MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 65

Zeemah writes?

?Dianne’s POV?

Sasha pounced on Vinnie and started hitting her all over the face.
Mig and i rushed to them but Vinnie already over-turn Sasha, grabbed her by the neck and pulled her hair which surprisingly turned out to be a wig,it pulled off only to reveal a bald head.


Her hair was so scanty to the extent that her scalp was visible…

Wow..where did her hair go to?
Did she scrape them off…merely looking at her in wig will make people believe it’s her real hair.

Ah…so bad.

Ryan rushed to save Sasha but Mig grabbed him and sent some punches to his jaw which sent him flying back.
I laughed out loud and quickly picked Vinnie’s iPod..She told me to take a video that Fleur needs to watch something once she’s back.
I started taking video of the whole scenario almost laughing out my lungs.

The bodyguards and maids stood back watching.
Vinnie already hit Sasha to the extent she was screaming in pains.
I kept laughing while taking the video.
Ryan rushed out when he was finally able to escape from Mig’s beating.
“Your father is the dead one not mine” Vin said hitting her harder in anger.

Mig pulled her up,to stop her from hitting Sasha further.
Seriously… Sasha’s head is looking bald and funny..I kept laughing.
Sasha grabbed her wig and ran out of the house, almost in tears, threatening to get back at Vinnie.

“What the heck is going on here?” Mrs Winters asked stepping from the stairs.
“Direct that dumb question to the pigs you told that my dad is dead” Vinnie yelled at her angrily and walked away.
I hissed and followed her.
“You don’t have to look shocked but I must say you are a terrible person for announcing your husband’s death even when he’s still alive” Mig scoffed before walking away.

Vinnie barged into her room and i followed her.
“Chill sis…” I said and she breathe out.
“That was so annoying,how could Juliet announce dad’s death to those pigs” She said angrily.
“That shows that there is a relationship between them, something hidden to us” Mig said walking In steadily.
“Yeah i think so” I said.

“Does that mean Juliet and those people are close…like a team?” Vin asked.
“We can’t be sure yet…but it seems so” Mig said.
“Wow… that woman is something else”
“If truly she informed them about Mr Winters…then she would have been making some moves now.. Dianne quickly bring your laptop let’s see what she’s up to” Vinnie said and i nodded walking out of the room.

I miss Fleur though.

?Elva’s POV?

Dianne returned with the laptop..
She placed it on the bedside table,shifted the table to the center of the room then started operating it.
Mig and i sat on the bed waiting.

Dad’s bedroom came into view and we watched in surprise.

Dad is laying asleep on his bed, Tim and Tony by his side.
some maids are cleaning the room.
Mrs Winters suddenly barged in and ordered everyone out except Maisey.
” Get me that damn phone” She yelled at Maisey who scurried over to where her phone is and handed it to her.

She scrolled her phone for some seconds before placing it on her ear.

?Ryan are you crazy?…

?Why the hell would you come here,you should have waited for my call and besides my husband is not dead…your incapable worker didn’t get enough bullets in his system and now he’s still alive….when i told you to order someone to kill Winters,did i asked you to use that incapable fool” Mrs Winters yelled over the phone.

“!” Dianne exclaimed..
I looked at Mig and he nodded…”yeah our hunch about her was right” He said and we continued looking at the laptop but she has disconnected the call now pacing the room.

“Get me a chilled Brandywine” She said to Maisey who bowed before hurrying out of the room.
She walked over to dad with a crooked smile and i froze.
“She’s gonna hurt dad” Dianne screamed about rushing out but Mig held her back.
“C’mon Dian…do you want her to suspect a thing she’s not hurting dad…Chill let’s see what she has up her sleeve” Mig said making her sit down.

We continued watching the screen.
“I promise you I’m gonna kill you soon…you this son of a bitch who has refused to die” Mrs Winters spat out angrily.
Dad stirred and she quickly returned to her seating position.

Maisey came in with a glass cup of Brandywine on a tray.
She placed it on the table in front of Mrs Winters who lifted it gently to her lips, sipping slowly.

