Chapter 13

By : Kebby NG

“Choose now Emily, I don’t have much time to waste here “he added

“How am I even sure that my parent did went on this supposed holiday of yours ” I asked

He took out his phone and dialled a line and on the third ring, I heard my father voice

“Good evening, Mr Wilburn, I just called to ask if you have gotten there safely “he said into the receiver

“Of course, we have gotten there safely, we have gotten to hotel and we were even given the bridal suite”My father said

“How is Mrs Wilburn, hope she is taking it gently as the doctor says”He asked again

“Of course, she is sleeping and the nurse you hired for us is watching over her now”My father replied

“Okay that’s that, I only wanted to check up on you guys and now that I know that you are doing okay, I can be rest assured and also Emily sends her a greeting”He said and cut the call.

“Do you believe me now?”He asked

“How can you send them on a trip when you know that Mom hasn’t fully recovered”I asked

“It’s the only want to help your mom relax” he replied

“Now answer me, will you accept my good term or the choose the bad one” he asked and knowing that he is capable of putting my parents there and never helping them to return, I nodded slowly

“Fine I won’t tell them and I will keep up with the deal, as long as you bring my parents back to safety ” I said to him and he nodded in return.

“I will do as you say my darling Emily and one more thing, don’t ever Threaten me to leave again, I hate those kind of threats”He said and walked out of the room

I sat on the bed feeling sad, once again there is no escape for me, I am bound to be here acting as Cade fake bride until this deal ends.

I will have to put up with him and his family, I thought as I layed on the bed feeling like a loser.


I went straight to the mini bar and poured myself a drink

Emily knows how to get on someone’s nerves, I thought as I gulped down the brandy.

I must admit, I chose her because she is the the only female who have ever reject me, the first one that have ever made me use force, pursuit and threats on her

She intrigues me and each time she challenges me, I always want to show her who the boss is

That is what I did a while ago, she dared to challenge me and I used the only method that calms her down and that is by threatening her.

Am glad that the father has accepted his new daughter in law. It was his approval that I needed and now that I have it, I don’t care about anyone else.

All I just have to do is to wrap up what I want to do here and then I leave.

Just then the door opened and Isabel walked in

“Alone?”she asked as she walked in

“As you can see for yourself am all alone”I said

“What happened to your dearest wife?” She asked

“She doesn’t drink “I replied

“I guess you both haven’t been that Close with each other ” she said

“Why do you say that?”I asked

“If you have been close, she would have known how to drink, After all you taught me too”She said

“People are different Isabel, you succumb to my teaching but she didn’t, that doesn’t mean we aren’t close”I said

“Tell me,do you really love her?”She asked me softly

“I love her Isabel”I replied and saw the sad look on her face

“I accepted it when you said you didn’t love me, I thought that someday I could make you love me, I also accepted when you got engaged to me and also left me back her, I knew that someday you would return and I also accept when you got yourself those bimbos, I knew that someday you will come back to me but I can’t accept this Cade, I can’t accept that you love this Emily”She said crying

Isabel have always been fragile,maybe that’s why I made it my obligation to always watch out for her but she took it as something else and began to pursue me instead

I told her so many times that I can’t be with her, Am not a man for her or for anyone else. I would rather have a mistress and dump them than to have someone who will fall in love with me.

“Isabel I think it’s time you find someone ,someone who will love you for you , I can’t be that person, am sorry”I said as I stood up

“Can’t that person be you, all my life you have been the only guy have ever love and want” she said and that made me stop

“I can’t be the man you want Isabel”

“Do you even know what I want, have you ever asked me what I truly want?”she yelled at me

“I don’t want to know Isabel, just get someone else, that will be good for you”I said and left the mini bar.

I took a stroll around the estate, it’s been a while since I ever did this,I thought as I found myself walking through the familiar route that led to where everything started.

The old house still stood that way, I thought as I stood looking at it

Everything began here, the monster that had been in me for years was unleashed right here.

I try to avoid this place and it’s all due to what happened.

It’s best that I leave, as mom had said, it’s all in the past now and so it’s best that I forget it too

“Cade, Cade,Cade ” I stopped on hearing that familiar voice.

I looked around me only to find no one there, what just happened, why am I hearing her voice, I thought as I quickly walked out of the surrounding

I went straight to my room, the room was dark and a figure was right on the bed .

Is Emily sleeping already, I thought as I went to the bed to check up on her.

But I was surprised when I saw that it was Isabel and she was naked

Before I could pull away she pulled me and I fell right on her

“Love me Cade, just love me “she begged and just then the door opened and the lights were switched on.

We both looked up only to see Emily by the door


I stood by the door,stunned by what am seeing

I just can’t believe that Cade chose to reconcile with the girl he hates right on the bed that I will be sleeping on tonight, I thought as I kept on staring at them

Cade stood up slowly and Isabel covered herself with the sheets

“Am sorry that I interrupt you guys, I will leave you both” I said as I went out of the room

I could hear Cade calling me but I didn’t answer him.

It took a while but I got to the kitchen and with the help of the maid, they told me that I could leave the house by going through the kitchen exit.

I ran out of the house and head to nowhere, I didn’t know where I was going but all I know is that I didn’t want to talk to Cade.

I kept on running until I fell over a stick, I sat up only to hear Cade calling me, I stood up quickly and continued to run

Why am I running, why do I not want him to catch up with me? I thought as I kept on running.

“Emily wait!!!”Cade yelled again but I didn’t answer

I kept on running until I stumbled on a stone and fell on the floor

I wanted to stand up but I couldn’t because my foot had been injured by the stone.

I looked up only to see a little house and the house look so familiar, something In me felt that I have to go into that house, that it’s my only of being protected but I was too late because I heard his foot step.

“Emily !”I turned on hearing Cade call.

He stood over me having a worried look on his face and then in a second, he looked all disheveled and was holding a knife ready to $tab me

I screamed out so loud that everything spin before me and then I lost consciousness.


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