MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 70

Zeemah writes ?

?Dianne’s POV?

Hearing those criminal escaped sounded like a bomb to me.
But something kept troubling my mind..isn’t it mysterious…how were we able to escape bullets?
I’m very sure Ryan shot at us but the bullets didn’t get to us,instead rammed into the wall.

No one had even pushed me out of the way,the bullet looks like it avoided me,haha.
Do we have an angel protector or something?…
Well..if we do… thanks angel for protecting us.

I rested my head on Fleur’s shoulder while the ambulance kept moving.
Vin and Mig are also cuddled in a part of the ambulance.
Two nurses sat at the far end and Braun sat beside the driver.
We were dead silent staring at one another.

We were kidnapped today and also freed today..
Ain’t we damn lucky!

The drive to the hospital was quite long considering our tense moment.
We finally got to the big white hospital; FORTE’S hospital.
I remembered ‘forte’ was Michael’s second name..

Thinking of him brought back old memories..
Michael is still the most caring person on Earth to me.
I left Korea the day he proposed to me…he wasn’t aware i was raped by two guys and also have a child. I can’t deny my child but i was scared he wouldn’t have taken it well if i had told him.

Or should i have told him first and then see his reaction?…
Maybe yes but there’s no going back’s over.
We all stepped down from the ambulance,the nurses led us in.
Stepping into into the hospital..I smelled riches.
The reception alone is worth tons of cash..I’m very sure even the middle class won’t be able to afford this place.
The nurses stared at us in awe as we walked in.

“Are they angels?” I heard one whispered and smiled.

“Oh my God those are the popular models…Vinnie Winters and Miguel Sydney” A nurse screamed and all heads turned to us …
They brought out their phones, about to start taking pictures…

I hate this.

We were quickly ushered into a corridor with doors on both sides.

“I want them in the VIP ward okay?” Braun said to the nurses.. but only the one with a pair of blue eyes nodded with a bow…
“Do you own this place?” I found myself asking.
“No…my friend does” he said with a smile.
Braun’s is a cute and nice dude … Fleur’s prince charming.. haha.

We walked for few seconds before stopping at a door that was pulled open by one of the nurses..
We stepped in and i ‘wowed’
This is different from the VIP wards I’ve seen.
The ward is spacious and beautiful..all painted in sparkling white, sunlight shone in through the window creating a reflection of the sun on the beautiful white marble tiles.
There are four wide beds placed with distance in the ward.
There is a single couch at the the other end with a table in front of it.
I saw two connecting door and guessed it to be the bathroom and the toilet.
The air conditioner was working perfectly.

“Please get on your beds…so we can begin your treatment” One of the nurses said,then pick up a small silver tray,walked to the cabinet…pulled it open and placed some things for the treatment in the tray.

We sat on our beds and she walked back to us.
“Hey,I’m sorry but you forgot to add antiseptic in the tray” Fleur said to the nurse who shot her a look.
“You don’t have to dictate to me in my own hospital” She said with a slight frown.
“I didn’t dictate to you..i called your attention to it .. their wounds needs some antiseptic to kill the bacteria and prevent infection.. and so it’s gonna dry up quickly, but you didn’t add it in what you placed in the tray and you expect me not to speak up” Fleur almost yelled.

“Who are you to talk to me that way!..are you the head doctor or what?” The nurse retorted.
“I’m not the head doctor but I’m a nurse and a surgeon…if i own a hospital… someone like you should worth being a cleaner” Fleur said.
No one said anything, we all watched.
“I think the miss is rig..” The second nurse was saying.
“Shut up” The nurse yelled.

“You can do s**t in your hospital…this is the hospital i work and you don’t have the right to dictate to me” The nurse fumed.
“I don’t see anything wrong in pointing out the fact that there is no antiseptic in this tray…they are models,they aren’t supposed to have a scratch not to talk of a scar on their skins….not using antiseptic will make the wound take some time to heal and probably be infected, if not for the situation of things..I would gladly treat them myself” Fleur fumed back.

“Then go ahead…treat them,let’s see the wonder you can perform..” The nurse said pushing the tray into Fleur’s hand.
Fleur smiled…” If i had want to slap you right now,i will and there is nothing anyone would do about it but I’m not just in the mood for a fight…you can ask them about me. You’re a nurse,your priority should be how to take proper care of your patients and not battering word with someone else” Fleur said…
“Rea..” The nurse was saying..
“Shut up please… don’t utter any word and now,i want to teach you how to properly treat patients.

