GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 36

If anything should happen to me, how will my family react! How will Declan react! I am sure they would all run ¢razy…..

Oh Sasha! fk you for being so stubborn! I muttered as tears rolled down my eyes…….

Raising my head, I was about saying something when the door suddenly flung opened and Racheal walked in with the lanky man following behind her
bch! I cur$ed, rushing to punch her but the man pushed me away

I told you Rachel she is so fiesty. the lanky man remarked and Racheal chuckled

Let see about that, Tie her up. She barked and the man grinned widely, exposing his green teeth

Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! What are we going to do now? I heard Daphne asked

She rushed to the man and tried hitting him but as expected, her hands passed through him ……:

Sasha you are not a coward, you really got to fight in your own way. I thought within, staring at the ”pen recorder” I was holding ………….

Pressing the device of the pen, I tossed it to a corner of the room and then rushed towards the man like a mad woman…….

If I die, I will die fighting
I directed all the anger in me to the man and kept on pun¢hing him as hard as I could but it seems my pun¢h was doing nothing to him because he kept on laughing……

Can you see what your friend is doing? he asked facing Racheal and in a flash, he caught both of my hands and twisted it
Arrrrrgh. I screamed in pain but being the devl he is, he just laughed and shoved me roughly to the floor……

I love teaching bches like you lesson. the man retorted and then brought out a rope from a bag at the entrance of the room …..

He moved closer and squatted beside me.
I was too weak so without struggling, I let him tie me up …

He stared at me for a while and then let his eyes roam all over my body

Ba$tard! I cursed weakly and he smiled lightly
Standing up, he faced Racheal who was typing into her phone wearing a wide smile …..

Racheal! Can I fk the girl before you kill her? he asked and Racheal raised her head to look at him

She shifted her gaze to me and then tilted her head a little
hmmmmh I would have loved you to but we have got no time, Cory just messaged me that she is on her way. She explained and I froze
Cory! Is she aware of it also?

I shifted my gaze to Daphne and met her gaze

She shook her head as the tears rolled down her eyes.
I looked away and sighed.

I guess there is no way to escape death but I need to make Racheal confess, you know someone else might see the “pen recorder“ and might choose to help Daphne and I get Justice just like the way I helped Daphne……..

Bracing up, I shifted my gaze to the wtch
Murderer! I cur$ed at her
She looked startled for a moment and then quickly composed herself …..

Kelvin! She called facing the lanky guy, can you please excuse us? She pleaded and the guy leaned to whisper something to her before leaving the room ……

I laughed bitterly
Why did you send him out ! Are you scared of him knowing who you really are. I retorted angrily and she smirked….

And why should I be! I just want us to have a heart to heart discussion before I kill you. She said with a smile and I shivered in fear….

You see Sasha, I am really sorry for doing this but love is not meant to be shared…..

Pathetic bch! I cursed and she laughed loudly
Who! Me! No Sasha you are the one that is pathetic. She paused to type something into her phone before she continued…..

I loved Declan since we were in Junior High School and do you think I will fold my hands and watch you take him away from me? She asked, fixing a cold gaze on me but I shook my head.
No, I don’t think you love him at all, because if you really do, you wouldn’t kill his sister? I said trying to get to her and I guessed it worked because her hands began trembling……

I didn’t mean to kill Daphne, I mean why would I plan on killing the twin sister to my boyfriend. She said trying to reason with me and I smirked.

But you did. I drawled
Yes! that is because she erm saw something she shouldn’t have seen. She stuttered and I smirked

I turned sideways to look at the “pen recorder” and on seeing the dim red light, I smiled knowing It was recording……

And do you think Declan will forgive you if he finds out what you did? I asked, trying to get her to say more ….

And how will he know! Who will tell him! My dad took care of it well, he even bribed the chief police to seal the case as a sucide. She answered foolishly.

Oh! Sucide! So you mean all the story about Daphne lover were all fake? I asked and she chuckled softly.

Of course! Daphne was a bookworm who doesn’t care the hell about a boyfriend, too bad she got in my way ….. you see Sasha, I still remember that fateful night.

Declan being the snub he is was hitting on a girl right under my nose, I got angry and scolded at him but what did he do? He told me bluntly in front of his friends, that I was nothing but a friend.

I was so pained and without knowing what to do, I picked up the bottle of wine I was drinking from the table and then rushed up the stairs….

I was so mad, I just wanted to be alone so I sat down on the bare floor crying my eyes out and when Cory came in to console me, I told her to get down on me. She said and I shook my head in disgust…..

You are not only a murderer, you are also an animal. I cursed expecting her to flare up but she just smiled.

I didn’t ask Cory to be born poor. She drawled and I scoffed
How I wish she was here to hear this! How I wish the whole class knows you for who you really are! How I wish Declan knows you are a bea$t! I am sure he is gonna regret it for the rest of his life. I fired at her and she shot me an angry glare.

Declan won’t regret it because he loves me. She insisted and I laughed bitterly.

You know what Racheal, you are nothing but a delusional fool and that is why Declan will never love you. I said in a huff and in a flash, she brought out a bottle from the big bag at the entrance and rushed to hit my head with it …..

The bottle broke into two and she laughed loudly
Arrrrrrrrrgh! I grunted in pain as blood flowed freely from my head but there was nothing I could do since my hands were tied up …

Sasha! Daphne screamed loudly and I smiled faintly….

I guess we will both become ghost!

This is to teach you not to mess with me! She retorted angrily and I swear, I saw a bea$t in place of Racheal…
Do your worst, I won’t beg! I half yelled and she smirked evilly.

She was about hitting me again when we heard gunshots…..

She froze and then dropped the half bottle on the floor, making it to give a clunking sound……

What is with the gunshot! Did anyone inform the police! She threw her question to no one in particular…..

I watched her behave like a crazy person and my heart became a little bit lighter….:

Did someone come for me! Will I be save! …..

Just then the door to room got wider and I heard her call Declan …
GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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