DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

?(Can you keep a Secret)?

“I can’t help myself..” Christian said as he lipped me with a k!ss, my eyes widened in shock, I tried to push him off me but my feeble strength at the time was all in vain as Christian gently nibble on my lower lip in an attempt to get me to whimper as he deepened the k!ss.
a sudden creak from the kitchen alerted us as we both gaped at each other for a while and from the looks of it, it stopped raining.

We both looked over the Kitchen door and back at each other.

“You stay here, while I go check it out..” Christian hymned about to get up but I gripped hold on his shirt.

“No you stay here, you can barely walk..” I interfered as Christian flashes me a smile.

“It’s just a little pain, and I can walk just fine..” he said about to get up but I pushed him down on the couch and getting hold on his crutch.

“Kiara…” he hissed but I just ignored heading slowly to the Kitchen door with a Crutch by my side, I gulped down hard slowly pushing past the door.

“Hello..” I muttered

“SURPRISE..” Julian and Aaron yelled bursting through the doors as I heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the crutch I was going to use to apprehend their heads and clutch my hands directly at my chest.

“Julian… Aaron…” I said as they both waved at me and pushing past me heading over to Christian.

“How did you get in my house ??” Christian asked.

“Oh the front door was locked from the inside so we pick lock your back door..” Aaron said

“What are you guys doing here?? I almost killed you guys..” I growled at them as they both chuckled to themselves.

“Yeah I thought you guys had a tournament or something.” Christian said

“Oh yeah, we do, it’s just we left our ID’s at your place..” Julian said as they both glanced over at me mostly Julian with a sinister smirk.

“Were we interrupting something?? ” Julian smuggled smirk thin into a devilish one.

“no.. ” I cackled rubbing my arms even though I was wearing Christian’s Hoodie.

“are you sure?? ” Julian questioned

“are you going to get your ID’s or just going to interrogate Kiara.. ” Christian question coming to my rescue.

“yeah, Julian go get our ID’s” Aaron nudged Julian as he went up to get the ID’s.

“nice Hoodie..” Aaron complemented as I nod.

“thanks… ” I flashed a smile as Aaron stride to the living room.

“wow you’ve got Amityville: the Awakening, my mom band me from watching horror movies since Charlie started having nightmares… ” Aaron said as my brows scrunched up suspicious on the mention of Charlie.

“Who’s Charlie?? ” I asked

“my 5 year old sister she’s a demon.. ” Aaron said as I arched my brows.

“Let it go Aaron… ” Christian said running his fingers through his hair.

“I will not accept defeat until she pulls up her white flag.. ” Aaron said as I tried to hold back my laughter.

“what can a five year old possibly do… ” I chuckled to myself

“She replaced my shampoo with hot sauce, she’s evil I tell you, Evil… ” Aaron hissed as Julian came down.

“Hey Kiara your phone was ringing when I went up.. ” Julian said handing me my phone.
I looked over my phone it was Liam.

“I’ve got to go.. ” I said under a loud hiss

“who’s that?? ”

“ummh it’s the Electrician, I forgot I told my mom I’ll let him in… ” I lied

“well OK then bye.. ” Aaron said with a jar of cookies.

I head to the door as Christian tried to stand up but Julian clunged to him for support as they both stride towards me.

“Christian, what are you doing?? you need to..”

“thanks for staying with me and visiting.. ” Christian said with a smile and I nod.

“I’m glad I stayed and you’re welcome.. ” I said as my phone buzzed in my pockets.

“well bye.. ” I waved at Christian as the door slammed shut and I picked up the call.

“Kiara where are you ??” I heard Liam from the other side of the phone.

“I’m at my friends place, what now I thought I had nothing to do.. ” I said in a whisper.

“send the address so Lincoln will come and pick you up, I just got you scheduled a spot on ‘Brooks’…” Liam said

“Fine I’ll send the Address soon bye.. ” I said as I sent him the address and soon enough Lincoln picked me up.
For the week Christian came back to School and like a plague I stayed away as instructed, I was in class it was the last period with Mrs Raymond.

“Have a great summer break Class.. ” Mrs Raymond said as the final bell for the day rang.
I picked up my books shoving them into my bag mercilessly.

“guess who’s coming as my plus one to Paris to my summer break.” Kion said while I flung my backpack over my shoulders.