She arranged the tray perfectly,then walked to the shelf..she opened it and brought out antiseptic..she placed it in the tray and walked back to us.
“My friend first” She said to me with a smile as she wore her gloves and began attending to my wounds.
Fleur finished treating our wounds each…so perfect and proper that we all felt better.
The nurse stared open mouthed at her.
“Wow!…Fleur you treated three people within twenty minutes…come here sugar pie” Braun said pulling her into a hug.

Haha…her cheeks is in purple color..

“Wow..i would love to learn from you ma’am” The second nurse with pretty blue eyes said to Fleur.
“Of course dear…you are free to..I’m gonna teach you all you need to know” Fleur smiled.
“Really?.. thanks so much surgeon Fleur” The blue eyed nurse grinned happily.
“Wow…I love that…”surgeon Fleur” sounds very nice, always call me that okay? What’s your name?” Fleur asked.

“Moira” the blue eyed nurse said.
“You have a beautiful name”
“Thanks surgeon Fleur”
“You know what?.. anytime you are on leave,i will give you the address to my house…so you come and i will take you through the stages of being a nurse…i will teach you all you need to know and trust me within a would be a professional” Fleur said.

Moira happily pulled her into a hug “thanks so much Surgeon Fleur…I’ve always wanted someone who would teach me everything i need to know but they all request for charges which my mum can’t afford…I’m so glad you want to put me through without collecting a dime…thanks so much Surgeon mum will be so happy to hear this” Moira said happily and we all shook our head in pity.

“Ohhh…what sort of job does your mum do?” Braun asked.
“She owns a cafeteria…just in front of our house” Moira said with a smile.
“Oh..okay” Braun replied.
“Surgeon Fleur…please can i also come anytime i’m free or get off work early?” Moira asked eagerly.
“Of course…you can come anytime you like…but don’t let it affect your hospital work huh?” Fleur said.
“It won’t… thanks so much surgeon Fleur” she said happily.

Fleur turned to the second nurse who stared at her feet.
“I’m sorry to say this but you are a disgrace to this big and prestigious hospital…are you a registered nurse?” Fleur asked but she didn’t flinch nor give an answer.
“Moira…is she a registered nurse?” Fleur asked.
“Yes surgeon Fleur” Moira answered.

“Wow…you are not even fit to be an auxilary nurse not to talk of a registered nurse…who employed you without putting you to a test first?” Fleur asked

“I did and i regret i did” A voice said from the door..
Shivers ran down my spine…the voice..only one person has that voice.
I would recognize the voice even in the midst of noise.
Mich..ael.. that’s Michael’s voice.

I froze on the spot as i await the person to come into view.
It might just be another person with a similar voice.
Michael wouldn’t come to Mexico.

My heart leaped as i saw his face.

It’s Mic..h..ael.
Looking more cute than ever.

?Elva’s POV?

“I did and i regret i did” A voice said from the door and i noticed Dianne’s face changed..
I watched her closely.
A guy stepped into view making my sister’s face turn bright.

Who is he?

We all turned to look at him…
He’s quite tall with a perfectly shaped head..his eyes are deep brown caught in Dianne’s..his nose,a little perky and he has a fine pink lips..
He’s handsome…very handsome, similar to Korea stars.
His brown hair in shiny curls.
He wore a blue shirt tucked smartly in a black trouser,a doctor’s coat is hung over his shirt and a stethoscope around his neck.

“Dianne” He muttered silently with surprise written all over his face.
“Mic..ha..el” Dianne stammered,standing straight..
They ran into each other’s arms screaming happily..

Ohh…Michael,her friend in Korea.

“Oh my God,I’ve missed you so much” He said with a grin pecking her both cheeks.
Dianne is backing us but i can swear her cheeks had turned purple…haha

“I miss you too Mike” She said shyly..the happiness in her voice can’t be compared to none.
Dianne has not sounded that happy in years.
“How could you leave me..why did you leave Korea without telling me..I almost died of heartbreak” He said.

Oh Wow…now i understand.

“I’m sorry Mike…I’m gonna explain everything to you” Dianne said…and i noticed they were still holding tightly to each other..
I made to clear my throat but Fleur beat me to it.