Maisey stood beside her,with her hands behind her back.
She looked towards the camera and gave a small smiled.
She probably knows we were watching them now.
We smiled back even if she won’t see us.

“Tell Jack to get the camry ready…I’m going for shopping” Mrs Winters said.
“She’s about going to squander dad’s money again” Dianne said and i smiled patting her hair.
Maisey bowed and walked towards the door.
“Come back here” Mrs Winters ordered.

Maisey turned back and i can see a little fear in her eyes.
We watched in anticipation hoping this wtch hasn’t found out.
She emptied the remaining Brandywine into her mouth then handed the glass cup to Maisey.

“Return it on your way out” She said.
I sighed in relief.
Maisey nodded and took the glass cup with the tray then walked towards the door..she opened it and stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

Mrs Winters stood up and walked to her closet.
She came out a while later…changed into a beautiful red gown with black stiletto and a shiny black bag.

She selected a perfume from the shelf and sprayed it on her body.
She adjusted her hair, smiled at her reflection in the mirror before walking out majestically.
To be sincere…Mrs Winters is a bit pretty,she just act crazy at times.

“What are we gonna do?” Dianne asked.
I’m not shaken a bit knowing Mrs Winters and Ryan planned to kill dad cause Mrs Winters has always been like that…I’ve known her to be a dangerous person from the start but Ryan; I’m a bit surprised he’s in the plan. They will be brought to book soon.

“What are our objectives?” I asked.
“First,we already know that Mrs Winters is involved in the attempted murder of Mr Winters so our objective now is to bring her to book” Mig said and i nodded.

“Yeah…let’s call the cops to come take her cause she’s already planning another way for dad’s death” Dianne said.
“No we aren’t bringing her to book yet..I feel there is more about her that we need to know” I said.

“Like seriously, sis?” Dianne asked.
I nodded…
“Don’t you think if we waste more time in bringing her to book,she might succeed in her plan of murdering dad” Dianne said.
“We won’t allow her succeed..we will be watching her daily moves from here,so anytime she hatches a plan…we will stop it from happening” I said.

“Yeah Elva is right,i also kept having that hunch that there is more to Mrs Winters and who would have thought Ryan would be involved” Mig said.
“I’m a bit surprised though..but if Ryan and Sasha aren’t close as he claimed..then how did Sasha found out?” I asked.

“It’s confirmed Ryan and Sasha are dating..they are a couple” Dianne said and i sighed.
“Could Sasha also been an accomplice ?” Dian asked.
“It seems so…our investigation is not over yet,we need to fish out all this” Mig said and we nodded.

“I can’t wait for Fleur to be home, she’s gonna laugh at the fight video… hope i dealt with Sasha real well?” I asked with a chuckle.
“Of course sis,you hit her real well and the funny part was when you removed her wig. I didn’t know her hair was that scanty and…
“Bald” Mig completed and we all bursted out laughing.
“Seriously…I didn’t know it was a wig..initially i had thought that was her real hair..I just planned on pulling it. I was surprised it slipped off her head” I said in between laughter.

“She has been deceiving the public for so long and I’m gonna reveal her most dreaded secret” Dianne said laughing out loud.
“Fleur should come back soonest..I can’t wait” I said.
“Yeah…I miss her, i wonder how she’s coping at her prince charming’s house” Dianne said.
“I’m sure she’ll have enough gist for us as we do for her’ ” Mig said.

“Seriously…if she finds out about what we just watched now..mehn..” I said shaking my head to complete my statement.
“We also need her own idea,then we will plan what to do next” Dianne said.
“Yeah what time is she gonna be back?” I asked.
“I have no idea but she’s gonna be back anytime she’s done with treatment” Dianne said.

“Whoa…it’s 1pm already” Mig said locking his gaze on the wall clock.
I followed his gaze and sighed a little.
“Yaaay…my friend is gonna be back soon” Dianne said closing her laptop before walking out of the room.

“Seriously Mig,I’m getting fed up of all these…you know the stress we went through when we were trying to investigate Daisy’s matter and now is Mrs Winters,a woman more dangerous than dangerous itself..I was just trying to act bold in the presence of Dianne but deep down I’m scared” I said worriedly.
Mig drew me closer to his chest and i rested my head on it feeling relieved a bit.