“Kore… ” I said as his nose scrunched up In disgust.

“as if I’ll let that Drama queen be my plus one.” Kion snarled.

“You did date that drama queen.. ” I said as he rolled my eyes.

“worse 24hrs of my life.. ” he said as I too shared him my eye rolls.

“can’t anyways.. ” I sighed

“why?? Your schedule is cleared..”

“Our entire Homeroom is going for an expense free vacation to Miami sponsored by Lindsay Parents… ”

“isn’t Lindsay the psycho that almost murdered you last time in the girls toilet.. ” Kion growled

“yeah to prove everything is forgiven and it actually lies or rest or whatever her father decided to sponsor the school’s summer break in Miami.. ” I said

“Miami, then I’m coming..” Kion said

“I thought you were going to Paris.? ” I asked

“yeah I changed my mind.. ” he grinned as I rolled my eyes.

“Then you better get Mom and dad to sign the Permit slip..” I said as he just only adjusted his collar.

“I don’t need a permit slip my looks is a permit enough.. “he said as I tried to hold back my laughter.

“Well good luck with that I’m going home to pack my stuff.. ” I said walking out on him.

The next day the school was packed with only my homeroom with their bags, some came all by themselves and while others parents dropped them off, my mom dropped me and Kion earlier so we had time to explore the classes since it was opened, soon the Alphas, Evelyn and Rodney came and it was less boring as Aaron tried to entertain us by telling us what he was going to do in Miami.

“I can’t wait to go to Miami I heard Lindsay’s parents hired a plane.. ” Evelyn squealed

I didn’t really fancy the trip to Miami, but I’m just going because I finally got a break and it’s better than staying home and updating my social media with selcas.

“yeah, I can’t wait to check out the Zone Concert.. ” Daniel said.

“Who are ‘the Zone’..” I asked

“They are a new rookie boy band in Miami they are playing in Miami’s most popular stadium, during a song they put up a k!ss Cam…” Aaron said as we all paid attention to him.

“A k!ss Cam?? ”

“yeah and it’s connected to Miami street cameras so everyone can know the new k!ss cammers..” Julian said stealing a glance of both me and Christian which made me shiver a bit.

“Aww I’m having a feeling that me and Christian will be the new K!ss Cammers obviously.. ” Emily said intertwining her fingers with Christian’s.

“Well Kiara pucker up because we are eventually going to be under the k!ss Cam.. ” Julian joked and for some reason Daniel and Christian glared at him.

“when did you start showing interest in Kiara?? ” Isaac asked with a sinister smirk.

“I don’t know it’s just I wanted to let her know before someone gets hurt, right?? Kiara.. ” Julian said arching both his brows as everyone stared at me in confusion.

“well back off Julian.. ” Kion said playfully but rather gripping tightly to me aggressively.

“well everyone get your bags ready we’re about to leave.. ” Mrs Raymond who was our Chaperone stated as everyone packed their bags and went to their seats.

Evelyn sat down next to Isaac and Kion insisted on sitting down next to me as he talked about his role on his new movie which I found boring and blocked him out with my headphones.

Soon the Bus took off and we also took the plane which was a long ride and arrived safely in Miami.

We all took a Bus again to Palms resort tired and exhausted from the whole transport experience.

“Welcome to Palms resort the biggest recreational resort in Miami…” a woman probably a receptionist welcomed us all.

“Everyone we came in one piece and are going back in one piece just check in your rooms and If y’all checking out let the nice lady know understand..” Mrs Raymond said as everyone nods beaming with innocent smiles.

“Wow… ” I said in dismay bumping into Christian.

“Sorry… ” I stutter as we both dropped our things and squat down to pick it all up.

“haven’t you been to a resort before?? ” Christian asked as he helps me pick up my stuff as we both got up.

“Not as big as this one how is Lindsay parents able to afford for sponsoring this?? .. ” I asked

“because they own the place.. ” Christian said and I nearly choked on my Silvia.

“They what?? ”

“Hey guys Daniel already checked us out for the Concert come on let’s go check in so we can leave early for the concert.. ” Evelyn said and from the looks of it every kid in Miami were having their summer break too in the resort because it was packed up with teenagers who were gawking at the Alphas and definitely Kion.