Fleur cleared her throat…”it seems we are the only confused set of people in here” She said and i nodded because it seems like they were lost in the world of their own.

Dianne and Michael turned to us and yes,i was right…her cheeks looked flushed.
They both beamed like jolly pandas.

“Uhm… Sorry guys .. meet Michael Forte,my close friend when i was studying computer science in Korea and Michael meet my family…
Fleur, Vinnie,Mig and Braun” She said pointing to us one after the other.

“Wow…are these not the trending models and musicians?” Michael asked with surprise.
“Yes they are” Dian smiled.
“You are both like angels,fallen from the sky..i actually thought it was make up which always made you guys that beautiful in magazines but seeing you now proved me wrong…I’m a very big fan of yours,can i get your autograph please!” He asked with a grin.

Mig and i glanced at each other with smiles.
“Yes you can but not yet because you haven’t noticed Braun and i yet” Fleur said with a fake frown.
Michael laughed…”wow You are the outspoken nurse..nice to meet you” Michael said stretching out his hand.
Fleur took his hand with a smile..”You are welcome doctor Forte… wait, are you the owner of this hospital?” She asked.

“Yes i am” he replied.
“And you employed this nurse without proper clarification?” Fleur asked with an accusing gaze.
“Mhm..we carried out the normal tests and she passed…I’m surprised and disappointed she could act this…Juliet go wait in my office” He told the nurse who walked out with a glare.

Wow…she’s so rude.

“I was watching everything right from the start…the way you treated three people perfectly within a short period of time…I must commend you…you are the most diligent nurse I’ve ever seen” He said.
“Thanks Michael” Fleur said.
“Please can you work in my hospital…i will give you a nice pay” He said.

“Ohh,i would love to but..I’m sorry,i can’t,i have an hospital where I work already in Australia… I’ll be here for just a short period of time granted to me by the chief doctor…just two months”
“Yeah, you can work with us for the duration of that two months, please…I heard Moira wants to learn from will be better if she’s seeing you every day and i also want other nurses to learn from you…so please” Michael pleaded.

“Alright…I will think about it and get back to you tomorrow” Fleur said.
“Okay…i hope your getting back to me will be a good one” Michael said.
“It might not” Fleur said.
“Because you didn’t say hi to Braun…you need to..”
Michael cut her short with laughter..

“Braun is my buddy…my childhood friend,he already called me before you all got here” Michael said throwing a playful punch to Braun who gave a throaty laughter.
“Really?…oh…he’s your friend Mr FORTE the owner of this hospital” Fleur said.

“Yes Fleur…we are childhood friends but long after my mom died, my father and i relocated to Mexico..we met again in a conference meeting and i was surprised he has become a doctor because all he wanted to be at that time was a computer maniac…I guess a lady broke his heart and he accepted his dad’s offer of owning an hospital cause he’s also experienced in that aspect” Braun said to all of us but his eyes were only on Fleur who gleamed.

“Ohh…that’s quite a story” Mig said.
“God,I’m jealous of this dude” Michael said pointing to Mig.
Braun looked over and smiled.
“He’s so good looking with a perfect body” Mike said.
“Yes he is…I’m glad Fleur is his sister” Braun blurted out.
We laughed…”why are you glad Fleur is his sister?” I asked.

“She would have probably left me for him…I mean any lady will gladly do that” he said.
“I’m not any lady and i can’t do that…because I’m different” Fleur said.
“Yes you are…why won’t a Tom-boy be different?” Braun teased.
He laughed as Fleur hit him,the scene was so sweet that we watched with smiles.

Tom-boy….it suits her perfectly well..haha.

“Braun can i ask something?” Dianne asked.
“Of course you can”..
“You said earlier that you are glad Fleur is Mig’s sibling..if not she would have gladly left you for him…are you both dating?” Dianne popped the question and the room went silent..

I was looking from one person to another..

“No we are not” He said and i saw Fleur’s face fell..
“But we will…now” He said and her face was in a confused state.
A ‘wow’ escaped my lips when Braun went on his knees holding out a diamond ring which shone brightly in front of Fleur who i can almost hear the rate which her heart was beating.

“Fleur please will you be my girlfriend?” He asked…

?Fleur’s POV?

