DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20


(Can you keep a Secret)




“Huh??…” I looked back at Christian I couldn’t tell if he was just as Shocked as me because of the damn mask he had on, I tried biting my lip in an attempt not to blush and picking my nails nervously.

Christian Dug his hands down his pockets as Julian and Aaron Carried Christian on their Shoulders and dropped him in front of me.

I Looked up back at his ocean blue eyes.

“K!ss…. ” Aaron stressed I gulped down nervously rubbing my arms, Christian ran his Fingers through his hair crookedly.

“Ummh …” I stalled picking my fingers while Christan shoved his hands down his pockets.

“Kiss Already we don’t have all of First Period we are all waiting.. ” Aaron whined like a brat I heave deeps breaths rubbing my arms like I’m freezing, Christian took a step closer and I froze, he strokes my Chin up.

“You don’t have to do This.. ” Christain Whispered

“Yes she has Evelyn k!ssed Daniel“ Aaron spat.

“Aaron?? ” Christian pissed but Aaron just shrugged.

“I don’t make the rules.. You picked Dare you do the Dare.. ” Aaron recited

I looked back at Christian with a nervous grin.

“Guess we have to K!ss.. ” I Stuttered nervously he just nods pulling down his masks, all the girls In the Class were squealing.

‘oh my gosh they are really going to k!ss’


‘Aww I Wish I was Lucky as her’

Christian strokes up my Chin, his eyes were stuck on my Lips, he looked back at my eyes as he leaned towards me, he tilts his head to the left grazing his lips slightly on mine, I screamed internally in my head, the door came slamming open revealing Mr Wilson as me and Christian Jerked away from each other.

“What The…Get back to Your Seats Everyone..” Mr Wilson Ordered and like Little Rats when the Cats arrived we Ventured to our seats.

“We have about a Minute before Class Ends Everyone Hand in Your Homework.. ” Mr Wilson said as I reached to my backpack, bringing out my Homework.

Evelyn Turned to Face me.

“Oh my God you K!ssed Christian.. ” Evelyn squealed in a whisper.

“It wasn’t a K!ss our lips barely Touched.. ” I rolled my eyes frantically at her.

“Ummh touch or not it’s Still a K!ss… ” she said earning another frantic Eyre roll from me.

I glanced over at Christian he was busy talking to Julian, Soon he glanced over at me and I Averted my gaze down my Desk, I could feel his burning stare.

Soon the Bell Rang and we all Handed our Homework to Mr Wilson.

After taking some Classes it was Lunch time, Like always I went to to seat with the Alphas come to think of it I’m even popular without anyone knowing my real identity.

“Hey Kiara can I exchange Lunch with you. ” Julian asked but my mouth was Full but I nod anyway Chomping on the Yummy goodness.

“Thanks.. ” He greeted and I grinned in return.

I glanced round I didn’t see Christian anywhere.

“Where’s Christian?? ” I asked as the boys shudder.

“Hey Guys.. ” I heard Christian as we all looked back at him, Emily was Standing next to him.

“Hey boys… ” She greeted, we didn’t reply.

“This is Emily, Emily Meet My Friends, The Alphas, Rodney, Eve and Glasses.. ” I rolled my eyes in on the nickname he gave to me but I couldn’t help but to be Flustered.

“Hi Guys.. ” she greeted again nervously but this time we Nod at her and got back to our food.

“I was hoping she could seat with us.. ” Christian ran his fingers through his hair as Daniel nods and they both got seated.

“So tell me where did you meet This Fine Lady Christian.. ” Aaron being Aaron ??

“Ummh we met in Honors Class.. ” The Alphas dropped their Spoon in Shock, staring at Christian in dismay.

“You Take Honors Classes?? ” Aaron asked while Christan nods affirmative.

“Since When??… ” Daniel asked

“Since Sophomore… ” Christian said

“So wait you mean all these while you could have helped me do my homework.. ” Aaron growled at him as I tried to hold back from laughing.

“So basically you’re a nerd.. ” Isaac said

“a Hot one.. ” Evelyn Corrected as Isaac rolled his eyes.

