DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

?(Can toy keep a Secret)?


“Christian.. ” I yelled as tears stream down my cheeks, the car that hit Christian stopped after knocking Christian down.

I ran over to Christian he was bleeding

“I’m so sorry.. ” The man apologized

“Call 911..” I sobbed in a high note holding Christians hNJuu ….pand and support his back with my arm lifting him up.

“we don’t have time let’s take him to a hospital… ” the man said as he tried to lift Christian to the back seat.

I sat at the back resting Christian on my thigh, his eyes were half closed.

“Don’t worry you’re going to get help.. ” I said running my fingers through his hair holding on to his hand.

I was in the hospital at the waiting at the visitors lounge with the stranger, they already took Christian for a sudden operation I just sat down twitching my knees nervously.

“don’t worry about your boyfriend.. ” the stranger said

“he’s not my boyfriend.. ” I said in a whisper sinking my fingers down my thigh nervously.

“oh.. Sorry.. I thought, the way.. You know what just forget what I said.. ” he stuttered nervously.

“he’s a friend.. ”

“are you sure he’s just a friend to you, you seem to be pretty worried about him more than a friend would.. ”

“of course I’ll be worried, it’s called caring and I don’t have feelings for him.. ”

“I didn’t ask if you had feelings for him.. ” I felt my ears turn red as I cup them with my hands which made the guy confused.

“excuse me mr detective I wouldn’t be caring if you didn’t hit him with your car.. ”

“And I wouldn’t hit him if you didn’t run out of no where into the damn street I could have hit you but your boyfriend over there saved your damn life. ” he said as I put my hands down on my thigh, the feelings of guilt hit me realizing it’s all my fault.

I’m the reason he got hit, he didn’t or doesn’t deserve that but I let him and now he’s exposed to any possible danger because of me.

Tears slowly crippled down my cheeks breaking into a quiet sob.

“oh.. I’m sorry I didn’t.. ”

“you’re right.. It’s all my fault, I didn’t mean to and now if anything happens to him it’s all my damn fault… ” I said digging through my skirt, a hand gripped to my arm I traced it to the stranger.

“what’s your name..? ” he asked I snort out a sniff.

“Kiara.. ” I said weakly not looking him directly in the eyes.

“Well first off you look ugly when you cry… ” he said and I just shot him a confused look.

“do you happen to be related to Aaron.. ” I asked which got him confused, I snort into a ugly laugh.

“That’s better, now take this and dry your tears.. ” the stranger said while I took the napkin slowly drying my tears.

“I’m Harry, look I’m sorry about what happened to your boyfriend.. ”

“He’s not my boyfriend..” I interrupted “Sorry.. go on.. ” I insisted

“it’s not your fault whatever the reason why you had to cross the road without looking both sides which I assume was a fight, he cares for you enough to risk his that’s a good boyfriend you’ve got there… If he can risk his life for you, Kiara you mean something to him.. ” Harry said I was startled a bit and tried to process what he just said.

“you really think so.. ”

“I’m a guy I know so.. ”

“Kiara… ” I heard Evelyn as she run up towards me and locked me in a hug.

“I got here as soon as I saw your text, the rest of the Alphas are coming.. ” Evelyn said giving me another hug.

“Where’s Kion?? ” I asked

“Well I left him behind with his fangirls, he’s on his own.. ” she said looking back at Harry

“Oh Hello.. ” she greeted.

“I better be on my way I’ve already paid for the extra charges.. ”

“Thank you.. ” I said

“don’t thank me it’s the least I can do, I hope we do cross paths again Kiara.. ” he said and I smiled and fl!rtatiously winked at Evelyn.


Evelyn giggled as Harry shove his hands down his pockets getting up and striding out of the hospital.

“Who’s the Cute guy?? How old is he? Did you get his number? Answer me. ” Evelyn violently shook me like a bottle of coke.

“Stop shaking me.. “I said as she let’s go to me.

“sorry.. ” she apologized adjusting my glasses.