“Fleur please will you be my girlfriend?” Braun asked…
I blinked rapidly to get out of the imagination i was having,it occurred to me that this was no imagination.
Braun is asking me to be his girlfriend,with a diamond ring!

I’m almost going crazy at the moment.
I could hear my own heart beat and i didn’t know when i began sweating in the air-conditioned ward.
I was speechless,i only stared in disbelief.
My dream has come almost brought tears to my eyes but i held it back of course.

My prince charming.
I wouldn’t have asked for a better prince charming.

“I know we haven’t met for long but i can’t explain how my heart feel for you…Fleur you’ve been a wonderful person to me..the bravest female I’ve ever are hardworking, courageous, diligent, beautiful,jovial, outspoken,i will love to have you beside me forever..I will love to always stare at your beautiful eyes…you mean so much to me… i love you so much,I’ve loved you since i met you..i just didn’t know it..Will you please be my girlfriend?” Prince charming asked.

I almost screamed out my lung in happiness…
I smiled..blushing terribly.

I felt like jumping high to the ceiling.

“Yes prince charming,i will gladly be your girlfriend…I’ve been expecting this day to come for years now and here it is..I can’t just say how happy i am right now… thanks prince charming for making my dream come true and i love you too…I’ve always loved you” I said, trying to hold my tears but it came rolling out anyway.

He slipped the most beautiful diamond ring i’ve ever seen into my finger,stood up and kssed me on the lips.
I reciprocated,the feel of his lips on mine was heavenly. I’ve never felt that way in my life.

I heard cheers and smiled.

“I love you honey..thanks for giving me a chance” Prince charming said against my lips.
“I love you too prince charming..” I said.

We broke the kss after a long time.
That was when i noticed how crowded the ward was…

Mr Winters had come in with his two bodyguards TT.
Selena and the other girl i recognised as Elva’s make up artist..
They all smiled at us lovingly and i shyly looked down at my feet..

“Wow…this is just a dating proposal…I wonder how your marriage proposal is gonna be” Michael said.
“It’s gonna be louder than this” Braun boasted and we all smiled..

I gat a romantic boo..

“Fleur I’m so happy for you” Elva said hugging me tightly…
Dianne also came, followed by Selena,Nessa, Tim and Tony… everyone came closer till we are all gonna engulfed in a big hug.

Mig winked at me.
I winked back.

“Wow…we rushed here to see the wounded people only to find a couple who are crazy about each other… congrats Fleur..the Kung Fu goddess” Mr Winters said and we all bursted out laughing.

I gat another name..

‘ The Kung Fu goddess’ sounds nice to me.

“Dad” Dianne whined like a baby hugging her dad.
“Dian baby…I hope you are fine? are you hurt?” He asked worriedly.
“No Dad…I’m fine” She said.
“Are you all okay?” He asked.
“Yes Dad” Elva said.
“Few scratches and nothing more” Mig said.

“I was damn worried…how did all this happened?” He asked.

“There is a lot to talk about…let’s all sit” Elva said and everyone took their seats on different beds expect Mr Winters who sat on the couch facing us.
I sat beside Braun who curved his arm around my shoulder…we grinned at each gaze at his lips,i felt like kssing him all over again.

“Dad…and others…I will tell you everything from the beginning” Elva said, everyone gazed on curiously..
She cleared her throat and began.
Everyone exclaimed in shock after Elva finished narrating everything from the beginning…except Mig,Dianne,Elva and i.

? Mig’s POV?

“You mean Juliet did all that?” Mr Winters asked in disbelief.
“Of course dad… the tape recorder” Elva said to Dianne who quickly brought out the tape recorder..
Everyone listened attentively and gave another exclamation after listening to the tape recorder.

Mr Winters rubbed his hand together and shook his head sadly.
“When did Juliet turn a monster..she made an attempt to kill Vinnie and also sent two guys to rape Dianne…she also made an attempt to kill me right in my house…T get me my phone,she’s gonna be arrested” Mr Winters said and Tim passed him his small phone.

“No Dad, don’t do that yet” I want us all to pretend we don’t know anything for a while,then we gather more information and dump her and her accomplices behind the bar…if we go on with that move you are about to make… It might endanger our lives,who knows if they have other accomplices, they desperately want to get rid of let’s just stay low for the time being” Fleur said and everyone nodded in agreement.