“Hey you’re Christian from BXB I’m a big fan I watched all your cover videos in YouTube can I get a picture…” Some girls hovered Christian and the rest of the Alphas asking for pictures and autographs.

“Sorry I can’t really take pictures.. ” Christian said as the girl looked gloomy.

“We’ll pay money.. ” the girls offered but Christian refused.

“But can we take some pics with your friend here.. ” the girls asked pointing at me.

“No.. he has a girlfriend.. ” Emily said interrupting and barging in and intertwining her fingers with Aaron.

I just stride over to the receptionist to get my key pass for my room and taking an elevator to my room.

I awed at the size and comfort of the room, next time I’m telling Liam to set up my Concert in Miami.

“guess who’s your roommate.. ” I heard Evelyn squeal bursting through the doors as I joined her whilst screaming.

“Oh thank goodness I get share a room with my best friend.. ” I said in excitement as we settled down.

“I heard Christian and Emily checked in the same room.. ” Evelyn giggled mischievously.

“Yeah whatever let’s get unpacked and meet the guys up for the concert.. ” I said not interested in the conversation actually.

“We have to have dinner at the brunch room first, there is going to be a lot of hotties and we gotta go besides the guys are going first before we head to the concert.. ” Evelyn whined as I rolled my eyes at her.

“Fine I’ll come to the Mess hall only because I’m hungry.. ” I said as we both got settled down and changed and head to the Mess hall.

It was fancy as hell, there were different tables and everyone was dressed to impress for just a simple dinner.

A waiter served me and Evelyn’s some shrimps with sauce.

I shoved everything in my mouth till it was full.

“there’s something on the side of your lip.. ” Kion said with my mouth full but I just didn’t really care I’m in disguise so I can eat how I want.
I only shrugged as Kion found my attitude cute.
He stroke his finger down the side of my lip while I swallowed my mouth full of shrimp and he licks it.

“Kion… That’s disgusting.. ” I spat at him

“I thought it was great… ” Kion said as I rolled my eyes at him and ventured through the trays.

“That’s enough, we don’t want you screaming your lungs at a Concert with a full tummy.. ” Kion said and again I rolled my eyes at him.

“Since when did you become my Dad mr Coleman… ” I snickered at him.

“Since I’m responsible for your safety for the entire trip.. ” he smirked.

“wait mom and dad put you up to this.. ” I scowled at him.

“it’s more of a volunteer work..” Kion said and I petty smacked him.

Soon the music filled the atmosphere and some were dancing as we cleared the way.

Emily pulled Christian for a dance and I couldn’t do anything but envy them.

“Wanna dance.. ” Kion asked

“Nah I’ll pass…” I declined but he pulled me anyway to the dance floor.

“Kion… ” I hissed in a whisper as he forced my hands on his shoulder and he trailed his hands down my hips.

“Quiet and let’s dance..” Kion whispered unknowingly a inch close to me.

“They’re staring at us..” I trembled in fear, surely one of these crazy girls are his fangirls.

“Let them stare it won’t kill them if I dance with you.. ” Kion said a he pulled me closer and I tried to dance with the glaring stares.

“Kion… ”

“Kiara let me just have this dance with you.” he whispered and I just nodded and danced with him.


It dawned on me that Kion was staring at me the whole time with a sad smile.

“What’s with the look.. ” I asked maybe he could tell me he just let out a little chuckle.

“It’s not everyday I get to dance with you Kiara.. ” he said making me a bit confused.

“We’re dancing now… ” I stated and he clumsily bob his head back and forth.

“Yeah but sometimes I wish… ” he stopped and stared at me hard while I anticipated for him to finish his sentence, his lips just thinned into a smile a sad one yearning.

“Kion??? ” I stutter as Kion leans in but stopped as we breath against each other

“Kiara I… ”

“Attention… Attention.. ” a young man probably in the his early twenties said with Lindsay by his side interuptting what Kion was going to tell me as we both disengage from the dance and idled ourselves as the young man pulls up a glass, snapping his fingers signalling Lindsay to come forward as she stride towards the stage swiping the glass away from the young man and putting it up in the air.

“on the absence of our parents my sister will like to make a toast.. ” The young man said as everyone gasped.

