GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 40

Racheal tried to kill me and Sinclair along with Declan was on time to save me ………

But wait a minute! How Long have I been sleeping? I asked
Hmmmh two weeks. She answered and I widened my eyes in shock

Two weeks! Then what about Racheal? Did the evidence get her? I asked, fixing my gaze on the television remote

Of course, the whole town now sees you as an hero. She said with a light smile and I nodded absentmindedly, my mind was on the remote ….

I stretched my hands to pick it but on hearing Daphne cry, I stopped

I shifted my gaze to her…
What is wrong? I asked worriedly and she exhaled deeply.

Sasha my time in up! She blurted out as more tears flowed out …

I stared at her confusedly.
What time?

She smiled lightly, you see Sasha my greatest fear was leaving before you wake but seeing you now, I can say I am the happiest lady in the whole world.

What the he.ll are you talking about? I half yelled and she blinked her eyes twice
I have to go back to where I came from, I can already hear them call.she explained and I huffed

Are you trying to say that you are gonna leave me? I asked to be sure but she shook her head
I am not going to leave you. She said softly and my heart raced faster.

You will always be in my heart. She quickly added and I just stared on at her wondering what in god’s name she was trying to say….,

Thank you for everything Sasha, thank you for BEFRIENDING me despite me being A GHOST, thank you for being a good sister to me, thank you for being that friend I never had when I was alive and most importantly thank you for believing in me……….

I tried to say something but no word came out….

I love you Sasha and if I had my way, I will stay with you forever…….

I shook my head vigorously
No Daphne you can’t do this, you can’t leave me all alone, I need you, can’t you see you are my best friend? I said trying to reason with her ….:

She was quiet for a moment and then was about to say something when the door flung opened and Declan, his mom and Kamara walked in……..

Seeing Declan made me cry the more and he stood transfixed for a while before he rushed to hug me tightly, careful not to touch where I was hurting…….

I missed you Sasha! I really miss you too! he said in whispers but I was just too gobsmacked to say anything….

Is Daphne really leaving me? I thought within……

Pulling out of the hug, he stared into my face
How are you?

Does it still hurt? Are you alright? he asked in a rush but I shook my head negatively.

Daphne! I called in whispers and he gave me a puzzled look.
What happened to her? he asked, caressing my face

Without saying anything, I shifted my gaze to Daphne who had been crying all through.

Are you really going to leave me? Are you really going to leave your family? I asked, trying to convince her and she nodded slowly.

Tell my mum I love her so much! Tell Declan he is the coolest brother ever! Tell Cory I have long forgiven her! She paused to stare at me for a while before she continued

I love you Sasha, I really do!
And in a flash, the golden necklace on my neck cut into two and my vision became kinda blurry……

No it can’t be! No it can’t be! I screamed loudly ……..

I tried to get off the bed but Declan held me down so tightly …..:

Get your act together, people are watching you. he said in whispers and that was when I realised a doctor and two nurses were also in the room……

But What is my own? Do I really care? No, I just want to see my Daphne ….

Daphne! Daphne! Daphne! Daphne! I kept on screaming like a mad woman and the doctor rushed to keep my calm…..

I kicked and struggled not minding the injury on my head but was soon overpowered by the drugs the doctor injected into me….:

Don’t leave me also Declan! I said softly before drifting off to sleep ……….
GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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