MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 64

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

“Stop” we yelled rushing towards her….

But we were the ones who stopped in our tracks when we heard her say..;


She dropped the call and turned to face us.
We stood there without uttering a word.
“Vinnie you ordered a surveillance camera?” She asked.
“Yes she ordered it for me because i don’t have enough cash..I’m going back to the countryside some days later and i will need it to monitor day to day activities in the hospital” Fleur said and we heaved a sigh of relief.

“Really?” Mrs Winters asked.
“Yeah…what else would we need a camera for?” Dian asked.
“I heard you shout ‘stop’ ,if the camera you ordered was truly for Fleur,then you shouldn’t have tried to stop me from making the call” She said and i quickly came up with a lie.
“The thing is dad..does not need even the tiniest noise for now and your voice was a bit high,it might just wake him up” I lied hoping hard she will believe.

“Okay…but i don’t believe you and i promise you that I’m gonna figure out whatever you are planning” She said with a forced chuckle.
My heart almost raced in fear…I know Mrs Winters to be a smart woman.

Dianne walked towards dad on the bed.
“He’s awake” She said and we walked to him.

“Dad how are you feeling now?” I asked.
“Much more better, Fleur’s treatment is like magic” He said with a small smile.
“I know you will be hungry right now” Fleur said.
“Yes i am and it seems I’m perceiving the aroma of my favorite meal”
“Maisey go get dad’s meal” I ordered and she bowed before leaving.

“I’m gonna feed you” Dianne said to him.
“Okay angel… Juliet how are you?” He asked and Mrs Winters marched forward like a queen placing a kss on dad’s cheeks.
“I’m glad you are now very much better darling” She said smiling sheepishly sitting on the bed beside him.
“I’m also glad honey…all thanks to Nurse Fleur ” Dad said holding Fleur’s hand.

Maisey brought in dad’s meal…Dian collected it and Mig made dad sit up on the bed.
“I will feed him” Mrs Winters said collecting the meal from Dianne who watched in anger as Mrs Winters began feeding dad.
She hissed and walked out angrily..
“We will be right back dad” I said, winking at Fleur and Mig to come with me.

We walked out and i saw Dianne sulking at the door…I pulled her hand and we headed back to Mig’s room.
“I told you that woman is smart” I said immediately we entered the room.
“Chill..She has not found out yet” Fleur said.
“The camera task is gonna be impossible because now she will be on the lookout ” Mig said and i nodded.

“It’s not gonna be impossible…we are still gonna install the camera in her room” Fleur said.
“Fleur, do you have a death wish?Mrs Winters is very dangerous. If she finds out then consider yourself done” I said and Fleur laughed.
“Why are you acting like a novice…this camera” She said bringing out the camera from it’s pack.
“It’s damn tiny and black … We would put it in a secluded area in that room…I bet with you that she isn’t gonna find out” Fleur said and i sighed.

“Fleur is right… it’s tiny,if someone doesn’t look can’t even be seen..let’s do this and find out if that woman is innocent or not” Dianne said and i breathe in.
“Okay okay then…i hope we all know that Maisy can’t do it anymore?” I asked and they nodded.
“So who’s gonna do it?” I asked.
“I will do it ” Mig said.

“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah’s a simple task,i will just wait till she’s out of the room and quickly attach the camera on her wardrobe while Dianne will connect it to her laptop” Mig said and we nodded.
“So it’s gonna be carried out tomorrow cause it’s getting dark” I said and they all turned to look at the window.
“That’s true…so it would be done before I’m back tomorrow right?” Fleur asked and we nodded.
“Okay…let’s all cheer up,we are looking dull and ugly just like Mrs Winters descendants” I said and we laughed.
“Let’s go have our dinner and toast in advance to a successful task tomorrow” Dianne said and we walked out of Mig’s room heading to the dining.

Our dinners were already placed on the table in the dining room.
It’s homemade chicken soup and omlette rice with various wines.
We sat down and dished it out ourselves.
We started eating and chatting at the same time.
“This is delicious” Fleur muttered, happily biting into a chicken lap.
We ate to our fill, laughing at the joke Mig was cracking.

The dining table was cleared and deserts was served.
“We don’t want deserts tonight please..everyone is filled up,you guys can have it” I said and the maid nodded about to carry the deserts back to the kitchen when Fleur called her back.
“Hey can i have a slice of that red velvet cake please?” She beamed.

She later picked two slices…and started munching it in excitement.
We all watched her.

“Fleur,i hope you won’t eat this way at your prince charming’s place tomorrow?” Mig asked.
“Well…this is exactly how i eat and i can’t change that,i can’t behave like a lady who can’t finish a plate of meal when i can…I’m not up for pretense” She said gulping her wine.
“You’re just so bold” Dianne said and Fleur smiled.


“Let’s watch a movie before we go to bed please” Dianne said when we were about exchanging ‘good nights’ we’ve gone to check on dad and he’s cool.
“Okay im interested” Fleur said.
I faked a yawn and Dianne eyed me knowingly.
“You both should go watch your movie…Elva and I needs to sleep goodnight” Mig Said and i smiled.
“Goodnight girls” I said.
“Goodnight couple” They said before running off to the living room.
We walked to our various rooms after kissing each other goodnight.

?? Next morning..

?Fleur’s POV?

I hurried down the stairs already dressed for work…
Braun’s car has been waiting outside for some minutes now..