“so you are no different from Kiara. ”

“Nope I’m Smarter than her.. ” Christian objected.

“Anyways you’re welcomed Emily.. ” Daniel greeted.

“Thanks guys.. ” she greeted and we all went silent from there.

“Well I have to go.. See you guys in Class.. ” Rodney Lifted up his tray.

“Vampire.. ” Evelyn whispered loud enough for me to hear.

“Excuse me?? ” Rodney questioned

“Empire, I was Thinking about That book Empire I read, the one about The Girl Emilia and Benjamin Dark.. ” Evelyn stated covering up for what she said.

“I’ve never heard of that book before..” Rodney said

“You should look it up…it’s Kinda similar to you… They both had something to hide… ” I kicked Evelyn at the Knee to shut her up.

“Bye Rodney..” I grinned as he nods and left.

As soon as Rodney left it was awkward we all played with our food making the least eye contact.

“so guys wanna hang out at my place.. ”

“That’s a great idea Kiara can Finally see us Play… ” Isaac grinned.

“Today?? ” I Hoarsed

“Yeah.. ”

“I can’t come.. ” I whimpered

“Why not.. ”

“Because my Grandma is Sick.. ” I lied through a poker face.

“Oh my can we do anything to help.. ” Evelyn said.

“Maybe we should pay A visit.. ” Emily suggested

“No… I mean my Grandma is Very Sick she’s Under Quarantine.. ” I lied again

“Oh what does she have..?? ”

“Ebola..” I said the first thing that popped up on my head.

“Your Grandma Has Ebola?? ” Aaron’s jaw dropped

“it’s not the serious kind.” they all heave a sigh of relief.

“OK then we understand..”

“But I can hang with you guys tomorrow I’m totally free..” I said

“Speaking of tommorow there’s a Party and I’m friends with the Host and we all got invites..” Daniel spilled

“It’s been Long Since we Last Went Wild..” Julian laughed.

“Yeah Remember when Aaron was Drunk and he was Twerking like a Lunatic in his Pink Boxers…” We all burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“I did not.. ” Aaron scoffed

“Yes you did I still have the Video.. ” Isaac said

“You should Come Kiara maybe this time Aaron will run back n@ked.. ” everyone laughed again.

The Bell rang meaning Lunch was over, we all lifted our trays and turned them in at the Counter.

“See you at Class… ” Evelyn waved but someone pulled me back slamming me against the Lockers.

It was Christian

“Miss me.. ” he cocked

“I have Class you know.. ”

“It doesn’t begin until the final warning Bell.. ”

“So what do you want?? ” i questioned

“I asked Emily out..”

“What did she say?? ” I asked curious

“She said Yes… ” my grin went flat for some strange reason.

“Oh……I’m so happy for you..i knew you could do it ” my heart just stop beating.

“We are going on a date later today I wouldn’t have been able to ask her out without your help..”

“Yeah.. You are welcome I have to go… ” I pushed past him without an explanation.

I’m happy I helped right???


Later that day the bell rang I picked up my backpack about to bounce the heck out of here because any moment Liam would drive in to come pick me up for my post concert.

I dashed out of class and out to the school building anybody else.

“Hey Kiara wait… ” I heard Daniel yell I stopped and turned to face him.

“Ummh I’m kinda in a Hurry can it wait.. ” I said as a black SUV stopped right in front of the school driveway, the windows were thick dark so no one could actually know who was there.

My phone vibrated in my pockets meaning Liam wants me in the SUV.

I didn’t pick up the Call which made Daniel curious.

“Aren’t you going to answer that?? ” he asked

“Yeah but what do you wanna ask?? ”

“so tommorow we are going out with a plus one so I was wondering if you’d like to be my date, I mean plus one to the party but you know as friends you don’t have to say yes if you… ”

“Yes… ” I said instantly without letting him finish.

“Really???… ”

“Yeah I’ve got to go… See you tomorrow.. ” I said running off and getting in the SUV.

“you know you are not allowed to date it’s in your.. ”

“Contract I know.. I know he’s just a friend he was asking me something.. ”

“Kiara..?? ”

“Liam I’m not dumb I know I’m not allowed to date besides I don’t have feelings for him.. ” I said folding my arms and slumping back.

