Ariana was petrified, how is that possible?
That wasn’t the plan! Georgia was to be sent to a room where they paid a random drunkard to stay and wait

How come she ended up with Dylan?
Thinking about this, Ariana felt her head hurting

No wonder she wasn’t able to contact the man after that day!
The man didn’t do his job and so disappeared so as to not refund the money!

How dare this bch! She slept with Dylan! Dylan for crying out loud!
Susan was shocked

This bch’s luck is too much!
She managed to hook up with the Wealthiest Man, isn’t that sending her to money instead?!

Mr Sterling stood in shock
In his head, he had started devicing ways to curry favours from Dylan

Oh for once in her life, his useless daughter had managed to get something big.

Raymond was no less in shock thank the rest of them
He didn’t know why but he suddenly felt jealous that Georgia had slept with another man and that man was Dylan.

Mr Sterling moved closer to Georgia
“Georgia my dear, I’m sorry I hit you, you know daddy was angry right? you know I wouldn’t hurt you intentionally”

Georgia watched as her Dad shamelessly tried to please her and felt like puking blood, she felt sick and regretted having a father like him.

She knew he doesn’t care about her, she knew it was all because of Dylan

Now that Dylan seem to favour her, he now acts like a caring father
The cold was too much for her, coupled with the wine that was poured on her and the slap she received

Georgia felt feverish and she swayed a little but Dylan held her
Dylan became worried when he noticed the woman in his arms was burning hot,

“Are you alright? he asked but didn’t wait for her answer as he carried her princess style.
“put me down, I can walk” Georgia argued weakly as she tried to squirm

“Yeah right, I bet you can” Dylan said but didn’t put her down
He turned to the others
“you’ll hear from me”
Saying that, he took large strides out of the house and headed to his car.

Garfield who was listening to music with his earpiece on, widened his eyes when he saw his boss walking out with a woman in his arms

‘ oh my God, is that really Mr Donovan?
He asked himself in disbelief.



“Velvet you shouldn’t be out too much, you need to take a break” Louise weakly advised her little sister who had taken it upon herself to hustle in other to provide for themselves ever since she got into an accident.

Velvet smiled
“don’t worry Sis, I’m alright okay” she assured
Louise nodded and weakly closed her eyes but opened it immediately, sadness filled in them

Whenever she closes her eyes, she only sees Reed
‘I can’t believe he left me for Clara’ She thought bitterly.
Velvet knew who her sister was thinking about and felt anger bubbling up in her, she wished she could get hold of that Reed guy and smash his face for hurting her sister

Velvet wanted to tell Louise about her meeting Georgia earlier and everything she discovered but didn’t know how to start.

Louise hates anybody from the Sterling family and Velvet was afraid that Louise would get agitated if she hears Georgia’s name

Her body is still weak and Velvet didn’t want to jeopardize her sister’s health.


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