DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20


?(Can you keep a Secret)?


“Hey Sis.. ” Kion ran up me locking me in a tight hug.
Everyone was confused from the looks of it as they all shot me bewildered looks.

“Kion??… ” I finally found my voice already recovering from the shock.

‘Are They Dating… ‘

‘Omg that’s Kion from Silver Hearts??… ‘

‘Omg are they a thing?? ‘

‘They look so cute.. ‘

‘Why does she get all the guys.. ‘

Kion isn’t my brother, he’s my Mom’s step brother making him my uncle or should I say Step Uncle,
he stayed with us for a while after my grandpa passed away, we became best friends ever since and like brothers and sisters we were inseparable ever since I was five, that’s the reason why he called me sis.
we would always talk about what we wanted to become in the future and pretend to be superstars.
He’s a year older than me though.
When he was 13, Hildegard my step grandma and his mother, ordered he moved back with her to California, since then his Mother made him audition for many roles until finally he reprised himself the lead Role in Silver Hearts?? a paranormal series, ever since he was fourteen, the Series hit the most streamed Drama in the Country, and won several awards, it had eight seasons and season eight was the wrap up for Silver hearts and for a new opportunity for Kion, he won a lot of awards and was granted new contracts to work in several movies.

We used to call every once in a while but his hell of a mother won’t let him take a phone call without her yelling at him.

We were always busy with schedules and recently I heard he’s working on an abulm so we didn’t really have much time to reach out.

As ironic as it is we never got to see each other, though we are famous, no one knew Candi was related to Kion Coleman well not until now.

“What are you doing here?? ” I asked In a whisper as we both pulled away from the Hug.

“I transferred I’m back Kiara… ” he smiled intertwining his fingers with mine.

I felt angry eyes scowl at me, I looked back at Christian and the rest they were all lost.

“Guys meet My best friend Kion Coleman.. ” I sighed as they all look at me bewildered.

“Wait Aren’t you Dekar from Silver Hearts?? ” Evelyn question and he nods.

“Guilty.. ” Kion bowed with a smirk.

“Wait how do you know Kiara??? ” Christian asked wearing a confused look.

“She’s my Si…” I nudge Kion at his arm to shut him up before he disclose we are somehow related.

“we are just friends, we act like siblings at times.. ” I just giggled in a nervous quirk as the Bell rang.

“wow Kiara we didn’t know you were friends with Celebrities.. ”

“What other things are you hiding from us? ” Aaron asked which came off as a minor threat.

“Everyone to your classes.. ” The vice Principal alerted.

“Hey Kiara what Class do you have??” Daniel asked as we all walked in the school building.

“Arithmetic… ”

“Same with all of us.. ” Daniel replied

There were whispering along the halls, I don’t know if it was the Alphas or that Kion Coleman is in The Very Hallway of Lancaster Prep.

‘oh my God It’s Kion Coleman’ some of the girls whispered to themselves.

“Kion… ” one girl screamed like a m@niac while her friends held her back before she makes a bigger fool of herself.

“Kiara Your School is interesting.. ” Kion completed as some girls squealed when Kion waved at them.

Kion pulled me close to him as we walked side by side, which infuriated some of the girls, at these point my head will be a silver platter before the semester ends.

The final Bell for classes rang, everyone in the homeroom were heading to their classes.

“Hey Kion, Since you’re new you probably need a Cute Tour guide to show you round the school.. ” Lindsay stood in front of her Clique as she played with her hair.

She couldn’t make herself look pathetic enough.

“You’re right.. ” Kion says yanking me to his side, “Kiara will you be my tour guide? ” Kion asks

“I have class… ” I tried to decline.

“Don’t worry the teacher would Understand that you had to show me around come on let’s go.. ” Kion said leaving Lindsay rejected.

I showed him round the School and when no one was Looking I yanked him in the Janitors closet.

