DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

😪(Can you keep a Secret)😪


“I didn’t tell you my name?? ” I gulped down nervously as she looked at me in dismay.

“Uh..uh. ” I stutter batting my lashes nervously.

“Liam gave me your names, You’re Evelyn and you’re Isaac right.. ”

“That’s right.. ” Isaac grinned

“So you guys are dating right?? ” I asked to throw them off balance my scent.

“No… ” Isaac stutter while Evelyn rubbed her arms shaking her head sideways with a nervous grin.

Wait does she??? Yeah I don’t even wanna know.

“We are just friends.. ” Isaac recited and I just snickered at them they both looked nervous.

“Oh.. Sorry about that..”

“it’s okay you had no idea.. ” Isaac ran his fingers through his hair.

“I can’t believe it I’m here with RED DAUGHTER… Hehe I’m your biggest fan, I know all your songs by heart you always inspired me to stay strong after my parents got a divorce.. ” I bat my lashes in a stutter.

“Really I’m sorry about your parents divorce..” I apologized.

“it’s OK when I listen to ‘Flames’ i always cheer up, the song helped me a lot through depression…” I smiled warmly at her, I was kinda sad, here she’s being open to RED DAUGHTER, Some one she barely knows about her Depression and everything and she barely tells me everything, but I don’t really blame her I’m never there for her.

“I’m glad you like my song.. and Keep Fighting..Like always WE ARE RED..” I recited

“AND WE STAND TOGETHER.. ” She pump her fist in the air.

“Well Thanks for coming to the Concert it means a lot I’m told I’m supposed to Sign autographs..” I said as she nods and brought out some of my abulms and her notebook.

“You came prepared I see… ” I chuckled as she laughed nervously.

“Yeah…i just wish Kiara was here..” she said sadly.

“Who’s Kiara?? ” I asked

“My Best friend, she was the first one that talked to me ever it’s just her grandma has Ebola but it’s not that Serious.. ” She said and I feel bad for lying.

“oh.. I hope her grandma feels well.. ” I said done signing, Isaac walked up towards me with my album for me to sign.

“To?? ” I asked holding up the Pen

“Isaac.. ” he smiled nervously while I autograph the Abulm.

“done…. ” I said handing back the things I signed.

“Thanks so much Candi…”

“Wait.. ” I halted them and head to one of my Closets picking out, shades, a hat and scarf with gloves.

Evelyn froze as I went up to her.

“Take this…” I said

“What… I Can’t.. ” She gasped nervously pushing it back to me.

I put them all in one of my old shopping bags I kept piled up.

“I wore this to my Concert to Paris Early this year, I wouldn’t mind if you take them besides I have a lot of clothes… Here have it.. ” I said with a smile, her grin was unimaginably wide immediately she took the shopping bag away from me.

“Thank you Candi.. ” Evelyn wanted to bow but I stopped her.

“Hey do you have phone.. ” I asked

“Yeah… ” she brings out her phone handing it over to me.

“Hey can you take a pic of us both.. ” I said as Isaac nods and I hand him over the phone.

“But…but they said no pictures.. ”

“don’t worry just smile and say cheese.. ” I said

“Cheese.. ” we both said as Isaac click on the camera icon.

“Is it good.. ” I asked

“Yeah.. ”

“Thank you Candi…” Evelyn squealed

“Anything for a fan… ”

“Times up.. ” Liam barged in interuptting our moments as they both left excited.

“Friends of Yours.. ” Liam cocked his brows

“Just some kids in my homeroom..” I bluffed at him.

“You should be careful around them am I clear.. ” Liam warned.

“Yes Liam..” I said and bowed.

“It’s time to go to the studio get changed the Paparazzi will be here any moment we don’t want to get caught up with them…” I sighed and did as instructed putting my hair In a high ponytail and changing into a red tank top (Gucci Labeled) and a grey plaid short printed skirt.

I got my backpack and wore a black face mask which covered half my face especially my mouth, Liam said I should always put it on when I’m about to face the Paparazzi, Last time I forgot to wear it and I was screwed.

I walked out as two of my guards assigned to escort me when I’m about to face the Papparazi stood besides the frames of the door, I walked out as they followed behind, I trailed to the exit as cameras kept flashing, I took in heavy breaths.

