DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20

?(Can You Keep a Secret)?

My eyes widened in shock as Christian lipped me with a k!ss it was slow and savoring, his hands trailed down my side pulling me closer to him, my heart fluttered as he butterflied my lips with little k!sses which drove me cr@zy, my hands locked tightly round his nape as he still grazed his lips on mine, I let out a tiny shriek as he continued to k!ss me, he nimbled on my lower lip, tilting his head down a bit I. Let out a whimper as he deepens the k!ss letting him as his tongue pushes past in exploring every venture of my mouth, he slowly c@resses my lips with his, we both disengage from the k!ss breathing hard against each other.

We both looked at each other intensely.

“I’m sorry.. ” I apologized swimming back to the end of the pool climbing back on deck I’m so lucky my mom pinned the wig I wore with Bobby pins or else it would have come off.

“Kiara… ” I heard Christain but I ignored I didn’t want to hear it, first he scares me then it turns out I didn’t kill him when I pushed him, he then yanks me in the pool and now he k!sses me my cheeks heat up when it dawn on me that I k!ssed him back.


I fiddled the end of my dress squeezing it dry hissing under my breath.

“Kiara… ” I heard Christain call but I just picked up my fake glasses, jacket and shoes In my grasps.

Christian gripped hold of my hand and yanked me towards me as my belongings went plundering to the floor.

“Christian let me go.. ” I cried struggling from his grasp

“No… Why are you upset with me ?? You’ve been acting nothing but strange, why won’t you tell me anything… ”

“Nothings wrong OK now let me go.. ” I broke away from his grasp, I picked up my belongings walking out on him.

“Why did you kiss me back.. ” my cheeks heat up and I almost tipped over which Christian found amusing and I froze.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with.. Emily or something.. ” I stutter and twirl to piss at him but he just flashed me his signature smirk.

“That’s not an answer… ” he said my heart skipped a bit I was shaky if not for the cold breeze and the fact that I’m well you could easily detect I was nervous.

“Then go find one you dumbass.. ” I said and oh Lord his Smirk grew thinner and nefarious from the looks of it it made me shiver sending a cold feeling down my spine.

He pace towards me placing his hands down his thigh and squatting down with a nefarious smirk.

“You Like me.. ” he grinned and I rolled my eyes at him and scoffed but in the inside I was freaking out.

“I despise you… ” I spat like a kitten which Christian found quite adorable.

“Wanna bet on that.. ” Christian quirked getting back firm leaning closer towards me, my heart was pounding I felt it would jump out of my chest as Christian warm breath radiate across my cheeks I was asking stiff as a log and in other words frozen.

I heard a Loud bang and I retreated to Christian’s arm.

“What was that?? ” I asked as Christian chuckled to himself.

“It’s about to rain” Christain Whispered against my ear, my cheeks blushed a hint of red, as I gripped tightly to Christain arm.

I felt a drop slide down my cheeks it was about to rain.

Christian gripped tightly to my waistline I pushed enough courage to look him up at the eyes.

“Christian Can you Let go…” my eyes caught up in an intense stare I didn’t want to let him go.

“Kiara.. ” I heard Evelyn and Jogged off Christian.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, why are you wet, why are you both wet what are you doing out here it’s about to rain.. ” Evelyn just bombarded me with questions which I found difficult to reply every one.

“We were joking around and I think it went a little bit far.. ” Christian replied

Little bit?? We were making out in the pool, how is that little.

“Come on let’s get you into something and in the House.. ” Evelyn said as the she dragged me to the back and Christian followed.

Soon it started raining Evelyn gave me her spare clothes she brought incase someone had the nerves to push her in a pool, it was just shorts and a crop top, I was still freezing because of the cold outside.

Some were already playing games, some were drinking and I’m surprised Aaron isn’t drunk by now, Isaac must be disappointed.

I rubbed my arms I was a bit cold and the party was still going on no body was actually bothered that it was raining it was kind of big though.

“Hey…” I twirl to see the idiot that got me wet.

“You changed Fast… ”

“Thought the pool was going to be available so I brought a spare.. ” he said with a smile.

“wait do they just shove you people in pools.. ” I said which made Christian smirk.

“you look cold…”

I just nodded, he took off his jacket and handed it over to me.

“Won’t you be cold..?? ” I asked

“I can just snuggle Andy’s Jacket, now take it before you get sick nerd.. ” he smirked insisting I take his dumb Hoodey or should I say jacket.