“OK no one can hear us now what are you really doing here?? ” I asked

“I came to see you.. ”

“Unannounced?? ”

“I told mom and dad.. ”

“And you didn’t tell me.. I’m your best friend, I should have been the first person to know you were coming to Los Angeles.. ” I spat upset

“I wanted to surprise you.. ” he said

“SURPRISE?? your surprise nearly cost me my cover, next time give me a heads up before everyone knows I’m RED DAUGHTER.. ” i half yelled.

“I’m sorry but I missed you and I was excited when Silver heart wrapped up all this time I was thinking of coming back to you, I missed you, didn’t you miss me?? ..” he says now I feel guilty when it’s supposed to be the other way around.

“I missed you but next time give me a heads up so I can mentally prepare myself for the drama.. ” I said

“So can I get a Hug? ” he threw his arms wide and hugged me anyways before I could reply.

“and as far as we both know we’re not related got that?? ” I said as we both disengage from the hug.

“Yeah, Yeah.. ” he said rolling his eyes.

“Wait how were you able to recognize me.. ”

“Your mom sent me preview pics of yourself when you first transferred, I laughed my ass out I couldn’t believe you were the same person.. ” he dissed at me.

“I hate you.. ”

“You’re cute when you try to.. ” he smirked at me.

“You’re impossible… ” I said heading out the Janitors Closet as we both head to class since we were done with the tour.

The moment we got to class every one gasped while some girls screamed.

Kion walked stood up front close to the teachers desk.

“New Student?? ” Mrs Raymond asked as he just only nods.

“Please everyone we have a new student please introduce yourself.. ” Mrs Raymond insisted.


“Kion Coleman.. ” the girls in the Class squealed

“girls please… ” Mrs Raymond tried to calm down the noise.

“but you can call me Kai.. ” Kion said as all the girls were swooning over him by just looking at him.

“So Kion Would you like us to know anything or do you have anything you’re comfortable to share with the class.. ” Mrs Raymond persisted

“not really.. ” Kai replied.

A girl put up her hand and Mrs Raymond called her out.

“How old are you Kai?? ” She asked

Wait is she serious right now??

Kion smirked at her shoving his hands down his pockets.

“18…” he stated and another girl put up her hand.

“do you have a girlfriend?? ” she asked

“No, but my heart belongs to someone special..” Kion stated

Kion doesn’t like girls, I know him he despise them and to an extent I always thought he was gay. Now he’s telling the whole class that his heart belongs to someone else.

He did a good job giving all the girls false hope.

‘he likes someone else’

‘that girl is Lucky’

‘who is she??’ some of the girls whined and murmured to themselves.

“OK Class that’s enough questions for today, Kion, take a seat… ” Mrs Raymond said.

‘Kion sit next to me.. ‘ some girls argued to the point they pushed some out of their seats.

Kion made his way towards me there was an empty seat next to mine, Kion trailed down and say down next to me.

“Kion I made you something.. ” this is probably the fifth girl today that handed a gift to Kion.

“Thanks.. ” Kion said and I scoffed as he thanked her.

“You are such a player.. ” I commented

“don’t be jealous..”

“as if…” I hissed under my breath and bumped into Christian and Julian.
The moments from early this morning flashed before my eyes.

“Hey Kiara… Kion.. ” Christian greeted but at bitterly called out Kion’s name.

What’s up with that??

“Christian???…ummh thanks for lending me your Hoodie… ” I said

“You’re welcome..” Christian said

“You’re still coming to see us play tonight right? ” Julian chips in.

“What time?? ” I asked

“it’s at 06:00..”

My promotion with IXI is at 04:00 maybe I could hurry up with the promotion and make up enough time to see them play.

“I’ll see what I can do about it… ” I said as Christian shot me a warm smile.

“isn’t there something you wanna tell Kiara? ” Julian pushed Christian right in front of me.

“I’ll tell her when she sees us play.. ” he said nervously as the bells ring.

The School Bell rings, I picked up my bag heading out the school before anyone noticed.
“Kiara.. Wait up.. ” Daniel calls me up and I stopped Liam was going to pullover any moment from now.

“Daniel.. Can I help you?? ” Daniel heaves deep breaths.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while and I think this is the best time… ”

“Is there anything wrong?? ”

“Kiara will you go out with me…”

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