MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 68

Zeemah writes ?

?Mrs Winters POV?

Its been a week and today is the day we planned on kidnapping those little flies..
They’ve become more popular and wealthier over the week..
Their names on everyone’s lips,they rendered other artistes useless!…they are receiving all the praises..a day won’t pass without them getting a direct contract from big companies while Sasha is now struggling and using her body to get contract..

Well..they will leave this world for us soon.

Thank goodness..that crazy nurse has gone back to the damn countryside she came from.
I opened my wardrobe and brought out a yellow gown..

I stretched it up and smiled admiring the designs on it.
It’s so expensive but i had gotten it because a UK based celebrity had the same.

I was about turning away when my eyes suddenly sighted something the top of my wardrobe.
Wh..a.. What’s this?
I peered closer and studied the tiny thing.

I gasped in shock when i noticed it was a camera.

How could i have been this dumb.

I yanked it away in fury, disconnecting whatever connection they have with my room.
How would i know how long the camera has been there?
Oh my God..
My heart was beating fast now.

Wait…isn’t this the camera Vinnie ordered?
The one she had claimed was for Fleur.

Darn it!..I’ve been fooled.
I’m way smarter than this,how did this happen?
How could i have trusted them?
How could i loose guard!

They’ve surely know of our secrets.
We need to zip their mouths before this gets to the public.

I turned restlessly and saw Maisey standing behind me with a bewildered look.

“Why are you standing there gazing at me…get me my phone from the table and get the hell out of this room” I yelled at her.
She quickly brought over my phone and rushed out of the room.
I dialed Ryan’s number…

“Hey Ryan…our secrets has been exposed!” I blurted over the phone.
“What!!…who uncovered it? Did you go blabbing about?” He asked to my fury.
“You are sure crazy…how could i tell them” I yelled over the phone.
“Then how did they discovere it!” He asked with fear in his voice.
“I just discovered a secret camera in my room right now…it was planted by them because i remembere Elva ordered for a camera”
“Yeah…what are we gonna do?” I asked.

“You know we’ll be kidnapping them today right?”
“Yeah,and?” I asked.
“They are gonna be killed but we will threaten them to submit all the evidences they have…once they do…we’ll get rid of them immediately,what do you think about that?” He asked.
“That’s fine,a good plan” I said with a sigh.
“Today is their end” Ryan said with a chuckle.
“After we are done with them…we will go after that crazy nurse in the countryside” I said.

I’m so disgusted by her guts!
She taught Dianne to stand up to me!

“Of course we will…allow me go get ready..bye” He said disconnecting the call.

Yes…they thought they are smart but we are smarter…

I can’t wait to get rid of this family.

?Elva’s POV?

I yawned and sat up on the bed.

My eyes locked with our portrait and i smiled..Mig and i holding hands and staring affectionately into each other’s eyes..

The portrait is so beautiful,no one would come into my room and not compliment it.
It’s a pleasure to always wake up to it.
Seeing such a beautiful thing first in the morning always bring smile to my face.
I always stare at it every day i get up from bed.
Mig also has a copy in his room.

I stood up and walked towards the mirror.
I admired my reflection and let out a wide grin.

It’s been a week now and a lot has happened over the week.
Mig and i have progressed to an extent where companies now beg us to model for them.
We’ve made a lot of cash over the week,so much that we lost count of it and right now we’ve bought a whole estate…we will be moving into it after our marriage.

Fleur has gone back to the countryside with her prince charming…she kept on calling from time to time,and we also call her.

We plan on informing the cops about Mrs Winters and co this week.
The tape recorder that was given to Maisey is right in my wardrobe… funny enough,they didn’t go deeper into their plan,they were only discussing how to make Sasha Lee supercede me and some other irrelevant criminal talks but we kept the tape because it’s also an evidence…
They will be brought to book soon.

We decided to have today and tomorrow off so we can get some rest.
We’ve been working tirelessly over the week.
Our relationship has progressed also and our love for each other kept on increasing.