I woke up late, all thanks to the movie Dianne and i watched the previous night.

I slowed down a bit as i walked out of the door heading towards the Lamborghini waiting for me.
The driver came down to open the door and i hopped in replying his greeting.
He drove out and i breathe in fresh air adjusting the floral jumpsuit I’m putting on.

The black bag I’m carrying contains the few things i will be needing.
He finally stopped at a gate after driving for some minutes.

Wow…merely looking at the golden steel gate gave me a hint.
The gate opened automatically and the driver drove in.
I raised my head only to see the most beautiful mansion i’ve ever seen..and the biggest too.
The driver came out to open the car door for me and i stepped out of the car,my mouth still opened.

The mansion is painted in black with gold touches, blinking like crystal..
I got to see the garage when the driver drove the car in and the number from of cars in there was uncountable by a glance.

I swallowed and looked down at my feet,i could see my reflection clearly in the sparkling marble tile.

Mean looking Bodyguards lined up with guns like soldiers going to war and i almost shivered in fear .
These ones are ready to kill…I better not try anything silly here.

I was confused on whether to go in when two beautiful maids came out to usher me in.
“Come in Miss” They said,and i followed them.
“Stay back” One of the bodyguards barked and i shivered.
He used this instrument i couldn’t name to scan my body before allowing me in.
I walked in carefully with the maids.

My legs almost swayed at the sight of the living room..

This is paradise… indescribable,the most beautiful living room,glasses shone from different aspects, chandeliers sparkled with light at different angles of the room.
The couches looked like they worth millions..the classy and expensive looking designs on the wall almost made me want to cry..
This is too beautiful to be true…it’s like a magical house filled with riches.

“Have your seat ma’am Boss Braun will be here soon” A maid said and i smiled before landing my butts on the felt like i was seating on’s so soft and bouncy.
“Good morning Miss Fleur” I heard the familiar voice and turned to see Braun looking more handsome and relaxed in a pair of blue shorts and white t-shirt ,his hair is brushed down to his shoulders and his eyes sparkled with warmth..

Two bodyguards at his sides and one at his back.
“Good morning Mr Braun” I said politely.
“What do you care for?” He asked.
“Nothing.. thanks ” I said.
“Okay Dad is upstairs,do you want to go meet him now or relax a bit?” He asked.
“I will go meet him now ” I said already standing up.
“Come with me” He said.
“You guys should stay back for a while” He said to his bodyguards who bowed and stood back.
I followed him up the stairs, staring at his masculine back that was detectable through his light t-shirt.

I tripped and nearly fell but he turned back just in time to save me.

Awwn….he’s indeed a prince charming.
My prince charming to be precise.

?Elva’s POV?

Mig and i sat at the living room jubilating..
He has successfully planted the camera in Mrs Winters room and Dianne has also connected to her laptop successfully…
She’s looking at the footage right now in her room.
She’s gonna call on us if she sees anything suspicious.

“I’m so happy” I said.
“Not as i am, i had to quickly plant the camera…it was only Maisey remaining in the room and she watched out for me” Mig said.
“Wow..that girl is a darling..I’m gonna reward her” I said smiling happily.
“Fleur would be so happy to hear this” Mig said.

“Yeah…I miss her,i wonder how she’s gonna cope at her prince charming’s house,i hope she doesn’t try anything funny” I said and we both laughed.
The door bell rang.

“Boss Vin…Mr Ryan is here” Selena said and i looked at Mig.
“Really?” I asked.
“Let him in” I said and she nodded walking back to the door.
Ryan walked in with a sad expression and also a flower in hand.
“Ryan what are you doing here?” I asked.
“Accept my condolence” He said,a tear dropping from his eyes.
Mig and i glanced at ourselves in confusion.
“Condolence for what?” Mig asked but Selena interrupted us before Ryan could answer.

“Ma’am Mrs Sasha Lee is here also” Selena said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Wow…let her in” I said holding Mig’s hand tightly.
Sasha came in wearing a beautiful black gown..mopping her face with handkerchief and sniffling.

“Sasha why are you here?” I asked.
“Welcome back Vinnie,I know it hurts a lot to lose someone so close, please accept my condolence” She said and i moved back in shock.
“Your condolence for what?” I asked,my confusion increasing.

“For Mr Winters death…so sorry it had to happen that way,it’s a pity Mr Winters had to pass on just when his daughter and grandson arrived” Sasha said.

“My dad is not dead!… He’s is Hale and hearty” I screamed in annoyance and they wore astonished looks.
Dianne had also walked into the living room by then.
“I understand you might not want to expose his death yet,you don’t have to lie because Mr Winters was shot and he’s dead” Ryan said, almost yelling.

“Excuse me,who informed you Mr Winters is was shot or dead?” Mig asked.
“hm..mhm” They stuttered..
“Speak up…who told you my dad was shot or even dead?!” Dianne yelled.
“Do you want to be tortured before you speak up?” I asked.
“It wa-s Mrs Wi-nte-rs” Sasha stammered.

“What! Mrs Winters!” We exclaimed..
“If you care to know,my dad is not dead,he’s alive and well,scumbags” Dianne yelled at them. They stood, looking shocked and embarrassed.
I quickly picked up my iPod and took several shots of them in that position.
I’m still wondering what relationship they have with Mrs Winters for her to share that information with them.

“Get out of our house this minute” I yelled and ordered the bodyguards to push them out but Sasha has already pounced on me hitting me all over the face.


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