“Thanks.. ” I said taking it from him, it felt warm and nice, I took a sniff of the Jacket it Smelt just like Christian.

“Christian… ” I heard a female voice snuck behind Christian as she tried to get Christian to know who she was.

It was Emily.

“Emily…. ” Christain said intertwining his fingers with hers.

“Hey Kiara…” Emily waved.

“Hi Emily… ” I hissed under my breath

“I’ve been Looking everywhere for you Christian Isaac told me you were going to change… ”

“I have to go… Thanks but I’m just fine without your Jacket… ” I said handing back Christian’s Jacket.

I head over to Evelyn she was dancing with Isaac.

“Evelyn can you call your Dad I want to go home.. ” I said

“but it’s way too early and besides it’s still raining.. ” she said

“We can walk In the rain …” I said desperate I didn’t want to see Christian dancing with Emily.

“Why are you so desperate to Leave…??” she questioned.

“Please… ” I begged

“Hey guys we are playing games wanna join.?? ” Daniel showed up out of nowhere I looked back at Evelyn.

“after we play then we can go home.. ” she bickered yanking me to where they were playing.

“Hey guys make room for two… ” Evelyn said as we squeezed in a circle or should I say a small group, it was about two boys and seven girls.

“So what’s the game about?? ” I ask just to know I’m getting myself in.

“it’s called most Likely, one of us ask a question who would most likely the person that got pointed the most has to take a drink…” Daniel reviewed.

“are you sure about this??? ” I asked as Evelyn bluffed.

“of course…don’t be a plank…” Evelyn said which makes me Curious is she drunk or something.

The drinks were filled as Brandon, I think that’s his name started off.

“Who would most Likely get arrested… ” Everyone pointed at Embris.

“You know the rules Embris.. ” Brandon smirked she only shrugs and chug down a cup, I gulped down hard on how fast she just drank.

“OK who would most likely to get Detention.. ” my eyes widened in shock when everyone pointed at me even Evelyn.

The Betrayal

‘Sorry.. ‘ she mouthed in remorse

“but. But… But.. ” I stalled in a stutter

“Just drink already.. ” Brandon insisted.

“But?? ”

“It’s the rules.. ” Brandon recited, I bat my lashes nervously and stared hard at the alcoholic drink, I gulped down as Brandon handed me a cup.
I plugged my nose hoping the toxic reek that radiate the cup would die down as I barely chugged it down it was hot and tasteless as I drank.
I slammed my plastic cup down breathing out in exhaustion.

“Who would most likely have a one night stand with one of the Alphas.. ” one girl said as surprisingly I got pointed at again.

“Me… ” I said in dismay

“You’ve gotta drink glasses.. ” Brandon nickname me for all I care he shouldn’t pin me that nickname.

I took the second drink it wasn’t that bad but I felt a bit tipsy.

“are you OK Kiara…?? ” Evelyn asked and I just scoffed at her.

“yeah I am..bring it on..” I dared.

“Who would most likely spend the Friday night at home.. ” Daniel questioned and I got pointed at again, so did Evelyn it a tie.

“it’s a tie… ” Embris said

“Then they both should drink… ” Brandon insisted as he smirked at both of us.

“Kiara you shouldn’t drink this is your third cup I’ll take her drink instead… ” Evelyn said with a worried look.

“It’s Just her third cup what could go wrong.. ” Embris said as I just gulped down and Brandon handed us both our cups.

“This isn’t the drink I was drinking… ” I said I felt dizzy.

“No the game is getting boring so I Changed the drinks bottoms up ladies.. ” Brandon said as we both clashed our cups with a nervous smile.

Everyone was partying, Aaron was already drunk and Andy and Julian just Dared him to run buck naked since the rain died down.
Emily went to get us some drinks and she hasn’t made her way back.
I made my way to Isaac who was drinking a shot of punch.

“Hey Isaac do you have any idea where the duo are?? ” I asked insisting of Evelyn and Kiara.

“Who?? ” Isaac asked

“Evelyn and Kiara.. ”

“Oh I think I saw them Playing games with Brandon and some kids.. ” he said

“Which kind of games?” I asked

“I don’t know?? Daniel was there… ” Isaac said taking another sip.

“Dude….” Julian gasped out of breath.