Its been so long i see my sis look so happy…her face glows more brightly as she and her prince charming kept stealing glances at each other.

She caught my eyes and i quickly blew her a kss before turning my head away.
I held Elva’s hand in mine, pecking her cheek lightly,she turned to look at me and i almost melted at her bright smile.

“You look more beautiful even with the wound on your jaw” I whispered to her and she blushed hard like she always does .

“Now you all heard what Kung Fu goddess said…no one should act like they know anything..let’s all keep low for now so we can be safe especially when the culprits are yet to be caught” Mr Winters said and everyone nodded in affirmative.

“Mig,Elva” Fleur called,her gaze fixed on something in Braun’s iPod.
“Yes” We answered.
“Braun just showed me something…There is a competition coming up in two weeks’s created by the wealthiest politicians in Mexico…it’ll be done annually and It’s based on modelling and music..the competition are for popular models and musicians…

The winners of the competition will be awarded with two sky scrapers,two mansions..two latest model of land cruiser,the opportunity to travel to any country of their choice and also the chance to also represent and be the face of the city..lastly the winners will be huge sum of money” Fleur finished and my eyes nearly popped out of the socket.

Everyone screamed in delight…

“Jeez-us christ” Tony said with wide eyes which made everyone laughed.
“OMG!” We exclaimed…”that’s quite much”.

“ bad! One of the organisers of the competition is a close friend of mine…he already gave me two forms to give you both to fill and submit tomorrow..but I’ve forgotten it in the office due to how i rushed down here…Tony will go bring it now…you both are joining the competition” Mr Winters said to Elva and i with a wide grin.

“Wow…we will gladly join the competition sir” I said happily.
“Of course dad…we are joining the competition” Elva said.

“But Fleur,all the things you mentioned are in the competition meant for two people?” I asked.
“Yes…two people each will be representing a group… which means you and Elva will represent your will both sing and model together on the stage” Fleur said.

“OMG” Elva screamed happily jumping on me.
I caught her happily and gave her a quick kss on the lips.

“But our wounds…it would have healed before then right?” Elva asked worriedly.
“Of course..there will be no scar left,all you just have to do now is to start practicing for the competition” Fleur said.

“The competition will be a tough one..the judges are strict and impartial..they will score you guys according to how you perform…so please.. immediate practice is required and i trust you both to emerge winners..” Mr Winters said and we nodded.

“We won’t disappoint you dad” Elva and i said with smiles.
“Tony take the Lamborghini and speed to the office now to bring those forms so they can read the rules and regulations of the competition..” Mr Winters said to Tony who bowed before walking out.

Fleur suddenly laughed out loud and we all turned to look her.
“Everyone won’t believe what I’m seeing here” She said.
“What?” We asked curiously.

“Sasha and Ryan also applied for the competition”..

“What!” We all exclaimed.

“Yes they did”
“Is Ryan a model or musician?” I asked curiously.
“No…he’s neither of the two..i guess he wants to support his girlfriend” Elva said with a chuckle..
“They are so dumb…they stand no chance of winning in the competition” I said.

“Ryan and his dubious ways! He might bribe one of the judges” Dianne said..
“He dare not and he can’t even try it…this judges are from i said earlier,they are so strict and impartial..they receive no bribe and what amount does Ryan have to offer them that they don’t have…they are all rich tycoons,no amount of money can entice them” Mr Winters said.

“Wow” We exclaimed.
“But the politicians organising this competition,are they so rich to afford all the things listed?” I asked.
“They are so wealthy..they created this competition to give out some of their money away..there’s too much of money and trust me,even after giving the winners what they promised…they might not even feel the impact of the money they spent” Mr Winters said.

“Back to Ryan and Sasha…they stand no chance against Vinnie Winters and Miguel Sydney,the two popular models and musicians who melt people’s heart with just their looks and voices” Dianne said.

We smiled.

“Yes i agree to that..a plan just came into my head now..wanna know it?” Fleur asked.
“Let’s arrest those people on the day of the competition after the judges have announced the winners…the cops will come in to arrest them,expose all of their deeds…I’m very sure Mrs Winters would be in attendance” Fleur said.

“That would be nice”
“That’s the best plan for them” We agreed.
“ come here Fleur..where did you inherit your good brains from?” Mr Winters asked as Fleur walked to him.
She hugged him and he motioned for her to sit beside him.
She did, grinning happily.