“thank you, Lancaster high Homeroom for all considering to accept the offer fully sponsored by my parents I hope all’s forgiven and this is the start of something beautiful…” Lindsay said as she hands the drink back to her brother and a waiter hands her another glass.

“Cheers everyone… ” Lindsay’s brother said as everyone pulled up a glass in the air and drank.

“Kiara… Come on let’s go the guys are already planning on going to the concert.. ” Evelyn blurts out from nowhere a little bit gipsy.

“OK fine..I’ll meet you guys there I think I left my phone back in my room.. ” I said

“OK hurry up.. Come on Kion.. ” Evelyn said dragging Kion as he mouthed for help but I just giggled at him.

I took the stairs for some unknown reason to my floor and I regret it, I just went to my room and got my phone and looked back at the stairs.

“no way am I going to take that walking torture.. ” my eyes darted to the elevator as I clicked on it and the door open wide.

I clicked to the bottom floor as the door went shut but stopped at a floor, the doors went wide revealing Christian.

I bit my lip and pretended to be on my phone as the doors went shut.

The atmosphere between us was crazy awkward as I tried not to look at him.

He just pushed a button as the Elevators slowly went down and soon drastically stopped.

Christian pushed some buttons randomly but it all flopped as he sighed and turned to face me.

*don’t tell me we’re stuck*

*don’t tell me we’re stuck*

“we’re stuck… ” my eyes widened in dismay as I let out a whimper.

“don’t worry I’ll just make a call to one of the guys.. ” Christian said pulling out his phone as I heave a sigh of relief.

“No Signal… ” Christian said, I’m really a goner.

“don’t worry I’ll call the guys with mine.. ” I volunteered as Christian shrugged.

I tried dialing their number but same as Christian, no signal.

“Any luck.. ” Christian intruded my thoughts, I looked up at him in horror as a no, the Elevator jiggled and the lights went off, I screamed loud enough to blow an eardrum tackling Christian to the floor.

“We’re going to die.. ” I yelled over dramatically clinging to Christian In a hug.

“We’re not going to die Kiara… ” Christain said chuckling at my reaction but that didn’t stop me from clinging tightly to him and burying my head down his torso.

“how do you know that.. ” I sobbed quietly as the lights came back on and the Elevator got back on track.

“See everything is OK.. ” Christain said as I pushed back my head glancing over the Elevator with a silly smile and back at Christian.

I jerked away from him to the other end of the Elevator as we both got up and the Elevator hit the last floor, I didn’t hesitate to get out of the Elevator.

“Kiara… Can we talk.. ” Christian muttered and I froze.

“Ummh… ” my phone buzzed on getting a text, it was from Evelyn.

“Evelyn said the Concert already started…” I said heading out to the lounge to check out.

We both checked out and took the most awkward Uber ride together but got to the Concert in time.

The place was packed with teenagers as everyone wildly move their body to the beats.

“Hey I think I found the guys.. ” Christian said as I only nod about to leave but Christian gripped tightly to my hand.

“What’s wrong with you?? ” Christian grunted

“What are you talking about?? ” I faked being clueless.

“ever since last week you’ve been ignoring me, I thought we were good after when you came last but no, you’ve been avoiding me.. ” Christian said as I tried to yank away from his grip.

“This is not the time.. ” I said almost in a sob breaking from his grip.

“I don’t care, I know it’s wrong but I want you Kiara, but when I try to get close to you or when I think everything is OK you just push me away… ”

“What are you talking about?? ”

“I’m cr@zy about you, I know it’s strange but I’ve been cr@zy about you from the beginning I tried pushing it away, I tried ignoring it but whenever you flashed me a smile my heart beats like cr@zy, I have Feelings for you and I can’t control them and I know you have something for me too.. ” Christian said walking up to me as a tear slides down my cheek and he wipes it, flashing me a smile.

“but… But… ” I sniffled in dismay

A light shines brightly at us as the crowd went wild.

“What’s happening…?? ” I questioned confused as H*ell.

Christain points at several Plasmas away from us we are both under the K!ss Cam.

‘K!SS K!SS K!SS’ the crowd cheers as I tried backing away.

“what do we do… ” I stuttered as Christian cups my cheeks, our eyes locked in a stare.

“we give them what they want.. ” Christain smirked crashing his lips on mine.


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