DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

?(Can you keep a Secret)?
“will you go out with me.. ”

“Like a date?? ” I stated calmly but actually I was freaking out inside.

Daniel chuckled nervously, breaking eye contact with me.

“it doesn’t have to be a date it’s just a do over, I feel bad for getting you drunk at the party.. ” he said nervously bracing his neck with his hands.

“you don’t have to feel bad I kinda had fun…” a blasting horn interrupted us both, it was Liam.

“That’s my ride.. ” I chipped in with a little laugh.

“Hey Daniel come on we have to go set up for tonight’s gig.. ” Aaron yelled, we both cracked into an awkward laugh.

“Seems like the universe is at work.. ” Daniel commented .

The rest of Alphas came out of the school building.

“I have to go.. ” I said backing up slowly

“You’re still coming to watch us play right?? ” Daniel asked and I nodded.

“Wouldn’t miss it.. ” I enthusiastically replied

another horn signed off indicating Liam was waiting.

“Then you owe me a dance.. ” he said and I nod.

I bid Daniel goodbye and ran up to the Car.

I opened it to see Liam and…


Liam was in the passenger seat next to Lincoln who had his hands on the wheels, while Kion was at the back.

“Hey Red.. ” he waved as I got in and slammed the door behind me.

“how did you get in here first?? ” I barked at him while he just held his arms across his torso.

“I was always more agile than you.. ” he bloated with his cocky smirk while I rolled my eyes at him.

“What ever, why are you in here?? ” I asked because Liam is not the kind of person that give special treatment or volunteer to take you for a ride not unless you’re his client.

“Oh didn’t you know?? I fired my mother from being my manager… ”

“You what?? ” I flare up

“And now I’m his manager.. ” Liam said filling in the remaining gaps.

“this is so like you, first you steal my parents, then you steal my friends and now I’m sharing my Manager with you.. ” I said throwing my hands in the hair.

“Any who I’ve scheduled you both to attend the promotion with IXI.. ”

“I thought this was my promotion ??”

“It is but when they found out Kion Coleman was my Client they requested they have you both and the profits were alarmingly high.. ” so like him he’s in it for the money.

“at least we get to work together and spend some time… ” Kion stated

“if your fangirls don’t kill me first.. ”

We were doing a promotion on the endorsement of IXI a minor fashion line under Chanel.
I had to wear a product or should I say a sample for the advertisement.
I had to change into five different Line, same with Kion as we posed together.
The last one was a red laced dress, the only thing that concealed anything was like a a crop top and a bottom, the Lace revealed much of my skin.

Liam said it gave me the Sexy Edgy look and it’s no surprise I wear things like this to my concerts so I’m used to it.

I was in my dressing room after Umbrey my makeup artist was done applying my make up, she curved out my brows to look fierce and applied a bit Contour and applied an ombre mix of different colors of red on my lips.

My hair had extension making it Longer than it already is, it was put up in a high ponytail swaying it’s locks behind my hips.

I was just going through my phone when Liam ordered we do the last shoot which I’m glad for because I promised to watch the Alphas play.

“Wow?? ” Kion eyes grew wide in dismay replaced with a nervous chuckle.

“You look amazing.” he commented which was silly because we did like four previous shoots together.
He was wearing black skinny jeans which was belted up with a IXI label belt, he wore a white top which was buttoned up barely and let his collar loose with a button or two yanked off, which visualized his torso.
He had a silver pendant necklace of a cross and was holding a leather jacket over his shoulder, his hair was freakin messed up but in a sexy way.

“so do you.. ” I complemented ,he ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times after that.

“time for the photoshoot we d have time people.. ” the photographer said as I handed my phone to Umbrey.

We both head to the spot where we were ordered to posed for a pic

“No.. No No this photoshoot is lacking.. ” O’Neil the photographer queried for the fourth time.

“but… we did just fine.. ” Kion said

“I want to feel the Chemistry, this isn’t only about promoting a Label it’s about the Chemistry, when these are in the magazines someone would look at these and say if they can pull this off I can, if you want to sell the product you have to sell the Look… Now we are going to take the last shot… ” O’Neil warned us before hand as we took our places.

Kion was supposed to sit down on a throne like chair while I was supposed to lay down at his feet resting my elbows on his throne.

“OK Work with me people make the magic happen.. ” O’Neil said, Kion turned to face him bracing his hand on my cheek looking into my eyes.

it make my skin tingle.

“GENIUS…” I was dumbstruck at the moment I didn’t really know when O’Neil were done with the shots.

After the photoshoot together we took individual shots let’s just say mine was flawless and Kion’s was good.

“That’s a wrap.. ” O’Neil said as his crew wrapped up.

“Thank you Candi and Kion for the shots these will be delivered right to IXI immediately.. ” O’Neil said.

“I’m just excited how the pictures will turn out… ” I squirmed in excitement.

“They’ll be out in a few days, can I ask for a favor?.. ”

“Sure anything… ”

“My daughter is a big fan of yours she literally tried dying her hair red just to idolize you, she’s Eleven and tommorow is her birthday I was wondering if you could shoot a birthday clip of you wishing her a Happy Birthday…” he said pulling out his phone.

