GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Episode 32

On getting downstairs, I met my mom and Kamara watching television in the sitting room
Mum! I called and she shifted her attention to me

Erm I need to return this text book to Declan. I lied
She looked at the textbook and then look at me

Can’t you do that tomorrow? I mean it is already getting late. She said, glancing at her wristwatch

No mom! he will be needing it this night. I insisted and she sighed

Fine! So when will you be back home or will you be spending the night there? She asked and I gasped in surprise

Can I really do that? I asked to be sure
She was quiet for a moment and then she nodded slowly ……..

I trust you won’t do anything foolish ….

Sure mom!
So will you be spending the night there? She repeated and this time I nodded sheepishly……

Alright then! Run along before it gets too dark. She told me
Okay mum! Good night . I bade and rushed out of the house, excitedly ………

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Are you really going to spend the night with Declan? Daphne asked as we walked to the taxi station

Yes. I answered with a large smile, I will call at his place after listening to what Racheal have to say ……

Oh! If that is the case , I think you need to let him know. She continued


I searched my pockets for my phone but couldn’t find it
D–n! I left it at home. I said aloud and Daphne huffed
How could you! You should know that your Phone is so important right now. She retorted and I sighed in frustration
I know! but going home is not an option, I will have to go to his home without calling …….
GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

We soon got to the station and I flagged down a taxi…..

I will Join you at the bus station. Daphne said in whispers and I nodded without looking at her

Opening the car door, I got in
Where miss? The driver asked
The bus station closer to Diamond High. I answered and without asking any more question, he drove off ………

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Cory Abel
With a heavy heart, I kept on rolling on my bed …

The look on Racheal face when Sasha caught us was alarming, it was the same way she looked at Daphne on that fateful night ………

I shivered in fear as the memory of what happened that night flashed on……..

Dmn! Racheal is such a beast ……. but wait a minute! What if she try to harm Sasha also?
No it can’t happen ! I can’t let that happen, I really need to do something about it ….

And in a rush, I got off the bed, put on my slippers, grabbed my purse and then dashed out of the room…

Luckily for me, my mom was in the kitchen so I tiptoed to the door, opened it gently, trying not to make a sound and then ran out of the house ………

Cory! Is that you? I heard my mom asked but I ignored her ……

I have to do what is right! I mumbled softly as I took a short cut to Declan’s home …..

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

Declan Davies
I dialled Sasha number for the umpteenth time but she was still not picking

I sighed in frustration
What is wrong with her? Is she trying to run me ¢razy with worry!

Fine! I know I wronged her but why is she taking this too far?
Just then, my mom called from the sitting room

And without answering her, I got off the bed and headed down the stairs to the sitting room
She was setting the table for dinner so I went over to assist her

Let me do it. I said, collecting the napkin from her to wipe the plates

Thanks baby. She said with a smile and then opened the pot ready to serve dinner….

I noticed you have been skipping meals so I prepared your favourite. She said with a smile and I nodded absentmindedly

My mind was with Sasha and I was really worried about her!
Baby! What are you thinking about, you have been wiping that plates for more than 5 mins. My mum queried, bringing me out of my thoughts and I quickly composed myself
Oh! I am sorry, what were you saying? I asked and she smirked
Just sit and let us eat …..

Sitting down, She dished a large helping of macaroni cheese into my plate and I stared at her in awe
Eat all of it baby. She said with a straight face and I scoffed

Do you want to kill me with food!

No, I just want to help you gain some weight. She corrected with an eye roll

Whatever! I muttered and she huffed

Use that tone with me again and you will be grounded for two weeks. She threatened and I raised my hands in defeat
You win!

Using the fork, I was about taking a piece of cheese into my mouth when the door bell rang ….

I exchanged look with my mom
Are you expecting someone? I asked but she shook her head
Neither am I. I drawled without making a move to stand up …..

I will go get it. She announced, standing and then made for the door

Cory! I heard her call and I quickly look towards the door in disbelief…….:

She opened the door wider and my heart skipped a bit when Cory walked in ……:

Cory! What is she doing here?

Is she here to tell what she knows! I thought within
hello ma! She greeted my mum who was still staring at her in surprise and then faced me
Hi Dec! I came over to borrow your Biology note. She said staring intently at me
I tilted my head slowly trying to figure out what she was trying to tell me…….

Note! Is that a kind of clue or……….. dang it! She is trying to ask for privacy ….

Covering my food with a plate cover, I stood up in a huff and then faced mother

I will be going upstair with Cory. I told her
She looked at Cory and then back at me ….

Then what about your food? She asked and I faked a chuckle
I won’t be long. I assured her
She stared at me for a while and then sighed

Alright then! She agreed
I shifted my gaze to Cory and signalled her to follow me as I climbed up the stairs to my room…….

I pushed the door opened and we both walked in…

Bolting the door, I faced her
What is wrong? I asked and she broke down in tears

Racheal might harm Sasha. She said in between sobs and I became alarmed

Harm Sasha! And why would she do that! Did Sasha offend her in anyway? I asked in a rush but she shook her head negatively

Then why the he.ll will she harm Sasha! I half yelled and she whimpered, sniffing
That is because! Erm that is because erm Sasha erm caught both of us together. She stuttered and I gave her a confused look

Caught you both with what! I asked still not understanding what she meant.
Kssing. She said in whispers and I froze

Kssing! And why would you both be doing that! Are you both lezbians? I asked and her countenance changed to that of sadness….

No way! You must be joking ! Racheal is my ex and you know, she doesn’t seem like a lezbian. I said still finding it hard to believe and she took a deep breathe….

You turned her that way Declan, all she wanted was for you to love but what did you do instead, you played with her feelings. She paused to wipe her tears before she continued
I was always her shoulder to cry on, I will listen attentively to her when she tells me how much she love you but all that changed when she asked me a question which ruined my entire life …..

Cory! Will you help me quench my burning desire?

I was taken aback by the question and was contemplating on the answers to give her when she suddenly kssed me deeply and that was it, I became her “burning quencher” ever since then. She half yelled
Cory! I called softly

I satisfy her whenever the needs arise and She became a thorn in my flesh and what did I do? Nothing, I was the daughter of her maid and just a complain from her will be the beginning of my down fall……

I ran my hands through my hair in confusion
Fine! I am sorry for everything you had to go through because of me but I am still confused about one thing, why will Racheal harm Sasha all because she caught both of you kssing? I asked, fixing my gaze on her …..

She stared at me for a while and then looked away
Please Cory talk to me. I pleaded

That is because she also did the same to Daphne. She answered and I froze
Daphne! I managed to ask and she nodded

GHOST’S FRIEND: Episode 31 – The End

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