“Yeah…I understand but let’s all try to be strong,once all this is solved then we can also have rest of mind and live the life we’ve always wished for” He said kssing my hair and i felt totally relieved.
I smiled and raised up my head, looking into his eyes.

“Thanks sweetheart” I said with a grin, stealing glances at his cute red lips.
He brought down his lips on mine and i almost shivered in excitement.
“You want my lips badly like i do yours” He said against my lips and i chuckled.

We kssed roughly,our t©ngues colliding in enthusiasm, sliding in and out of each other’s m©uth..

“Huh?..mhm… Sorry for the interruption” We heard a familiar voice said.
We didn’t mind the voice,we kssed longer before disengaging our lips.
We turned to see Fleur and Dianne standing by the door ..

“Ohhh…welcome Fleur” I said happily.
“Hey sis” Mig waved.
“Even when you both heard my voice,you still went on kssing… making me want to run back to my prince charming” Fleur said with a grin.
“Fleur..come here..we can’t wait to hear how your day went at your prince charming’s house and guess what?” I asked.
“What?” She asked eagerly.
“We have loads of gist for you” I said.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes Fleur come over here and gist us first…how was your prince charming’s house..did you get to see him today?” I asked and she beamed.

She took a seat with us on the bed while Dianne sat on the stool across us .
“Guys you need to see Braun’s mansion…it was just like paradise,the bodyguards are so mean and huge.the maid are all beautiful.
And yes i met Braun,he was looking more handsome today and he caught me when i tripped, looking deep into my eyes” Fleur blushed.
“Awwwn” We muttered.

“We got to know each other better and we discussed on how he’s gonna help the poor…in short,he’s starting tomorrow” Fleur said with a smile.
He’s so nice” We said and Fleur nodded.

“One can’t be called a prince charming without having the attributes…he’s so cool and fun to be with.. and he’s the exact replica of his father.
His father is good looking also and nice…he cracked some funny jokes and told me more about Braun,he said Braun rarely bring people home not to talk of chatting happily with them.
I was honoured and that place felt like home cause they were all nice to me except those bodyguards though…I can’t wait to get back there tomorrow and do you know he rode with him home” Fleur said,her cheeks the correct colour of pink.

” Wow, Really?” We asked with smiles.
“Yeah..i invited him in but he said he will come in some other time,he has some business to attend to…Gosh,I’m so much in love with him” Fleur completed her gist and we all grinned, so happy for her.

“Wow…Fleur you rock” Dianne said and they both exchanged ‘high-fives’ giggling.
“Hmm…drama queen finally in love” Mig said and we chuckled.

“Now…I’m eager to hear your gists…ride on” Fleur said.
“We don’t need to say anything… Dianne my iPod?” I asked and she laughed stretching it to me.
I collected it and clicked on the video app.
I saw the video Dianne took and clicked on it.
It began playing and i quickly handed it over to Fleur.
“Oh my God..oh my God” Fleur exclaimed laughing hard, throwing herself on my rug.
We also laughed…the video was quite funny.
“ really beat her up,so she doesn’t even have a single hair on her scalp” Fleur said laughing so hard.
“Yeah her head is as bald as a vulture’s” Dianne said and we laughing again.
“I bet she would be nursing her wounds by now” Fleur said getting up.

“Yeah…and there’s another thing..” Dianne said.
“Really??…but i wanna ask,who told them Mr Winters is did they found out that something went wrong in this house?” Fleur asked.
“Mrs Winters did” I said.
“What! Has she gone crazy? What’s the relationship between them? Wait…could it be that they are a team or so” Fleur said and we nodded.
“Yeah, they are and the second gist is pertaining to it… Dianne,your laptop” I said and she dashed out of the room.

She returned later with her laptop..


“I had always know that ugly witch has something up her sleeves…” Fleur sighed.
“So guys let’s plan on what to do” Fleur said.
“Yeah that was the reason we waited until you will be back so we can plan it all together” I said.

“Let’s all think for few minutes,then we will bring together our ideas, we’ll choose the best” Fleur said and we nodded.
We all fell silent with different ideas running through our minds.

