Georgia was shocked as she shivered due to the liquid that hot into her shirt making contact with her skin

“You’re crazy! Georgia cursed defiantly

“I’ll show you ¢razy!
Raymond had a dark glint in his eyes and he raised his hand to sI.ap her

“You must really have a de.ath wish to touch my woman!

A cold voice rang out in the hall and everywhere got still
It was so silent that you could hear someone’s breathe.

The only sound heard was that of a leather shoe walking on the marble floor

Ariana was dumbstruck
‘Dylan is here? she was captivated by his handsomeness despite his cold demur

Raymond was petrified
‘Did the great Dylan just call this bch his woman?

He thought confused
Nobody dared make a sound in terror of offending Dylan Donovan
Ladies present started straightening their dresses and pushing out their bbs discreetly, making sure they were at their best alluring.

Georgia stared unconsciously as Dylan walked majestically like a demon Lord and stopped right at her

She only got herself when she felt a warm material wrapped around her shoulders

“You’re shivering” Dylan muttered with a frown as he wrapped his jacket around the petite woman in front of him, who appeared to be in shock and pale

He noticed her red eyes
“Have you been crying?
He asked softly as if petting a little child

Georgia nodded her head unconsciously as she was so drained out

She even inched closer to Dylan subconsciously as he was warm
Dylan frowned coldly when he saw her swollen cheek

With Georgia in his arms, he turned to face the others
“Who touched her?!!!


“who touched her?

Everyone’s gaze unconsciously flew over to Mr Sterling, while Raymond fidgeted inwardly.

Mr Sterling was scared to see the brutal look Dylan was giving him at the moment as if he already knew the answer to his question.

It’s funny how Mr Sterling was terrified of someone he was much more older than enough to be his father but this is Dylan Donovan we’re talking about, only a fool would be stupid enough to offend him or get in his bad book!

Mr Sterling decided to bootlick Dylan but Ariana beat him to it.
Ariana walked gingerly to Dylan but halted when she received a death glare from Dylan as if telling her

“Get closer to me and have your head on a platter”
Ariana felt goosebumps wash over her but gathered her wits and with an extremely sweet and pitiful voice she said

“Mr Donovan actually, my sister barged in and sI.apped me that’s why Dad got mad and disciplined her, sorry for you to witness this ruckus and thanks for honouring the invitation” Ariana was behaving like a white lotus, polite and well-mannered, anyone would fall for an act like that but come on, this is Dylan we’re talking about.

Of course Ariana didn’t believe that Dylan would care about someone like Georgia who has gotten into a ho..rrible scandal recently, it would tarnish his reputation.

She was happy and surprised at the same time that Dylan personally came to her birthday party.

Though her birthday party was grand, Dylan Donovan never attends parties like this, at most, he just sends his assistant or secretary in his stead or ignores the invitation totally.

Ariana was happy and couldn’t help but to think she was somewhat special to Dylan, she couldn’t wait to boast about Dylan attending her birthday party.
But she didn’t fancy how Georgia was safely wrapped in Dylan’s arms, she didn’t like it for one bit!

Even though she has Raymond now, somewhere deep within her, she wished she was the one in that position instead of Georgia!


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