“So talk.. ” she said

“I don’t know I just met the guy, he’s the same person that hit Christian.. ”

“he what?? ” Evelyn snapped.

“It’s not his fault it’s entirely my fault I kinda told him that I wanted to switch with you and it’s all my fault he got hit…” I pouted.

“Aww Kiara… ” Evelyn hugged me again

“Kiara Gold.. ” I jerked away from Evelyn racing to the doctor.

“is he alright?? did he loose much blood?? is there any need for transfusion ??…”

“Don’t worry dear your friend is alright, though his legs are paralyzed temporarily but it’s just for a week or two.. ” the doctor stated

“wait, he won’t be able to walk..” I gulped down hard.

“it’s only temporary and I can assure you the damages are not consequential.” I and Evelyn heave a sigh of relief and hugged each other again.

“Can we see him.. ” Evelyn asked

“Well, I’m sorry to say that the visiting hours are not tangible for more than one person at the moment.. ” the doctor said

“Kiara go see him.. ” Evelyn nudge me forward.

“but..but what if he doesn’t want to see me.. ” I stutter.

“Oh come on, just go..” Evelyn said as the Doctor gave me a nod insisting I follow him to Christian’s ward.

“Room 419..good luck.. ” The Doctor said leaving me idle in front of Christians room.

“OK let’s make this quick.. ” I pushed past the door, Christian’s body was mummified with bandages except his face, his head was wrapped with a bandage and his lips was bruised he was breathing softly, I folded my arms across my chest striding towards him and standing next to him.

I rashly rubbed my arms nervously and breathe out looking up intently at the plain ceiling.

“Hey.. ” I stutter shakingly as my voice cracked.

“I’m sorry for trying to kill you, or should I say I’m sorry for what happened, please get better..” I getting hold of his hand and running my fingers through his hair which swayed on top of his bandage.

I stroked my fingers against his forehand, pushing a strand of my hair aback behind my ear leaning towards him slowly, I withdrew my other hand from his hair clasping my palm against his face, my thumb brushes his bruised lips.

“I love you.. ” I said grazing my lips on his with just a peck, I felt his lips quiver as I back up about to jerk off but his hand gripped tightly to mine as he intertwined his fingers with mine.

My heart skipped a beat that moment but I breathe calmly as he slowly opened his eyes, tears streamed down my cheeks.

“being waiting for when you’d show up.. ” he hoarsed weakly.

“Wait, you weren’t unconscious.. ” I asked in dismay

“if that was your apology I accept.. ” I gaped in disbelief.

“So you.. You’re unbelievable was getting hit by a car part of your plan or something, I was worried about you I thought you’d fcking die” I half yelled.

“now you know how I feel when you didn’t show up at school for two weeks.. ” he said with a week smirk.

“Unbelievable..” I said wanting to leave and I just realized I just told him I love him.

“stay with me.. ” he said with a tired smile.

“you’re tired and I really need to.. ”

“Please.. ” he pleaded gripping tightly to my hand.

“Fine..” I hissed sitting down next to him

“I’m cold.. ” he lamented

“Ummh let’s call the nurse to get you more blankets.. ” I said

“no I feel a little warm holding your hand can you please come up and sleep next to me.. ” I could feel my heart race.

“Ermh won’t the doctor be mad if I.. ”

“Please… ” he pleaded

“but… ”

“you hospitalized me.. ” he flat out blurted

“way to go guiltrip me.. ” I rolled my eyes at him as he gags out a loud chuckle I goy up taking if my shoes gently getting on the bed with Christian.

“Better.. ” I squeaked nervously facing Christian.

“Yeah you didn’t die did you… ” he joked

“Whatever.. ” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Kiara?? Why didn’t you want me to tutor you??..” he said in a whisper

I went mute, I couldn’t tell him his girlfriend threathen to drill my secrets so she would expose whatever she knows.

“I….i felt guilty about the couch incidence I don’t want to be the reason you and…

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