“Good you know what that could do to your image.. ” I pressed my face against the window as he went on lecturing me about the do’s and don’t of a POPSTAR.

Christian came out of the School, a smile made it’s way to my lips he was talking to Daniel he had his mask on, soon Daniel left with Aaron and Julian, while Evelyn walked out with Isaac.

Christian was left alone until Emily walked out of the School and intertwined her fingers with his.

I gulped down my saliva, again I sat up straight.

“Lincoln Drive… ” I requested

“Please..” I sobbed trying to breathe, I pulled out my earphones and plugged them in blocking out Liam as Liam drove off.

Kiara left before I could say goodbye, I asked Daniel about her whereabouts, he said she left not too long ago and she even agreed to go out with him to the party, and he went off with Julian and Aaron.
Me and Emily decided to see a Movie.

“Let’s see Murder House..” I suggested

“That’s a horror movie… ” Emily shrugged it off

“Let’s see another one like Emergency Couple it came out two weeks ago and I’ve been dying to see it.. ” She pouted

“But I thought we would see this together.. ”

“Maybe next time I wanna see Emergency Couple… ” She took hold of my hand and drags me to the Movie booth.

“two tickets for Emergency Couple please.. ” I requested.

“That would be $12.99..” the man behind the movie booth said.

I paid for both our tickets, snacks and Drinks.

We went in the theater picked our seats and watch the movie as it commenced.

It is boring, I would have slept off if it wasn’t was Emily chewing her popcorn loudly.

a smile came up on my Lips, as images of me and Kiara on a date, the way she screamed was so adorable and her smile.

Emily Laid on my Shoulder, intertwining her hands with mine.

“I Love you Christian… ” I heard Kiara say instead of Emily.

“What did you say?? ”

“I love this Movie.. ” she repeated and it sounded like Emily not Kiara.

“Oh yeah me too.. ”

“Is Everything okay?? ”

“Everything’s fine.. ” I said getting back to the Movie, why am I thinking about Kiara??

“Thank you Los Angeles… ” I yelled with my microphone in my grasps getting the attention of my fans after I finished my songs.


I clasped my palms against my lips in excitement as they all praise me.

“Oh come on guys… I don’t deserve you guys..” I said as they all squealed again.

“Who am I?? ” I asked


“Again… ”


“And What are you guys??? ”


“Again.. ”


“I can’t hear you.. ”

“REDARMY… ” they all yelled in excitement.

“Thanks for Having me LA, Thanks for Supporting me in my post Concert today and I wanna see every REDARMY in my next concert… WE ARE RED AND… ”

“WE STAND TOGETHER… ” they completed the Fandom’s anthem.

“Goodnight LA… ” I said walking out on the stage and out the back.

“You were Perfect Kiara… They loved you like always now we have to get back to the Studio.. Someone get Red Daughter a bottle she’s dehydrated after that concert… She needs to stay Hydrated.. ” Liam ordered.

“it’s fine everybody I can walk, I have a bottle in my dressing room.. ” I said

“oh that reminds me you have to give out your autograph to Fans at your dressing room they paid big money..” I hissed

“Why would you charge them for an Autograph?? ” I asked

“It’s my Job as your Manager.. Kiara you’re famous people will do anything to meet you and they paid to come see you. ” Liam said

“I know but you don’t have to dry up their wallets…”

“Who’s the Manager here… ”

“You are… ”

“So let me do my job the fans will be escorted to your room in short notice..” Liam said and I just heave in a deep breath and head to my Dressing room and drank the bottle I was drinking earlier.

I heard something knock and indistinct Chatter.

Maybe it’s the Fans..

“Come in… ” I said going to drop the bottle as they made their way past in.

“oh my God, oh my God it’s her it’s really her.. ”

I twirled to see the familiar voice

“Evelyn… ” my eyes open wide in shock and Isaac was next to her.

“That’s right wait how do you know my name..”


to be continued
So Fam I’m not using Povs because they are irritating so I’m including other characters, for example it was boldly written KIARA and no Pov. So any time you see it that way you know it’s the Persons point of View.

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