DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20


?(Can you Keep a Secret)?

This can’t be happening, no I’m dreaming, better yet this is a horrible nightmare and I’m about to wake up.
“Kiara… ” I heard my mom over the phone that I discarded after freaking out.
I picked up my phone slapping my face.

“Mom I’m at Evelyn’s…I’ll call you back later bye.. ” I blurted and cut the call facepalming myself.
‘Nothing happened, yeah nothing happened between us, I was playing Most Likely with Daniel and Evelyn and eventually we both got drunk, I didn’t spill my secret to him right, I couldn’t have but research shows those who are drunk are likely to reveal their secret’.

Does he know??

Where are my glasses.

Maybe he already knows…

There is only one way to know if he knows.

“GET UP… ” I yelled at the top of my voice tossing a pillow over to Christian but he didn’t seem to budge.

I crawled up to him on the Bed clearly on top of him

“Get up… ” I yelled at the top of my voice while violently shaking him.

“What?” Christian Yawned I withdrew my hands from his neck wearing an obvious frown.

“What did you do to me?? ” I scowled at him.

“What are you talking about?? ” He asked slightly getting up but arched his back with his hands pinned down to the bed as support against me.

“Last Night… ” I grunted

“Don’t you remember anything?? ” Christian asked.

“No.. ”

“What was the last thing you remember before the whole drunk scenario… ” Christian asked while I brainstorm.

“Umh I was playing Most Likely with Daniel, Evelyn and some kids from School.. and the last thing I remember was taking the last drink before everything blacked out… ” I said

“Well from there Julian alerted us you both were drunk, Isaac took Evelyn home while I decided to take you home but drunk Kiara wouldn’t comply so I brought you to my place instead… ” He explained

“What about the T shirt?? ” I questioned

“You Vomited all over your top and you looked cold, so I lend you my Shirt… You’re welcome.” He snickered at me.

“So nothing happened between us.. ” I said and it just dawned on me on realizing that I’m a breath away from Christian and he’s shirtless.

“Do you want something to happen between us..” my heart dropped and I froze, Christian wore a rare smile, it wasn’t devious or crooked it was similar to genuine.

“I… I… ” I stutter, Christian trailed his hands bracing my cheeks.

He leaned on towards me, our gaze was locked in an intense stare.

I leaned in too suppress by the moment.

“Christian… ” I jerked off Christian and on the Floor on hearing a Familiar tone, I looked up to see Julian, with a wide grin leaning against the frames of the door.

I’m dead…

“How did you get in ??” Christain asked hoping to change the topic.

“I duplicated your keys…” he replied and stared back at me.

“Hey Kiara.. ” my cheeks heat up eventually, Arrgh I’m gonna die.

“Hey Julian.. ” I smiled like nothing just happened.

“So am I interrupting something??” Julian asked with a nefarious smirk.

“Of course not..”me and Christian blurted at the same time.

“What are you doing here?? ” Christian asked

“I came to get my Uniforms, I left it at your place yesterday.. ” Julian said as Christian gagged out a slight chuckle and head to his drawers and pulled out a Uniform.

“Wait What’s the time??” I asked with worried expression.

“07:45am..” Julian said

“Wait, we’re late to school.. ” I gasped in shock

“School won’t be in Session until 10:00am..that’s why Andy did a Midweek party the school is under extermination after some creepy Spider on the Loose.. ” I heave a sigh of relief.

“Here I’ve got your glasses you dropped them at the Party.. ” Julian handed me my glasses and I put them on.

“Thanks.. I’ve got to go.. ” I said picking up my phone.

“You can’t go out like that.. ” Christain said strolling towards his closet and pulls out the same Hoodey from the party.

“here.. ” he hands it over but I shook my head.

“I can’t.. ”

“I’m not going to let you leave if you don’t accept.. ” Christian said and I shakily collected his Jacket and wore it, it was boyfriend style and it looked big on me and concealed my half of my thighs.

“Thanks… ” I greeted.

“Why don’t you stay for a bit… ” Julian pestered on

“Nah I’ve got some homework to attend to mostly Mrs Raymond’s..thanks for the Jacket….” I said heading towards the door.

“Kiara… ” I stopped and faced Christian who nervously dug his fingers down his pockets.

