Chapter 11

By : Kebby NG

” What rubbish are you saying?”His mom yelled at him

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS: Chapter 11 – 20.

“It’s not rubbish mom, I thought I told you that I love some one and she is the girl I love and got married to a week ago, she is not my mistress”Cade said firmly

“But you can’t do this to Isabel, she has been waiting for you her whole life, she loves you and will cherish you until her last breath, why did you have to marry someone else”His mom yelled at him

“Have told you that I don’t love Isabel, I made it clear to everyone, so don’t blame me for following my heart, ”he said to his mom.

Mother and son stared at each other with anger and then he took my hand and walked in with me

“This is total madness, how can you do this Cade?”his mom hurled at him

“It’s not madness, it’s love, where is dad?”he asked and was rewarded with a slap on the face

“How can you still ask of him when you brought this thing here”she yelled staring at me

“My wife is not a thing mom, I chose her and you will respect her”he yelled at her

I held his arm wanting him to calm down but with the look he sent my way, I stopped

“Mom it’s okay, if Cade has brought home his wife, we must welcome her”Isabel said gently

“What are you saying, you should be boiling with rage!”she said to Isabel

“What’s going on here?” Liam Callaghan walked into the room with the help of his walking stick

“Cade you are back!”he said, giving Cade a warm smile.

Cade went to him and hugged him and I could see the love between these two men

“No told me that you were coming back today”he said

“I wanted it to be a surprise and am glad that you were surprised by my arrival” Cade said

“And you won’t imagine what he has brought to us as a gift” his mother said maliciously

“What will that be?”His stepfather asked

“My wife”Cade said softly and I looked at the older man expecting him to Burst out with anger but instead he gave me a smile too

“Is that her?”He asked

“Yes,Come over here Emily?”He said as he stretched forth his hand

I went to him and gave him my hand, he pulled me towards his father And I greeted him gently

“What a lovely girl, you chose a well mannered girl”his father said

“Honey what are you saying? ” His mom said as she walk towards us

“Am welcoming the new member of our family” he said

“What new member, she is not a bride we want or choose for ourselves”She yelled at me

“But she is the bride Cade chose for himself, let’s leave them be and just accept that”his father said

“Have you even thought of your daughter?” She asked again and everyone stared at Isabel who was quiet behind us

“Isabel will just have to get a new husband,”her father said without thinking further.

Feeling hurt,Isabel ran out of the room and I felt sad for her

She really loves this jerk but he doesn’t want her, I thought

“Why don’t we get the maid to take you to your room”he said

“I really can’t believe that you are accepting this girl?”his mother said again

“She is now a part of us, so it’s best that accept her”He replied

“Thank you father and if you have put us in my room, we can get there ourselves, we don’t have to worry the maid ” Cade said and with one last look at his mom, he took me upstairs

As soon as the door was shut, I attacked him.

“How can you do this to your family most especially poor Isabel, that girl loves you”I said

“But I don’t love her and I doubt of I will ever love her”

“Can’t you even try , can’t you try to love her and respect your parent wish”I asked

“You are to meddle or question me, remember the contract”He said

“This has nothing to do with the contract, can’t you see that it’s not right?”I asked

“What’s not right is you behaving this way, You gave me your word and we have both started this, there is no turning back for you now”he said and went into the bathroom

I sat down on the bed thinking of how I will be able to cope with all of this.

His mom and Isabel already hate me and to top it all up, I have to share the same room with him, it’s all just going wrong.


“why did you do that blaze, why did you accept that low life ” my wife yelled as I sat at my desk in my study

“Because she is the bride Cade chose”I replied

“A bride which is not up to our standards, you care about those things whenever Cade brings home any lady, you will always tell him that”She said

“But this time he didn’t bring in any lady, he brought his wife”I replied

“Why are you behaving this way Blaze, I know Cade is not your real son but you have taken care of him since he was a child, he loves and respects you a lot and am sure that if you reject this marriage of his, he will listen to you “she said

“But not now”I said suddenly

“What do you mean by that ?”she asked

“I said I shouldn’t demand anything right now ,let him have his fun with the bride he chose, am sure that when the time comes he will regret this marriage ” I said

“Wait, are you telling me that you are not in support of this ?”she asked and I nodded

“Then why did you make her feel welcome, why did you accept Cade bride without a fight?”She asked

“Because I have something in store for them but first let’s see how long Cade tolerate this new wife of his”she said

“What if he tolerates her forever, he claims he loves her”She said

“I know what i’m doing woman, Cade and his new bride won’t last long ,that I can assure you of ”

“What about your daughter,How will she cope until you do something to send that girl away”

“The only thing she has to know is that Cade will be hers in the end,all she have to do is to be patient, she have always been patient, so she wait a bit more”i said

“I hope you know what you are doing, I will hate to know that that girl will be my son bride for good” she said

“Don’t worry, as I have said their marriage won’t last,so just sit back and watch how I deal with my son ” I said, giving her a crooked smile.

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