Wearing a white dress, a shawl and a pair of shades, Leah stepped down from the airplane that just landed.

She inhaled supple amount of fresh air, happy that she was finally back from her trip where she went for an endorsement and now in her hometown.

She had missed Georgia so much
Leah couldn’t wait to see her and give her an earful of gists
Dragging her luggage with her she walked forward and bumped into someone

Looking up she met a pair of hazel green eyes that peered at her
The first thing that came to Leah’s mind was

“I’m sorry miss, I was in a hurry” the man apologized
“Are you alright Miss? the man asked when he noticed how Leah stiffened in place

“ah what? Leah asked as she didn’t get what he said earlier.
The man smiled and repeated
“I said I was sorry for bumping into you”
“oh it’s fine, it’s my fault too so I’m sorry”
She apologized
Just then, Leah spotted her chauffeur waiting for her
She bowed a little bit and hurried past the man

With a reddened face, Leah got into the car and they drove out of the airport.

The man watched as the car disappeared from his sight
‘she’s cute” he said
Just then someone gave him a magazine

“Here sir, entertain yourself with this” and went away
Don looked at the magazine cover indifferently and narrowed his eyes a little
“Isn’t she the lady I met just now?

He asked himself when he saw the girl used as the cover.
“Gi!!!!! I’ve missed you!
Leah exclaimed excitedly in the car, she was currently on a phone call with Georgia who was currently in the bathroom in Dylan’s house.

The housekeeper, Aunt Diane had washed her clothes earlier, dried it and ironed it, she couldn’t thank the woman enough.

She was about dressing up when she received Leah’s call.
“I’ve missed you too Leah, when will you be through with your endorsement?

“Oh, it’s done and dusted, I’m in the city, where are you now, I want to see you!

Leah pouted and her driver fought hard to control his laughter.
Young miss still behaves like a child’

He thought
“ah-I’m in um the house” She lied, there was no way she’s going to tell Leah she’s currently in her brother’s house!

“superb! I’m coming right away!
Leah informed
Georgia’s eyes widened
“No! No, you have to freshen up first before coming to the house okay? You must be plane sick”
Georgia said.

“You’re right, okay I’ll go freshen up and come over right away!
Leah hung up.

Georgia heaved a sigh of relief
Hopefully she would be at the Grand villa before Leah would be there.

Coming out of the bathroom located at the guestroom because she didn’t want to go back to Dylan’s room, she walked to the sitting room

“Oh you’re through, come have breakfast”
Aunt Diane happily said, she was glad a woman was finally in the master’s life

“Um don’t worry Ma, I have to leave now, maybe some other time”
‘Some other time indeed! she wasn’t going to smell here ever!
She just said that so as to not make the woman feel bad.

“You need to eat” Dylan’s cold voice rang out as he descended the stairs.

Georgia watched as he came to halt in her front
“Well I’m not hungry so I have to go now” She insisted

“You had a fever so it is only right you eat to replenish your strength” Dylan reasoned but he should have known Georgia was a defiant woman

“I’m totally fine now Mr Donovan, I don need to eat to have my strength back”

“Your hobby must really be pissing me off!” Dylan’s vein ticked, the little woman was damn stubborn!
“if you say so then you must also know that I want to leave this instant!

Georgia retorted raising her head up to peer at him with the same intensity.

Aunt Diane was left in a really awkward situation, she didn’t know if she should interfere or keep quiet.

To think that a woman dared talk back at Master Dylan, this is a news.
“I’ll drive you”
Dylan gave up
“I’ll find my way myself” Georgia said and Dylan’s patience finally ran out as he immediately carried her out of the house and into his car despite her struggles.




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