“What?? Did Aaron tip over the pool.. ” I asked

“No you both should see this for yourselves..” Julian said leading us both to Evelyn and Kiara who were jumping like m@niacs.

“What the Hell happened to them?? ”

“They’re Drunk obviously… ” Julian said

“Kiara looks kinda hot… ” Isaac said as I nudge him at his arm with my elbow.

“What?? You have a girlfriend…” Isaac hissed.

I went over to Kiara and Evelyn as they were giggling.

“Hey girls… ” I waved at them

They both stagger back shocked like they have no idea who I am.

“He’s hot… ” Evelyn whispered but loud enough for me to hear.

“Shut up… ” Kiara spat, she wasn’t wearing her glasses which was weird how can she see without her glasses.

“go Fck him… ” Evelyn whispered

“No I. Wanna Fck that one.. ” She pointed at Julian

OK why would she give an opportunity, you know what forget it she’s drunk.

“Yeah they’re trashed…. ” Julian said

“I’ll take Evelyn home.. ” Isaac volunteered he wasn’t drunk but I’m suspicious still.

“I’ll take…. ”

“I’ll take Kiara home… ” I volunteered before Julian could finish his sentence.

“OK.. Then I’ll go find Daniel.. ” Julian insisted as Isaac dragged Evelyn out of the party.

I heave in deep breaths

“Come on Kiara.. ” I said as she cutely denied

“No…. You’re Ugly… And I wanna have fun.. ” she squealed.

“You’re drunk let’s go home… ” I pouted

“I don’t wanna go home I wanna have Fun and flirt with guys.. ” she squealed.

Is she serious right now??

I leaned in closer to her

“is that what you’re doing right now?? ” I smiled at her warmly as a glimpse of spark shimmer across her eyes.

“uh… Uh… ” she stutter, I just chuckled at her even when she’s drunk she’s adorable.

“You’re no fair… ” she pouted with a high note.

“Come on let’s go…” I stretched out my hand as she gripped hold of it, I led her out but Emily stopped me.

“Hello… ” Kiara giggled which weirded Emily out.

“Where are you going to with her?? ” Emily asked furious.

“She’s drunk, I need to take her home.. ”

“Can’t the others do that?? ” she asked

“Kiara’s Curfew is dew she needs to be home and the rest are already busy I’ll just drop her home…. ” I pushed past Emily without letting her say anything.

“Who’s that? ” Kiara asked

“My girlfriend… ”

“She’s ugly like you… ” she commented and giggled.

“OK I’m calling an Uber… I’m taking you home..” I said and she looked upset.

“I don’t wanna go home Liam would be mad at me … ” She pouted.

“Fine …” she jerked off my grip and jumped on my back.

“Giddy up you peasant.. ” She squealed riding me like a horse.

She kept giggling until she hugged me from the back.

I called a taxi tossed her in and got in giving it my address.

“Where are we going?? ” she asked

“my place… ” I said

“Are there cute guys there?? ” she asked

“yes me… ”

“You’re Ugly…. true fact… ” she pouted

She went on and on in the Taxi any possible rubbish that came up to her, at this point she was tired.

I lift her in my back and paid for our ride heading to my place.

She stop uttering stupid things and started asking stupid questions.

“Where do eggs come from is if from the chicken of from the Egg?? do animals pretend to walk on four feet but actually they can walk on two feet but keeping it a secret so they can take over the world?? Will I talk like a goat if I go meh meh..” I just went past the door and to my room and tossed her on the Bed.

“Here you go… I’ll sleep downstairs.. ”

She kept giggling like a m@niac, she got up with a cr@zy smile.

“Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy…. “She started jumping on my bed I climbed the bed in a process to stop her before she hurt herself but she just tackled me as she trapped me under her.

She flashed me a drunk smile.

“You’re Cute…. ” she giggled as she smacked her lips on mine.
my eyes slowly awaken as a blow like the wind hit my head, I sluggishly hugged my pillow but felt uneasy and cold, as I pulled more sheets to my side, my phone rang and I picked it up.

“Hello… ” I whispered in a hoarse tone

“Kiara where are you? ”

“Mom?? I’m in my room why are you calling me… ” I. Asked bitter.

“What room?? ” she asked as I gasped in horror this isn’t my sheets, I gasped again on seeing Christian next to me, I looked under my sheets I was wearing a T shirt.


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