Dylan didn’t even spare Ariana a glance, getting the answer he wanted to hear from the birthday girl.

He glared at Mr Sterling and was about taking steps to where he was but he felt his shirt being clutched and pulled softly making him freeze, turning around to look at Georgia who was currently holding his shirt

He saw her shake her head weakly and he understood she didn’t want him to do anything

Dylan clutched his left hand so tight as he felt his anger bubbling

All he wanted was to go straight to Mr Sterling and break the very hand he used in htting her. He didn’t understand why the little woman stopped him!

It wasn’t that Georgia felt pity or cared for her father anymore, it was just that she had been in a scandal lately and if Dylan does anything to defend her right now, it will still backfire on her, she would be the heartless daughter who stood by and watched her father get maltreated.

Ariana was getting mad and jealous, without caring if Raymond would be happy about it or not and forgetting about her supposed public image of being a gentle and kind sister and lady.

She went through her phone and rushed to were Dylan was standing, bringing up her phone to his view, she showed him Georgia’s compromising and intimate pictures with a man

“Look at the girl you’re defending, this is who she really is, she’s a bch! would you still care about her?! Ariana said loudly

Everyone gasped when they heard what Ariana said
“Is she really the same kind and gentle girl?

they couldn’t believe such words would come out from her mouth.
Dylan frowned upon seeing the picture

Everyone wondered what Ariana showed Dylan
Susan smiled already knowing what it was.

Raymond was still awestruck, why would Ariana care so much about what Dylan thinks about Georgia enough to show him the picture they set Georgia up with?

Ariana smiled victoriously when she noticed Dylan’s displeasure while gazing at the photo shown on the screen

‘ let’s see who will defend you now Georgia!
She thought
Georgia was terrified when she felt the anger emitting from the man holding her in his arms
She knows too well that it was himself and herself in the photo even though his face was not shown as he was on top of her while her facial features were very much in display as she was under him.

‘ Is he angry that he was involved with someone like me?
Georgia thought
Dylan cares about his reputation and he must be seeing her as a stain

With these thoughts, Georgia tried to detach herself from his arms because she knew he would push her away the next moment but she was shocked when Dylan who seemed to predict her action draw her back in his arms, this time holding her tight but gentle enough not to hurt her.

Georgia felt her heartstrings shake as her heart missed a beat.
Taking hold of the phone, Dylan deleted the picture immediately
“How dare you capture my privacy with my woman?

Dylan boomed as he glared down at Ariana who shook like a drenched kitty

Georgia’s eyes widened as she looked at Dylan
“Did he just say ‘his woman?
Raymond frowned and went to hold Ariana in his arms in defense
“What do you mean your privacy? Susan rushed over

Mr Sterling who knew things were about to go South gestured to his guards, who caught his message and began showing the guests out
The guests grumbled cause they wouldn’t be able to finish the show and left hesitantly.

Now it was just The Sterlings, Raymond and Dylan present.
“Yes you heard me right” Dylan uttered coldly.

“Wait a minute, you-you- you’re the man in the photo? it can’t be!


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