I walked to my wardrobe, opened it and searched for a nice outfit.
Mig, Dianne and i are going shopping today.
A purple jumpsuit caught my eyes and i selected it.
I opened my drawer and brought out my underwear.

I picked a pair of black stiletto from the shoe rack and a beautiful black shoulder bag.

I placed it all on the bed and walked to the bathroom to shower.


I turned off the faucet and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my body.
I walked to the sink to brush my teeth.

I stepped back to my room after i was done.
I dried my body with the towel before applying some body lotion.
I put on my underwear then slip on the jumpsuit which hugged my body like second skin.

I brushed my hair,applied hair cream and quickly made it into a French plait.
I put on my black stiletto and picked my bag.

I walked to my perfume drawer and picked my favorite “Glow” it’s made by B&M perfume company.

I dropped it back in it’s place after wearing it and then walked to the mirror .

If i weren’t this person..I would be so jealous of me’ I muttered slowly with a smile before walking out of the room.


I met Mig and Dianne watching a movie in the living room,they are already dressed.. looking beautiful as always.
They heard the sound of my stiletto and faced back.

Geez…I had wanted to surprise them.
“Sweet sis…you look beautiful” Dianne said.
“Thanks Dianne”
“Babe you look breathtaking” Mig said and i blushed lightly.
He came over to pull me into a hug.

“I’m thinking we should have breakfast before leaving” Dianne said and i looked up at Mig to see if he approves.
“Yeah that would be nice” He said.
I dropped my bag on the couch and we walked to the dining room.

We sat round the table…and were served a breakfast of sandwich and coffee.
We chat amidst eating…laughing at intervals.

Maisey suddenly rushed up to us looking worried.
A bodyguard tried to stop her but i told him to let her be.

“Maisey what’s wrong?” Mig asked.
“Mrs Winters has found out about the camera” She panted and our eyes widened in shock.
“What!” We exclaimed.
“What are we gonna do?” I asked in fear.
“Please don’t let her know i told you guys anything…just act like all is normal…I’m sorry that’s all i can do for now” Maisey said before scurrying away.

We stopped eating immediately and rushed back to Dianne’s room.
She opened her laptop and tried to connect it and truly,the screen went blank…we didn’t see a thing.

“What are we gonna do?” Dianne asked.
“You know what?…we won’t act like we know anything…let’s just get out of this place first then we will discuss the rest in the car” He said.

Dianne picked up something i couldn’t name and placed it in the pocket of her trouser.
We all hurried out of the room…i picked up my bag when we got to the living room.
We walked out of the house and hurried towards the Lamborghini in the driveway.
We stopped the driver and bodyguards from coming with us.

Mrs Winters knew we go out with them,she might have hatched something now that she knows of the camera!

Mig got behind the wheels,I sat beside him while Dianne sat at the back.
He turned on the ignition and sped out of the house.
I sighed when he drove towards the road…
“Call Fleur…she might have some ideas” Dianne said and i quickly picked up my phone putting a call to Fleur..

“Hey Fleur” I said into the phone.
“Hey Elva… what’s up, your voice doesn’t sound cool” She said.
“Mrs Winters found out about the camera” I said..
“What!” She exclaimed.
“Ho..” She was saying but my attention was elsewhere.

I gasped in fear when a van double crossed our car.
Three huge men clothed in ninja outfits stepped out walking towards our car.
I was hooked by shock.
“We are dead” Dianne cried.

We froze as they forced the door of our car open.

They pulled me down dragging me by my hair.
I yelled in pain.
Mig struggled with the other guy but he was hit on the head with a rod which rendered him unconscious immediately.
Two of the guys carried him towards their van..they pushed his unconscious body in and came back for us.
Dianne and i cried loudly as they pushed us towards the van.

They forced us in and i quickly attended to Mig, shaking him hard but he didn’t open his eyes.
I cried and screamed loud for help as the van drove away.
I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head and realized one of them had hit me.

My eyes swayed as i dropped beside the unconscious Mig.
I felt hot liquid gush out of my head..i went weak and dizzy.
I was slipping out of consciousness as the blood continued gushing out.

“Vinnie” was the last thing i heard before everything blacked out.


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