My guards moved in front of me pushing past any nosy Papparazi who wants to try anything funny, Last time I came without security I was assaulted and almost murdered to death with questions with every mic being shoved down my throat.

🎙’RED DAUGHTER, RED DAUGHTER… over here’🎙 I ignored walking down the carpet which lead to a Limo.

🎙’Candi AKA RED DAUGHTER, how do you feel about the rumors of the Dating Scandal with Los Angeles Billionaire’s Son, Nylah Scar’🎙

Just so you know There was a Leak of me in a Hot tub in a bathing suit with Nylah Scar, Los Angeles Billionaire’s Son, he’s a riot and a pest we’ve only met once or twice but till date none of us has confirmed if the rumors were true or not, as much as I want to assault a Papparazi Liam said I shouldn’t give out any information for the time being that if I do they would either release another statement or use my words against me, that in time the rumors will die down.

It’s been three months and still everyone is talking about it if it’s true or not, I just keep quiet and confuse the press as they find answers.

I was safely escorted to the Limo as i got In

“Jesus…” I sighed slumping back on the carseat pulling out my phone.

“Destination Ms Gold ??”

“The Studio…” I said, You saw what I went through this is why I go undercover as a Nerd.
That’s my Life as a pop star.
“Miss Gold no Sleeping in my Class.. ” Mrs Raymond complained for the third time today if she keeps falling asleep in class she might get Detention and why do I care??

“Sorry Mrs Raymond it won’t happen again..” She apologized facepalming herself she looks miserable.
“it better not.. ” Mrs Raymond said getting back to her Lesson as Kiara tried staying awake in the Class, Luckily she did and soon class was dismissed.

I went straight up to her she was talking to Evelyn but she looked bright but yawned softly.

Why am I smiling??

“Hey Girls.. ” I waved

“Hey Christian.. ” Evelyn squealed excited

“What are you excited about?? ” I asked maybe I could know why Kiara looks so tired today.

“Yesterday I Met Candi… ” she whispered.

“Candi who??…” I asked

“RED DAUGHTER.. You bozo, actually me and Isaac met her backstage but actually Isaac is friends with one of the props backstage and we got to pay her manager to sign our albums, she gave me some of her outfits she used in her tour in Paris and took a picture with me…. ” Evelyn blabbed while I just looked over at Kiara.

“I’m so happy for you Evelyn I wish was there..” Kiara yawned.

“Yeah I almost forgot what is up with you?? ” Evelyn comment.

“Huh?? ”

“You Look like a Zombie from Brains Forgone..” Evelyn said.

“Oh sorry I was busy helping my grandma In the Hospital I couldn’t sleep.. ” she yawned

“Oh you better get some sleep Kiara… ”

“I’m glad you’re okay, but seriously you look petrified.. ” I commented.

“What ever.. ”

“You’re still coming to that Party right?? ” I asked

“Of course I am.. ” she said with a smile wide on her lips.

“So I’m going to meet up with Aaron, Hey Aaron.. ” She said leaving us both.

“How was your date??” she asked with a dimple smile.

“It was OK.. ” I said

“did you have fun..” she asked

“Yeah.. I did we saw Emergency Couple.. ”

“That horrible two hour rom com how did you survive? ” she said and I chuckled that’s the Kiara I know.

“I almost died of boredom it’s nothing without you succumbing to my shoulders.. ” I cocked and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m glad you had fun.. ” she said but sadly

“Kiara are you OK?? ” I asked as she stutter in shock.

“Christian… ” Emily ran up to me intertwining her fingers with mine and giggling it’s either I’m dreaming or did Kiara silently growl??

“hey Kiara Looking good.. ” Emily commented.

“Thanks.. Darks circles underneath my eyes is the new look.. ” Kiara said sarcastically as they both giggled spitefully.

“I have to go… ” Kiara ran off before I could say a word.
“I don’t want to go.. ” I whined slumping back on the bed like a dead person.

“Come on Kiara… ” Evelyn whined, just a heads up I decided to change at her place since she can’t come to mine because my house is Filled with childhood memories of my red hair.

