Georgia opened her eyes to an unfamiliar grand room, the first thing she did was to immediately check her body because the last time she woke up to an unfamiliar room.

She had a one night stand with an unknown man so her sub-conscious mind was to immediately check if anything was amiss like the last time.

And yeah! something was amiss!
where was her clothes, she was putting on a man’s shirt for goodness sake!

She began to panic
Okay wait a minute, Dylan carried me out of the Sterling home after the drama and into his car then sht!

How could I fall asleep in such dire situation?
“You let your guard down Georgia!
She screamed within herself.

Did he change my clothes?
The door to the bathroom in the room she was in was pulled open that instant and Dylan strode out with only a towel wrapped around his waist

His hair was still wet as droplets of water streamed down his hair to his neck and gosh! those abs and toned muscles

Georgia didn’t realize she was staring and only came back to herself when she felt hot breath fan her neck as Dylan whispered her huskily

“Like what you see?
Georgia blushed and felt embarrassed

“Please you’re too close for my liking”
she scolded in hopes of getting him away from her

His manly scent wasn’t helping matters as her brain seemed to be jumbled up and her mind clouded.
Dylan smirked, hee reddened face was so adorable like a cute little cat

“why is that? afraid you would loose control like how you did that night?

He asked in a teasing manner
He was talking about that night she was drugged and they ended up having sx!

“Don’t worry I’m all yours” Dylan added

“You’re a pe.rvert! Georgia screamed in annoyance.


“You’re a pe.rvert! Georgia screamed in annoyance.
Dylan let out a deep chuckle seeing her puffed up cheeks.

She looked cute when she’s annoyed.

Dylan thought Maybe he really needs to get his head checked because he finds everything the little woman did adorable and cute.

All Georgia wanted that moment was to immediately leave and run far away from this Man

He looked sinfully handsome yet dangerous but the only thing that stopped her from jumping out of the bed was because she was wearing his shirt which did a little job in covering her thighs and the last thing she wanted is to give him the satisfaction of letting him see her half nkedness!

“Mr Donovan, I really don’t want to say this but you are acting like a pervert right now”

Georgia cautioned in an annoyed voice not meeting his eyes as she was afraid she would get svcked into the depths of those dark eyes.

To say Dylan was shocked was an understatement, in all his 32 years of life experience being the coldest and richest business tycoon that everyone was afraid of and trembles in his sight, nobody had actually boldly talked to him in the manner this little woman has.

She just says what she wants to say, not even bothering to sugarcoat her words.

Even though they had reached the final level of intimacy which opposite sx has, she still treats him like a stranger

If it were other women who were in her shoes, they would already start seeing themselves as Mrs Donovan already.

Dylan looked at the woman who did even care about his status and sighed

She even called him a pervert.
He even had the urge to tease her, something that was far from his usual character.

“That makes the both of us then, I don’t have to remind you of how you clinged unto me like a koala and even scratched my back”


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