Sarah knew too well of Vanessa’s feelings for their boss and she shook her head
Her friend was really obsessed

“Okay meet me downstairs when you’re done”
Sarah shrugged,. standing up to leave the office.

With the documents ready, Vanessa adjusted her clothes, pulling her inner camisole downwards to reveal her bbs, she packed her into a ponytail to reveal her slender neck making her look more alluring

Grabbing the documents, she walked out of her office and headed to Dylan’s

The building was rowdy, with people ruffling and exiting the building as it was work over time and so they didn’t notice Vanessa’s changes not that she cared.

“Come in”
Dylan husk voice vibrated as he heard a knock

Pushing the door open, she gingerly walked over to Dylan with heart beating fast, something her heart was used to whenever she comes close to him or sees him.

Dylan looked up, seeing it was her, he looked down, resuming what he was doing.

“I brought over the documents required for the new construction plan Sir”

Vanessa informed still holding the documents and was somehow disappointed that Dylan’s gaze didn’t linger on her.

Surprised Dylan raised his head
“And when has that been your job?
He asked with a poker face

Vanessa shuddered
‘Um Sir, I thought I should help as they were busy with other work”
She came up with a reason.

“Next time don’t be so helpful, let them do their job, they are getting laid for it”

Dylan scolded in a cold voice as he signaled Vanessa to drop the documents on his desk

Dropping the documents, Vanessa purposefully lingered more than normal, turning around to leave, she dropped the pen she was holding

“My bad”
Bending down $eductively to pick her pen, she made sure her bbs were peeking out of her camisole

Dylan who subconsciously looked over met the pair of cI.eavage and frowned as he looked away

Vanessa who finally stood up was disappointed to see Dylan looking at his computer
Wasn’t he affected at all?

Men would gravel on their knees just to have a taste of her and here she was indirectly throwing herself on him but he didn’t even notice nor budged

“I’ll leave then”
She said sadly and hesitantly walked out but Dylan stopped her before she could turn the door knob


Vanessa turned around happy and expectant

Did he finally notice her?
Oh my goodness, her charm finally worked.

“Yes Sir?
She answered barely holding down her excitement

Dylan gazed at her intently
“Don’t make me reconsider your stay in this company by your unnecessary petty actions”

Vanessa felt like she was thrown from heaven down to earth, she almost yelled to tell him how she had been in love with him for so many years and still is but seeing Dylan go back to his work indifferently, she swallowed her grievances and walked out of the office with clenched fist.


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