GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 34

But after two weeks, the cops started suspecting a foul play and I was called in for an investigation.

I was caught up in the middle, I wanted to say the truth but the Principal reminded me of the threats and also promised to do something about it …..

According to Racheal, she said her father paid the chief police lot of money to conceal the truth …… so please Declan forgive me all of my mistakes.

I pleaded with tears rolling down my eyes but he just stared at me blankly…..

I was about to say something when my phone suddenly rang
Unzipping the small purse I was holding, I brought out the phone and on seeing the caller, my heart raced faster

It is Racheal. I said aloud and Declan clutched his first tightly

Receive it and place it on Speaker. He said with a surprisingly calm voice and I did
hello Cory! the “wtch” voice rang through and I took a deep breathe before answering
hi Racheal! I greeted
Where are you? She asked and I froze

What should I say! Is she in my home! I wondered not knowing what to say
Are you there! She asked to be sure

Yes. I answered and she scoffed
Then why are you not talking, where exactly are you? She repeated and I closed my eyes tightly in fear

I erm in the toilet. I lied
Good! She remarked and I released out the breathe I never know I was holding, opening my eyes

I will send you an address now, I want you to come there immediately. She continued
But Racheal can’t I go there tomorrow. I queried

No, Sasha will be here tonight and I want you to witness her death just like the way you witness Daphne.

She said with a chuckle and I glanced at Declan who had a blank look on his face, it was as if he was thinking deeply…

Is Sasha there with you now? I asked to be sure
No, but the guy working for me just called to tell me that a girl which fitted her description is standing alone in the bus station….

Oh God! Declan exclaimed softly and I knew I had to act fact else Sasha would die ….,,

Okay Racheal, send me the address I will be there shortly. I assured
Even without seeing her, I could tell she was smiling widely

Alright Cory! I will do that and to show you how really excited I am now, I will make sure you witness the whole fun. She said and ended the call…

¢razy ba$tard! I cur$ed and then turned to face Declan
We really need to act fast. I said and without saying anything, he picked up his phone and dialled a number ….

Hello Sinclair! I heard him say
Just then a message popped In and I clicked on it

What did it say? Declan asked still holding the phone to his ear

“The abandoned school at the outskirt of the town. I informed and he told the person he is on call with
Alright Sinclair! I will wait for you there. he said and ended the call…..

Grabbing a long jacket on the bed, he put on a slide slippers and then faced me
Let us go ……..

Following behind him, I looked up to heaven praying for a miracle ………

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Daphne Davies
Running as fast as I could, I ran through trees, walls, large buildings Just to get to Sasha on time ….

I had a strange feeling that something bad was about to happen but could not say exactly what it was….

Passing through a moving vehicle, I sighted Sasha sitting down quietly on a low bench…

Sasha! I called loudly but she did not hear as I was far way …
Moving my feet a little, I was about to run when a strong headache hit me

Arrrrrhh! I groaned loudly…
It was as if I had a crack on my head because the pain was so severe…

Just then I started hearing voices in my head
If you know you don’t love her let go of her you Je.rk ! What the hell Is happening here!
Don’t tell me you are both Lezbians! and in flash, someone hit my head with a green bottle and I fell to the floor ….

I saw myself holding onto a huge crack on the wall pleading and struggling but the person kept on hitting and in the process my golden necklace came off …..

With the little strength in me, I picked it up and hid it behind the cracked wall knowing the person hitting me wanted me dead and also hoping the necklace would someday serve as an evidence …….

No! No! I screamed as I held my head with my hands
Stop! Stop! Stop! But the memory kept on flowing in and in a flash, the face of the person hitting me became clearer …..

Good Lord! It was ……. Racheal
And without minding the pain I was having, I ran as fast as I could to Sasha

Sasha! I called loudly and this time she heard me, she turned sideways to look at me and then stood up in a huff

What is it Daphne? She asked in alarm

You have to get away from her now. I said, breathing hard
Racheal is the murderer. I informed but it was too late as a black car came out from no where and pulled up in front of her…..

I stared gobsmacked as a lanky guy with an ugly looking teeth alighted from the taxi
Who are you? Sasha asked with a trembling voice and without answering, the guy brought out a gun

“Get in or I will shoot. he threatened and Sasha glanced at me before getting into the car….

Leave my friend alone ! Leave my friend alone! I screamed loudly but it was of no use as the only person who could hear me was the victim……

And with tears rolling down my eyes, I watched the car zoomed off……

Sasha! I screamed loudly as my invisible body hit the floor but as expected, I felt no pain …..
GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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