“I have an idea” Dianne voiced out and we all turned to her.
“What idea?” We asked.
“We should report Mrs Winters to the police and show them this little evidence..then she will be tortured till she confesses her other crimes and also the people involved in it” Dianne said.
“Dianne that’s a very good idea but i don’t think we should do it that way because we have to expose Mrs Winters ourselves,that woman still has more actions coming up…I think if we keep watching her daily moves for few more days..all her atrocities will be revealed to us then we will plan what’s gonna happen next” Fleur said.

“Yeah let’s go with your plan…it’s more safe and besides Dianne you will be the one to handle it all because Mig and i will start our Modelling and musical classes tomorrow,then by next week we will be attending concerts so we are gonna be quite busy… Dianne you are capable of doing that right?” I asked.
“Trust me sis” She said with a smile .

“Fleur why don’t you extend your stay so you can be with Dianne and represent us in our absence” Mig said and i nodded in affirmative.
“The thing is..I told Doc Steph,i will be spending a week but let’s see how it goes” Fleur said.
“Congratulations on the beginning of your dreams tomorrow and i hope you both succeed at it” Dianne said.
“Go guys…I know you both would have gotten millions of fans by next week,make us proud huh?…we love you” Fleur said and we smiled.

“Thanks guys…” We said.
“I can’t believe that i will finally follow my dream…I’m so happy..I will put in all my efforts to make sure my it’s a sucess” Mig said.
“Yeah…that’s the spirit” Dianne said.
“I’m so happy for you or rather us” I said.
“I look forward to working with you Miss Vinnie Winters” Mig said so professionally that we all laughed.

“Wow…guys let’s go outside to the garden,it will turn humid in few minutes” Dianne said happily staring at the weather forecast on her iPod..
My mood changed instantly.
Fleur and i looked at Mig who almost looked sad.
The wolf had indeed given Mig a cure but how can we be certain it’s gonna work.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Dianne asked.
“It’s nothing will get to know later,Mig let’s go outside” Fleur said and Mig gave her a knowing look.
“Chill bro and be positive,let’s go try out the effectiveness of the cure” Fleur said.
“Yeah Mig..c’mon let’s go,you don’t have to be sad..” I said and took his arm.

We all walked out of the house and stepped into the garden,we sat in a round circle on the grass nervously anticipating the humid weather.
Our garden here is beautiful but not as beautiful as the one in the countryside.

“Dianne, how many minutes is remaining for the weather to turn humid?” Fleur asked and i could sense ‘tension’ in her voice.
“Just two minutes” Dianne replied.
“It use to take longer at times” She added.

We sat in silence, hearing an invisible clock tick loudly in our ears.
The weather turned humid some minutes later.
Dianne smiled happily, jumping around.
My gaze immediately went to Mig,Fleur and i looked at him in anticipation but nothing happened.
I was beginning to smile when he let out a groan.
Tears burned my eyes instantly as Mig began groaning in pain on the grass…

“What’s wrong with him?” Dianne panicked.

Why the hell did the wolf had to lie to us.
“Fleur bring his syringe immediately” I said in tears to Fleur whose tears was flowing out more than mine.
She stood up and began running back towards the house.

Mig suddenly let out a loud laugh.
Fleur turned back and rushed back to us.
I didn’t know what was happening but i felt at ease to see him laugh..
Has the weather suddenly changed into another?

I smiled when my Mig stood up on his feet laughing loud like a laughing jackal.
“I’m very much okay…I was only pulling your legs” He said with a chuckle.
“Dianne,is the weather still humid?” I asked,my heart beating fast.
“Of course” She said, looking confused.

Fleur and i screamed happily..
Mig is finally freed of his disease..

He’s gonna get hit for pulling our legs.
I winked at Fleur and we began hitting him,he dodged and started running away from us.

“How dare you pull our legs?
Damn I’m so gonna hit you hard today” Fleur and i said running after him in laughter..
Dianne also joined and it became a laughter-race.
We fell hard on the grass, almost laughing out our lungs.

And i must say…this is one of my best moments..

Yes it is.


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