“but Daniel invited us… ” Evelyn had a point but that meant I get to see 3D of Christian and Emily holding hands.

“What’s actually going on?? ” Evelyn smirked

“Nothing.. ” I pouted

“I Know you Like Christian Kiara… ” She said

“How did you know? ” I gasped in shock

“When we played truth and dare you would have refused the Dare but you wanted it meaning you like Christian.. ” I throw myself back on the bed.

“Come on Daniel’s cute and obviously likes you, just give him a Chance and have fun besides tonight it’s not about Christian.. ”

“Thanks Evelyn.. ”

“Great Try These.. ” She handed me a bunch of dresses to try out.


We got dressed, I wore a blue polka dot dress while Evelyn wore a night purple dress, I only put Lipbam, while Evelyn did Minor makeup.

Evelyn Dad drove us to the party.

“no lap dancing, no wild dancing, no kissing of any strangers, no playing of irrelevant games, and no over drinking you got that?? ” Evelyn Dad said

“Yes Officer… ” Evelyn rolled her eyes and pulled me in the House before her Dad could list more rules.

Everyone who was in my homeroom was here , we were Just looking around until Daniel came around with a dude I’ve never seen in my life.

“Hey Guys This is Andy.. Andy meet Evelyn and Kiara they are really cool.. ” Daniel said and I smiled but frowned at the way Andy shared me perverted looks, I nervous brace my neck.

“nice to meet you Kiara… ” Andy said but Daniel nudged him at the arm with his elbow.

“Dude no… ” Daniel whispered giving him looks.

“Oh she’s the One… ” Andy said making me confused are they going to use me.

“Anyways my parents aren’t home so please make yourself at home and the swimming pool is off Limits.. ” Andy said with all authority of seriousness.

“Why ??”

“because later in the night it’s gonna rain I’m just being Cautious so we won’t have a dead body in the morning..” Andy said and then winked at me leaving me with Daniel and Evelyn.

Why did I agree to come to this party again??

“Hey guys have you seen Aaron, he’s probably drunk by now and I want to be the first person to catch him on Camera. ” Isaac said

“I’ll help you find him Isaac.. ” Evelyn said purposely leaving me alone with Daniel, not alone though because we were still surrounded by drunk people.

“You Look great..” Daniel commented

“Thanks You too.. ”

“Wanna Dance…??? ”

“Y…..” my phone rang before I could actually say something.

“Ummh I have to pick this.. ”

“Who’s it?? ” Daniel asked

“My Dad he probably wants to tell me about my Grandma I’ll be right back.. ” I said exiting the room.

“Liam it’s Just a party I’ll be careful no one knows I’m red daughter… OK bye.. ” I heave a sigh of relief I looked around to see if anyone has been watching but the coast was clear.

I was outside and just like Andy instructed there wasn’t a single soul out here.

I went over to the swimming pool, I squat down a little admiring the stars reflecting against the water.

“Boo… ” I flinched turning around to see Christian who was laughing his sorry ass out.

“Are you Nuts?? ” I yelled but he was still laughing

“I’m sorry but you make it hard to be serious when you’re upset.. ” Christian still laughed at my misfortune as my cheeks heat up.

“B@stard… ” I yelled

“Oh come on…don’t act like you don’t like me..” that was it, a smirk made it’s way to my lips as I pushed Christian into the swimming pool, that would teach him a lesson.

“How you like me now… ” I rejoiced but didn’t get a reply.

“Christian… ” I called but no answer

“Christian.. ” my eyes widened in shock when I saw bubbles, I took off my shoes, glasses and jacket and phone and tossed it at a side.

I squat down with my hands and knees like I was crawling.

“Christian.. ” out of nowhere a hand gripped hold of me and yanked me in the pool.

I panicked as I swam up to See Christian laughing.

“Imbecile. ” I squealed in a Spiteful tone.

“I nearly risked my life to save you but you think this is all A joke.. ” I growled trying to swim off but Christian pulled me back as the Water pushes me against him and my arms rest on his shoulders.

He too was short of words we were breath away from each other.

I gulped down nervously, we were breathing hard against each other.

His eyes darted to my lips as he leaned towards me and locks his lips on mine.

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