“I want everyone to know of their wicked acts..that day will be the perfect day for it,they will be shocked to the marrow,they need to pay for their deeds” Mr Winters said.

“I’m sure they would think we’re gonna spare them.. don’t you guys think they might want to hurt us after knowing that we now know of their deeds” Dianne said.
“No,they would lay low now that they know we know of their deeds, they’ll be hoping we don’t expose them and i think we should warn them not try anything or they are gonna get exposed and locked up, believe me they won’t want to dare” Fleur said.
“Yeah, we should make the think we forgave them already” Elva said.
“I can’t wait to make them pay for their deeds” Dianne said.

“I also can’t wait!”
“Me neither”
“I also can’t wait” We chorused.

“That day is gonna be bang…hope you guys are aware that the public doesn’t know that Sasha is bald” Dianne asked and we all nodded.

“That day I’m gonna pull off her wig and her head will be exposed to the world” Dianne said and we all bursted out laughing..
We laughed for so long… holding our stomachs..

“Now we’ve planned for that day … All that is remaining is for Vin and Mig to practice hard” Mr Winters said.
Just then Tony walked in with the forms.
He handed it over to us and we studied it for some minutes.

“Don’t worry… We are both gonna make you all proud” I said.
“Yes…the rules and regulations here are simple to maintain” Elva said .
“I trust you guys though” Fleur said.
“Vinnie and Miguel is gonna emerge winners” Dianne said in assurance.
“Yassss” We chorused.

“Little Dan asked of you Dianne” Mr Winters said.
“Yeah…he said he feels lonely and want his friends to be with him”
“His friends?” Dianne asked, confused.
“Yeah…his friends in the countryside…I plan on bringing them here,so they can also school properly” Elva said.
“That will be great…I can’t help the fact that my son is feeling lonely” Dianne said.

“Who are the kids?” Mr Winters asked.
“While i was still in the countryside…I got a job to take care of some kids in a ward…their parents abandoned them simply because there is no money to complete their bill..Dan was among them before Dianne brought him back..
Those children will also be missing him as he is missing them..i will go bring them all one of these days and i swear you are gonna love them…they are smart kids” Elva said.

“Wow…I can’t wait to meet them…bring them all,I’m gonna sponsor them” Mr Winters said.
“Thanks dad” Elva said happily.
“Is the countryside fun?” He asked.
“OMG dad you need to get there…you would almost melt at the sight of the garden and waterfall in Mig and Fleur’s home…I can’t wait to go back there” Dianne said.

“Really?” Mr Winters asked surprisingly.
“Yes…Mr Winters,i nearly cried at the sight” Braun said.
“Wow…i will also go there one of these days…I can’t afford to miss the sight you guys are boasting about” He said.

“I will also go with you…I can’t afford to miss the sight” Michael also said.
“Maybe we should all go…when I’m ready to go pick the kids” I said.
“Yes” Everyone said at the same time…it sounded funny and we all laughed.

“I’m so happy to be here..You guys are a wonderful family…staying here with a respected family in Mexico is a honor to me…I’ve always admired everyone of you, you’re a great inspiration and you’ve inspired me to work hard. I’m so glad to be here with you guys” Moira said happily.
We smiled at her…”it’s nothing Moira”

“What of your parents?” Mr Winters asked.
“My dad is dead and my mum manages a cafeteria just in front of our house” Moira said.
“Ohh.. really?”
“Yes sir”
“That’s nice…we will all visit her cafeteria some day” he said.
“Really?” Moira said.
“Thanks so much…mum will be so happy to meet you” she giggled happily.

“I can’t believe i can be this happy even after knowing the type of person Juliet is…I’m so happy to have you all around me.. thanks for always making me happy…now you all should come give daddy a big hug” Mr Winters said with a wide grin.

We all engulfed him in a hug happily.

“Now Selena and Nessa should go get some wines…we need to toast to our happy family and also to this two winners in advance” Mr Winters said.

“Yaaaaay” we squealed happily.

“I will get the wines sir… Dianne come with me” Michael said.
We watched as they both walked out of the ward hand in hand.

“Don’t tell me there is another lovey dovies among us” Mr Winters said and we laughed.

I laughed harder when Sasha’s bald head slipped into my mind..



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