Dylan said pitifully and Georgia widened her eyes in disbelief and looked at him suspiciously
‘She would never do that”
She thought within herself
Dylan saw the disbelieving look directed at him

“You really don’t believe me?
look, the scratch is still visible even after all this time”
He said as he pointed at his chest close to his nppIe

Georgia’s eyes flew to his chest and she immediate regretted doing so as he found it hard to retract her gaze.

Dylan smiled in satisfaction seeing the effect he had on her.
‘At least this means I still have my manly charm’

He thought, for a moment Dylan thought maybe he was gradually loosing his charm and that was why Georgia wasn’t looking his way but then again women ogled him at the party so that means he still had his charm

It’s just that Georgia seems to be different.
“I did that?

Georgia couldn’t believe she had caused such a long scratch!
was she that desperate that night?
She felt like digging a hole and hiding in there!

“Yes, see you’ve already marked your territory, don’t worry, you ain’t sharing me with another”

Dylan cheekily said that made Georgia wonder if the Dylan everyone talked about being cold and heartless was the same person she was facing right now because this man is totally a play boy!

Georgia thought, Dylan behaves this way with every woman but what she didn’t know was that, she was the only one Dylan had ever shown this side of him.

“Ahh” she yelped when Dylan suddenly brought his forward as if he was going to kss her and without thinking for a moment, she jumped out of the bed hastily and ended up htting her bvtt on the floor.

“Ouch! She exclaimed and glared at Dylan
It’s all his fault!
“Don’t touch me! She added when Dylan wants to help her up
“Don’t you think you have to compensate me for the scratch?

Dylan asked her when she stood up
Forgetting that she looked so dmn sexy with just his shirt on, she glared at him

“I was drugged okay! The aphrodisiac aside, I wouldn’t even think of sleeping with you!
Georgia said

“You’re not a gentleman at all, you even undressed me without my permission!
Dylan sighed
“I didn’t, the housekeeper did”
He couldn’t believe a woman was yelling at him and he didn’t do anything about it.

Dylan you need to get your head checked.
Georgia calmed down a little when she heard him.
“it’s not as if I haven’t seen everything”

This Man!!
Did he have to make it obvious?!
Georgia felt like wiping that smirk he had on his face!
“Okay, I believe by now my clothes have been readied, I’ll just change and leave, I know you’re doing this because you’ve been told I helped you with my bI.ood but you don’t have to worry, you’ve already done enough.

I hope we do not cross paths again”
With these said, Georgia left the room to look for the housekeeper Dylan talked about.



Raymond squinted his eyes as he surveyed the unfamiliar room, his head hurts so much and he knew he was having a terrible hangover.

He wanted to sit up when he realized he wasn’t alone and froze when he caught sight of a naked woman laying beside him asleep
The bed was ruffled and he could smell the intense scent of lovemaking in the air.

He tried recalling what happened
After the incident at the party last night, he was angry and jealous at the same time so he drove to the club to have a drink but ended up getting drunk

He could remember a lady dressed sxily, sit beside him and then they went to a room and they ended up having rounds of sx

Fk! He muttered within himself.
Just in time, the lady stirred awake

“Hey darling, did you enjoy last night? cause I did”

She whispered as she was all over him the next second, feeling his chest and biting his ear sductively.

Raymond got hard like a rock, he couldn’t help but think, this pro$titute is way better than Ariana in be.d.

He suddenly grabbed her left bb giving it a squeeze as he slammed his lips on hers, roughly kssing her.

Clara smiled within herself, she knew Raymond doesn’t know who she is nor the fact that she is somehow related to Ariana.

He would probably think she was a pro$titute.
She responded positively with the same energy and once again they dived into another round of sx.


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