“Yeah?? ” I questioned

“are you coming to watch us play?? ” He asked

Shoot I forgot they had a gig.

“I don’t know?? ” I replied unsure

“You’re coming right?? ” he pestered on and I just nodded.

“We’ll see about that.. ” I snickered at him and stuck my tongue out at him.

“I’ll text you the address.. ” Christain said and I nodded
“you Like Kiara… ” Julian said as soon as Kiara Left.

“yeah as a friend…” I stated

“do friends almost k!ss their friends.. ” Julian said with a smirk.

“you don’t know what you’re talking about?? ” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“You are playing with Fire my friend… ”

“Playing with fire?? ” I questioned.

“You’re already dating Emily and now you having a crush on Kiara.. ”

“fine OK what if I have a crush on Kiara it’s not hurting anyone…”

“It’s hurting you.. You don’t have a Crush on Kiara you’re in love with her and you’re dating Emily Just to cover up, the way you look at Kiara is different from Emily.. Just face the facts Christian, you like Kiara but you can’t date her because you are afraid of hurting Daniel..you’re playing with fire and if you’re not careful you’re going to get burned.. ” Julian said as he exits my room.

Is Julian somehow right???.
“You have a dealership contract with IXI if you deliver as planned I’ll forget you ever went to that distraction… ” Liam said and I sighed

“it’s a Party.. ” I chipped in

“I don’t care if it’s a Party or not it’s a distraction, I only granted you permission to go to school again as requested so you could be surrounded with kids your age and you see this as a distraction.. ” Liam said in the Limo.

“nothing went wrong.. ”

“You were drunk and ended up In a stranger’s bedroom… ” he hinted out while I died in humiliation

“That Stranger is my friend and we didn’t do anything.. ”

“Friend or not, he could have discovered you were RED DAUGHTER, I’m putting lot out here Kiara if people knew you were RED DAUGHTER you know what would have happened forget about the rumors about you and Nylah Scar, your reputation will be at risk.. ” Liam said and I gulped down.

“I’m sorry, it will never happen again..” I said Im a bow

“is there anything I should know that happened at this Party?? ” Liam asked and I shook my head I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the K!ss with Christian, he’ll Kill me.

“No… ” I nodded

“good… I’ll have Stanley Cover up for you as far as the Press is Concerned you weren’t at the Party, you were with Kore at her place, I’ll inform Kore on the tampering of the news.. ” he said

Kore is a stuck up Diva.

She’s a Successful teenage Actress who recently stared in many movies and has released two abulms lately, her parents are filthy rich, probably that contributed to her stuck up personality.

Her Manager and Liam got us to work for a track, long story short, it was successful building to our fame, the worse thing about it is everyone thinks Kore Danvers and RED DAUGHTER are best friends and the truth is I can’t stand her.

She drives me nuts with all her whining and her fake Canadian accent.

She’s actually Italian but claims to be Canadian because her mom is Canadian.


“Yes Liam.. ” I didn’t really give a damn at that time.

We came to a stop a bit away from the School
I just grabbed my backpack.

“Kiara one more thing… ” Liam requested while I froze.

“Yeah?? ”

“be Careful.. ” he warned and I just only nodded.

I got off the Car and bid goodbye to both Liam and Lincoln and head to the school gates.

“So how was the party..” I flinched turning to see Rodney, which reminds me I thought he was dead or something.

“Rodney?? don’t do that ever again… ” I heaved deep breaths.

“That’s not an answer… ” he said, we were both distracted by some girls screaming their lungs out.

“do these girls just scream like it’s a hobby..?” I said trying to block the loud impact of the screams.

“Maybe we should go check it out, with a Scream like this it’s gotta be important.. ” Rodney had a point.

“Hey Kiara, Hey Rodney… ” Evelyn greeted us both with Isaac by her side and the rest of the Alphas.

“Why are they Screaming?? ” Aaron asked Curious as all of us.

“wait if they are not the one causing the screams who is??… ” Rodney asked, that’s a very good question.

“Let’s Find out… ” Julian said as we tried to push past some of the girls and to what they are excited about.

“oh my God, Oh my God it’s, it’s… ”

“KION?? ” my eyes widened in shock, he’s back, Kion is back.

Kion looked back at me with a wink chuckling quietly to himself as everyone looked back at me.

“Hey Sis…. ”

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