”

“I’m sorry it was my fault we were just playing around and he threatened to pin me down if I didn’t tell him the answer, it isn’t what you think I’ll be going.. ”

“Kiara.. ”

“no it’s fine… I’ll leave you both. ” I said packing my stuff.

“Kiara.. ”

“What?? ”

“Your glasses.. ” Christian hands me back my glasses as I put them on.

“Thanks.. ” I greeted

“And Christian… The answer is 8.3km…” I said heading out.


“So how’s your Tutoring going with Kion.?” I asked Evelyn we were in the restroom, she was doing little makeup while I just slowly prep my lips with a Lip balm.

“Can you believe girls now come to the Library just to see him study how can I tutor him when all those wannabes are nothing but distraction.. ” Evelyn spat.

“Typical.. ” I rolled my eyes

“how’s your Tutoring with Christian.. ”

“Ummh it’s kinda boring.”

“You guys K!ssed. ” She mocked and I dropped my Lip balm which she snorts at me.

“No we didn’t, Geez he has a girlfriend which is enough proof that I need to stay away. ” I said

“well if by any chance you wanna switch you know where to find me, I’ll be in class if you want to find me.. ” Evelyn said exiting the restroom as Emily walked in with a make up bag.

“oh Kiara what a coincidence where’s your makeup bag?? ” she asked while I didn’t dare look at her.

“I don’t have one.. ” I said

I have two company that supplies me make up, I don’t put on makeup because I’m red daughter.

“too bad…” She quirked while I picked up my Lipbam

“I’m sorry about yesterday.. ” I said as she looked at the mirror applying her lipgoss and smacking her lips.

“don’t worry it’s not like you’re attractive or something or Christian would develop feelings for a nobody..” she said with a laugh.

“Excuse me?? ” I questioned

“Christian’s mine and not yours so I shouldn’t be worried that some clumsy bitch will take him away from me unless…”

“are you threatening me.. ” I asked and she shot me a scary glare and then laughed.

“Threathen?? No.. I would never come low like Lindsay.. but to be clear I can I have sources they can me anything I want to know, your real name, your real identity and your deepest secrets, I can reconsider if you back away from my boyfriend….” she said and I gasped.

“it is a threat.. ” I growled

“It’s only threat when you don’t stay away…” she said picking up her makeup bag.

“Stay away from Christian..” she warned and exit the restroom.

Later that day the school bell rang as class dismissed, I waited for Christian to come out first he bid Julian and some of the Alphas goodbye.

“Hey I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.. ” he apologized.

“Come on let’s… ” he took hold of my hand but I yanked away from his grasp.

“I.. think we should conclude from here. ” I said afraid of looking directly at his eyes.

“Kiara are you OK.. ”

“I don’t need your help anymore, I had Evelyn Switch me and Kion so you’ll be taking Kion I’m sorry.. ” I said about to go but Christian pulled me back.

“Kiara did Lindsay Threathen you.. ” he asked

“Just let me go Evelyn waiting for me.. ” I sobbed running away from him with tears streaming down my cheeks, but he ran after me.

“Kiara.. ” He called I didn’t look both sides as I ran through the road

“Kiara.. ” Christian pushed me out of the way and in the process a Car hit him instead of me.


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