“What’s her name??.. ” I asked

“Kiara…” I frantically gaped for a while, we both have the Same name.

“Ready..??” O’Neil said and I nod as he clicks on the video.

“Happy Birthday Kiara, wishes from Red Daughter… Muah…” I blew a k!ss as the video ended.

“Thanks so much…”

“Can you take us both.. ” Kion said handing his phone to O’Neil.

“don’t we have enough pics already.. ” I sighed

“not on my phone, come on.. ” Kion pulled me close to him as we took some silly pics together.

“Thanks.. ” Kion said

I raced to O’Neil first time check out the pictures.

“it’s 06:05” I squealed

Oh my God I promised the guys that I’ll come watch them play.

I’m screwed.
“She isn’t here.. ” Evelyn stated

“We were supposed to go out ten minutes ago, we can’t keep stalling.. ” Aaron said

“She promised she’ll come.. ” Daniel stated.

“Did you send her the Address? ”

“Yes she’s supposed to be here by now.. ” Julian said

“Any Luck?? ” I asked Evelyn who tried calling her again.

“I tried calling but she isn’t picking, I hope she’s alright.. ”

“Maybe she’ll come we can’t stall any longer..” Aaron stated.

“Christian get ready.. You’re leading.. ” Daniel said, Julian walked up to me.

“Fire… ” he recited and went ahead with the guys.

“I’ll go see if she’s here break a leg guys.. ” Evelyn wished us goodluck, proceeding to look for Kiara.

We all went up to the stage, I was leading tonight.

Julian was on the drums, Isaac was on the keyboard, Aaron was on the base with me and Daniel were on guitars.

I simply adjusted my microphone on it’s stand.

Some girls were already fangirling, I took out my guitar pic and scanned the audience where Kiara was nowhere to be found.

“Ummh thanks all of you for coming to watch us play we are deeply sorry for the hold.. ” someone pushed through the crowd it was Kiara.
I waved probably so they could see me as Kion stood next to me.

“This song is dedicated special girl.. ” all the girls screamed while I rolled my eyes at how pathetic they all were.

?[Verse 1]?
?It was always hard to pin you down?
?And it was only natural for me to hope you’d come around?
?But please take your reservations and forget them?
?You know things could be so easy if you’d let them?

?And I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever?
?No, I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever?

?[Verse 2]?
?And there’s a darkness in the way you sing?
?And something curious in how you walk as if you got a broken wing?
?That makes me wanna help you find a way to throw your shadow?
?We can even sing songs about your past loves at my piano?

?’Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever
No, I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever?

?And I can always feel it
When you’re getting set to run
Like you’re halfway through the chorus
And you think the song is done
But baby take a minute
Or take a beer out from the fridge
So maybe we can try this time to make it past the bridge??

‘?Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever
No, I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever?
?Baby I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever
No, I don’t wanna lose you now, or ever, oh no?

Christian was looking directly at me signing off the last verse, as expected the audience mostly girls applauded for after Christian sang.

“Kiara.. ” Kion nudge me at my arm breaking our stare.
Some girls ran up to meet Christain and the guys to get their autograph signed.

They are not even that famous.

“Kion Coleman.. ” some girl screamed catching me and Kion’s attention.

“it is him.. ”

“Run… ” I whispered over to Kion as he ran for his dear Life.

“He took all the girls.. ” Aaron yelled out bitterly.

“you guys were amazing.. ” I complemented looking back at Christian.

“Where were you I was worried something bad happened.. ” Evelyn said Locking me in a hug.

“something came up sorry about that.. ” I apologize

“Christain.. ” Emily called running up to hug Christian, they both disengage from the hug as she intertwined fingers with his.

“well I have to go.. ” I said

“Wait..you owe me remember….” Daniel said making the others confused.


We all went to a club ??

All I wanted to do was to go home and call it a day Evelyn was having fun dancing with Julian and Isaac, I was dancing with Daniel but some girls from school snatched him away from me, I was just laughing at him because they won’t let him go.

“Help me.. ” he mouthed several times, I’m not risking my neck just to get exterminated.

Christian was dancing with Emily, since everyone was busy I decided to leave but I decided to stop at the girls bathroom.

I went to the girls bathroom, I got a text from Evelyn asking where I was, I texted her that I was in the girls toilet

I just washed my hands and my face as some girls walked in, it was Lindsay and her clique.

“Kiara.. ” Lindsay said with a snobby tone.

“You made me look like a fool in front of Kion… ” she blurted out with a distaste in her tone.

“You made yourself look like a fool.. ” I spat at her, I didn’t have anything to say to her I was already upset.
I tried to move past her.

“Where do you think you’re going, I told you to leave Lancaster high but you still had the guts to stay you’re not going anywhere.. ” I tried to push her out of the way but she pushed me down as I fell.

“Let’s see how attractive you are when I’m done with you… ”

“Help.. ” Lindsay kicked me at my stomach making me nauseous.

“Scream all you want no one is coming for you.. ” I was getting Dizzy as Lindsay and her girls chuckled loudly to themselves and everything blacked out.

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