By : Kebby NG

They say fate can never be changed or rectify, that was the story of Emily Wilburn, a hardworking lady whose life revolves around her job and family.


Fate threw her into the hands of Cade Callaghan, a billionaire businessman who is ruth.less and heartless, he doesn’t believe in love neither does he care about it.

They met by chance and due to circumstances Emily found herself being offered a bargain, at first she refused it but things didn’t went as she hoped which led her into accepting the offer.

Cade took her to his family island but she didn’t realize that that was the worst mistake she ever made.

The island was full of mysteries and secrets which could result to havoc in both their lifes.

Emily was all business, she wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Cade but we can stop while we fall in love with, even if that person is the villain.

The island of love and secrets, Emily wasn’t ready for what’s coming!

Now let’s ask ourselves a question…

What are the secrets?

And what will Emily do when she finds out that Cade had something to do with the trauma she passed through in the past?

Find out the story of Cade and Emily in HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS 💃.

I know you don’t want to miss this interesting story.

Kebby lovers❤

Much love for you all




Chapter 1

By : Kebby NG


The shrilling of the alarm woke me up, still feeling drowsy from not having enough sleep, I switched off the alarm.

The door to my room opened and my mom walked in.

“Get up Emily or you will be late for work.” She said as she opened up the window,letting the sun drift into the room.

“Can’t I just sleep a bit more, just a few more minutes mom,a few.” I begged as I turned to sleep again

“Stop being lazy and get up, didn’t you say that you had a presentation today?”She asked and that got me out of bed.

“Oh no! the presentation, I won’t make it on time”I said as I dashed off to the bath room to take my bathe.

My colleagues and I have been working on this presentation for days now.

I often come late from work just because of it and now that the day is finally here, i had to wake up late, I thought as I put on my shoes and ran straight down stairs.

“Why are you in a hurry dear?”my dad asked as I hurriedly gulped down the fruit juice mom had made for me.

“She woke up late and today is the day for her presentation at work” my mom answered in my stead.

“Good bye mom, goodbye dad”I said as I waved off to the both of them and then I left the house.

I couldn’t afford to wait for the bus so I took a taxi.

Some other day,I might berate myself for going to work late but now,I will just have to get to work early.

He drove through the busy streets of los Angeles.

While he did his thing, I brought out my laptop and began to finish the set up to the presentation.

“We are here miss”He said to me and quickly I paid him and got out of the taxi.

As If being late wasn’t enough, I had to bump into some one and that made my laptop fall.

“Oh no! Oh no!”I said as I knelt in front of the broken laptop to pick it up.

I tried to turn it on only to see that it wouldn’t turn on and if the laptop develop some problem, then the presentation will just have to be delayed because all the work we did is on it.

“Are you okay miss” The guy who I had bumped into asked.

“Okay! Is this being okay?” I asked as I showed him the broken laptop

“I didn’t mean to bump into you and you should have watch where you were going”He said and I felt like punching his face.

“I was getting out of a taxi and you were walking on the free street, don’t I have a right to get mad at you!”I yelled at him.

“Look miss, I have to get to an appointment soon and you doing this will delay me”He said as he stared at his watch.

“Why don’t we just do this! I will give you my number, you can call me later and make any complaint about your laptop and i will settle you hand somely but right now I have to get to that appointment”He added as he turned to leave.

Quickly I obstruct his path making him stop.

“Miss!” He called a bit more impatient.

“Mr! I didn’t do all this to get your stupid money or to call you, as you must know,am also going to a very important meeting and all I had was in this laptop and………..”

“Okay you need the money now right,Well wait!”he said bringing out some notes from his wallet and then he took my hand and pressed the notes into it.

“This is all I have with me, if you had called me later on, I would have given you more than this, so now, we have even the score”He said as he moved past me again.

Angryily I went after him and when i got to his front, I pushed him so hard that he lost his balance and fell on the floor.

“Are you crazy miss!” He asked looking quite furious.

” You think your damn money is every thing right! A simple sorry would have done the thing yet you kept on being arrogant through and through, just how much do you posess that you flaunt it around”I asked feeling so very angry

“Your money wouldn’t do it Mr! so have it back,I think you need it more than i do, to help wash off your damn arrogance”I said as I threw the money on him.

“How dare you?”

“No how dare you,Just who do you think you are! Or no I know who you are, you are nothing but a mannerless je.rk, your parents didn’t train you properly”

“Watch your wo……….”

“You haven’t been told this before right! Well I just did, that will give you some thing to think about, you arrogant jerk”I said as I left him sitting on the floor.

Serves him right, I thought as I took the lift that will take me straight to my quaters.

As soon as I got there,I was crowded by my colleague.

“Emily what took you so long”Gracie asked as we all began to go to the presentation room.

“Some thing occurred”I said as I set my laptop on the table and plugged in the charger to make it turn on and fortunately it did

“You look worried? Is some thing wrong with the presentation that we made”Micheal who is also part of us asked.

“I just happen to bump into an arrogant idiot but its nothing and our presentation is ready, all its just waiting for is the owner to see it”I said.

“Is Emily here?” Our boss asked as she walked into the presentation room.

“Yes I am boss”I replied and swiftly she was at my side.

“Why were you late! was it your intention for us to lose this contract?”she asked a bit impatient.

“It wasn’t and I just had a problem with some one”I said.

“I don’t want to know the problem you have, all I know is that I want you to give your best for the presentation, we must get that contract, it’s the biggest one that this agency have ever had okay, i don’t want any mistakes !” She said and we all nodded.

“Have you look into the his profile,You know that to make an advert for his company, we need to show him that we know more about him”She said to Gracie.

“Well I did try to check him up on line but nothing came, all we know is that he is a rich billionaire and nothing more, It’s like he wants to keep his life a mystery” Gracie replied.

“You are not doing your work properly Gracie,I had told you to find out some thing about him!”she yelled at her

“But I ……….”

“Enough! You all will make me old and wrinkled before my 50th birthday, i better go and take a rest, Emily take over “She said as she left the office.

“You all will make me old and wrinkled before my 50th birthday” Gracie mimicked as she walked off.

“She still calls herself young when she will be 49th this year” Micheal added

“You will get so old and wrinkled that no guy will marry you”Gracie’s added and I had to laugh.

Our boss Rose Brighton have always been rude and bossy, but when it comes to our salary, she is very generous.

Some times she nags all the time and some times she jokes around with us.

Every one is on edge because of the presentation.

Our advertising agency is just a beginner, if we can manage to get the Callaghan contract then we will be well known and it will open a lot of doors for us.

That’s why we are all on edge, if this cade Callaghan doesn’t approve of our presentation then we will lose a very big contract and that’s what we are scared off.

“Have you prepared your self for the last part of the presentation”Micheal asked

“The part where I dance?”I asked

“Yes,You know it’s a must that we show him that part”Gracie added

“Sure,I prepared that part myself and so I will do the dancing”I said .

“Guys! Guys ! Guys,They are here,They are here”Mary the receptionist said as she ran in.

While Gracie and Micheal went to welcome the guest.

I finished setting up the presentation room,A cord was let loose on the floor and while I bent to retrieve it, i could hear Gracie directing them in.

“Come in sir?”she said

“This better be worth my while.” I heard the voice and am sure that have heard the voice some where before.

“Emily!”Gracie shouted.

I stood up only to be shocked by seeing the person standing there.

It was the rude guy from earlier.

“Emily meet Cade Callaghan,The owner of Callaghan empire.” Gracie said and my mouth fell open.

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