Georgia asked fully paying attention because she couldn’t seem to understand how the hate came around no matter how she tried to.

Hearing Georgia’s question, Velvet frowned and her eyes turned misty red as she forced back the tears that were threatening to fall
Seeing this, Georgia felt bad
“Hey what’s wrong? why are you crying?

Velvet sniffed
“Georgia, My mom is dead, Louise is in the hospital, we are bankrupt, Dad left us alone after marrying another lady”

Mrs Hills, her mother’s best friend is dead?
Georgia felt like everything around her was spinning that she had to hold her head
It hurts, it hurts so much!
Where was it hurting? was it her head or her heart?

She didn’t know as tears rolled down her cheeks
Velvet wasn’t expecting Georgia’s reaction to be extreme, after all the Sterlings were the cause of everything!

“Your family must be so happy to achieve such a nice goal right? Velvet asked mockingly
Georgia was a smart woman and so she put pieces together and got a clue
Her father, stepmom and Ariana must have done something to the Hillsbehind her mom’s back for Velvet to hate them so much but the question is

what exactly did they do?
“Velvet, hey Velvet, look at me”
when Velvet did, Georgia said
“Tell me everything”



Georgia drove in like a madman into the compound, she never thought that she would be coming here again, at least not too soon.
Her eyes were bI.oodshot as she stormed into the mansion, in her anger, she didn’t notice that they were having a party

She only realized when she got in and all eyes were on her, they were dressed in cocktail gowns
She saw a huge birthday cake at the middle and then it struck her,
it’s Ariana’s birthday.

But that didn’t matter, her eyes flew around the hall and once she saw the person she wanted to see, she walked straight to her

Everyone gasped in horror, they couldn’t believe their eyes
Did the First miss of the Sterlings just sI.ap her sister on her birthday party?

Oh goodness, this is gonna be one hell of a show! The crowd got excited to see the aftermath of her actions.

“Georgia have you lost your mind?!
Susan came rushing to her daughter’s side who appeared to be in shock of being sI.apped hard
“Why did you slap your sister for no reason? It’s her day!

Susan said pained expression on her face to make the people more disgusted at Georgia

Well Georgia didn’t care
“you are all evil! How dare you do such a ho.rrible thing to the Hills family?! Why did you do such things to them?! you’re all evil!!!

Georgia shouted on the top of her lungs, tears pouring out from her eyes like a broken Dam

She couldn’t believe everything Velvet told her, she felt like her Family were the direct deputy to the devil himself

For a reason she didn’t know about, her family made the Hills bankrupt, to the point they had to sell every meaningful thing they had to fend for themselves,
Mr Hills abandoned his wife and two daughters to God knows where after marrying another wealthy woman

Louise had a terrible accident while trying to hustle in the streets and went into a coma
To top it all, they made it seem it was her mom who planned everything, making Mrs Hills feel betrayed and depressed, She committed suicide.

That was the reason why Velvet seem to hate her so much earlier!
When people heard Georgia mention the Hills, they began whispering among themselves

They wondered why Georgia would mention that family, the family who went bankrupt after they were exposed dealing with illegal businesses.


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