When Susan heard what Georgia said and the people’s reaction, she was Terrified that her deeds would be known, she immediately thought of a plan

“Georgia why are you so filial? what you did to Ariana wasn’t enough, you want to ruin her party now?

With what Susan said, everybody recalled the scandal concerning Georgia recently

“The girl is really worst than the internet described her to be”
“Poor Ariana, she didn’t do anything to deserve this treatment”

“if I had a daughter like that, I would rather die”
people kept in saying mean things about Georgia.

Ariana seeing this, activated her pitiful demure
“sister what did I do to deserve this from you, I accept you don’t like me but why do you want to ruin my birthday party, I invited you but you didn’t want to come and now you’re here?

Everybody felt pity for Ariana the more
The men present wanted to go and protect her.

Georgia was still angry but she knew she had really danced to their tone as the mother and daughter would use this opportunity to make her trash like they always do.

Georgia froze when she heard the voice, disgust and hate and pain flowed through her soul eating her up
It was Raymond
“I can’t believe you would make a scene after sleeping with a man behind my back!

Georgia felt like puking blood, Had it been she didn’t find out about his involvement from the start, she would have started begging him to forgive her but right now, she felt like punching him on the face.

Georgia ignored him but what she didn’t expect was two bodyguards walking up to her and twisted her arms behind her back

“What are you doing? let go of me this instant! she yelled but they didn’t budge, instead they pushed her to the floor and she fell with a thud hurting her wrist in the process

She felt pain as she glared at the bodyguards

The people present laughed at her awkward position and mocked her
They thought, she really deserved it
Trying to ruin her sister’s party, cheating on her fiancee
what a bch

“I thought I made it clear not to come back here! Mr sterling boomed
Georgia struggled to stand up and when she finally did, she glared at her Dad

“you’re a devil! she spat acidly with hatred
Georgia’s face fell to the side as she clutched her left cheek which stung right now

Her Dad had sI.apped her again
“Leave this instant! Now you unfilial daughter!

Georgia knew she couldn’t confront anybody right now as everyone here seemed to hate her and wouldn’t hesitate to make her miserable
She decided to leave

“Georgia” she heard Raymond call after her but she didn’t stop
Raymond was mad that he was being ignored

so he caught up with her and gripped her wrist harshly, Georgia winced cause that was the same spot she got hurt not too long ago
“let me go you bstard!!! she yelled in pain

With anger, Raymond raised his hand and poured Georgia the champaign in his glass
Everyone gasped!

Ariana smiled inwardly
Mr Sterling didn’t even bat an eyelid as he didn’t care
Susan was happy but masked it.
She didn’t want to appear being the stepmother who derives joy in her stepdaughter’s misery.


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