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I sat in the plane staying quiet, I didn’t know where to start in explaining to her about the place I grew up in, somewhere that has brought me pain and sadness.

I hardly go back to the island mainly because of my mom who keeps on pushing me to marry Isabel and also because of the things I did and had to go through on that island.

Things that I know that if let out , it will Ruin me for good .


But I have no option now, I have to go back to get the company on its feet again and also to make it clear to my mom that I am not getting married to Isabel.

“I’m waiting “Emily said, jolting me back to reality.

I wish she wasn’t that interested in knowing where she is being taking to but with the little have learnt from watching her, you can tell that she wouldn’t give up until she knows where she is being taking to

“The name of my island is Cain” I said softly

“Cain! Why is an island named Cain?”She asked wistfully

“I don’t know, it had been called that way for generations and when my step father took over, he wasn’t allowed to change the name” I said softly

“Is it really beautiful” she asked and for the first time I saw her smile, her first real smile, still soaking in her beauty I found myself answering

“Yes, it’s very beautiful”I replied

“I look forward to seeing this beautiful island of yours” she said

“What about seeing my parents, remember that you are………”

“Going there to convince them about our marriage and also for them to believe that you married me because you are in love with me , I know you don’t have to tell me ” she finished for me

“Am glad you know, my step father is an easy going man and my mom is the one I will say Is a bit hard to please, you will have to do your best in showing her that you are madly in love with me”I said

“And why should it be only me doing the work, why can’t you also do your best in showing her that you are madly In love with me” she asked

“Girls are the one who shows those type of emotions and so it’s only right that you show my parents and Isabel how much you love me ”

“You know one thing have learnt about you is that you always get to have the last word”She said

“Am glad you are learning things about me ” I replied and she gave me an angry glare

” Do you still want to know more about me?”I asked

“I don’t, you can keep it all to yourself”she said getting up

“Where are you going?” I asked

“To the room,this ride will be a whole lot better if I don’t get to see or talk to you”She said and went into the bedroom.

I sighed as I went back to doing my work, I hope that I don’t get to regret any of this and that I get to finish all my business there before Emily finds out things that are not supposed to be out.


Hand In hand we walked out of the island port.

Am still reeling from the shock of knowing that the little island Cafe had referred to this place as its own airport.

This is the first time I will be seeing an island that is well equipped and modernised

“Do you like it”Cade asked as we got into the limo that was waiting for us

“I must admit, it surpassed my imagination and it’s beautiful as you have said”I replied staring at the streets and buildings

“It almost looks like a little city,most Island doesn’t look like this”I said

“When my step father took over, he didn’t want the island to just be an island, he had a lot of hope for it, to make it known for it it’s name and greatness and he did achieve that”he said smiling wistfully

“And so now you are In charge of all this?”She asked

“Yes, I am in charge of everything, what! Now that you are seeing my city are you suddenly going to change your attitude towards me?” He asked

“And when you say changing my attitude ,do you mean that I will start to Suck up to you because I know you are very rich?”I asked and he smiled

“Now let’s get one thing straight Brian, I agreed to do this for my parents and also to repay you back for the darn money I owe you, so be rest assured, I won’t be greedy for your money, even when am In pain, I won’t accept your money, you scum!”I said angrily

“A first from a lady !”He said softly

“With you it’s always first Emily, you are the first lady who is rejecting my money?”

“And you are the first guy who has made me think that all the guys consider the girls to be the same, well you better stop that, with this darn attitude I doubt if you will get a girl who will love you for who you are!” I said

Luckily we were in a limo and due to the partition, the driver will never get to hear our conversation.

“And are you sure that you won’t be that girl?”He asked so sudden and i stared at him

“What rubbish are you saying ” I asked

“Am glad that you gave me that response”he said

“You really are so full of yourself, well Mr Callaghan you can be rest assured that I will never fall for you”I said and continued to look at the scenery.



The car stopped and I knew that we had finally gotten to our destination.

He didn’t leave the car instead he sat still staring at me

“What’s wrong?”I asked

“Before we leave this car, I want to be sure that you are going to do this right?”He asked

“Have told you, I will do It, all you have to do is to lead and I will follow”I said

“That’s good, now let’s start our first charade, ” he said and before I knew what he had in mind, he kissed me .

I tried to push him away but he pulled me to him kssing me more intimately.

And then he let go of me and I pushed him away

“What is your problem?why do you kss me every chance you get”I said as I rubbed at my lips

“It’s for my family to see, if you go into that house looking like that they will think am too cold towards you and everyone knows that am a red blooded male and so my darling at every chance you get you will always be kssed by me and you will endure it even though you hate it” he said as he got out of his car

I took a deep breath and put a smile on my face and then I got out of the limo too.

The first thing I saw was how big the house was, big and lovely too, I thought as I kept on staring at it.

Just then Cade arm arms around me brought me back to reality.

I saw some people waiting by the door for us , some were the maids, you can tell by the uniform on them and then two women dressed in designer labels stood looking at us too.

One was old and the other was a pretty young blonde who kept on ogling Cade as ascend the stairs.

No one had to tell me that the old lady is Cade’s mother while the young girl is Isabel, the one Cade is to marry.

I couldn’t help but admire the girl’s beauty. Cade is a fool to reject her, I thought to myself.

“Cade darling”Isabel said as she ran towards us and before we knew it she jumped on him hugging him tight.

“Have missed you so much”she said and without warning she gave Cade a kiss and I started the whole scene in surprise

Is she trying to show me that Cade is hers, if only she knew that I was least bothered by it.

Cade gently pulled her away and then he came to me and held my hand in his.

“Hello Mom, Isabel,I want you both to meet………..”

“She is of no importance, I bet she is a mistress who followed you here, don’t worry son, as soon as you are done with her, you can get married to Isa here ” his Mom said without a smile on her face.

It’s like she was dictating to one of her employees,I thought as I stared at her unsmiling face.


“That won’t be a possible mother because the girl you just said that is of no importance is my wife” Cade said and I saw the two ladies’ mouths drop open in shock.

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