MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 66

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

I stood in front of the mirror and adjusted my hair after i put on a pair of blue jeans with pink tank top.
‘ Should i let it down my back or pack it in a ponytail?’ I contemplated, wrinkling my nose.
I better had it packed so it won’t slow me down where we are going to work.
I opened the drawer and scanned my set of hair packs before settling for a pink one with little diamonds attached to it.
I used it in packing my hair into a ponytail and i was glad it made me look smart.

I smiled and turned back to my bed.
I clicked my tongue at the items on it and sighed.
There, is my purple velvet gown and black stiletto,black handbag and diamond necklace with diamond earrings.


We are starting our Modelling shoot today..
We were awarded a direct modelling contract…we don’t need to depend on the modelling companies and I’m so happy for that.
We would be modelling for more than three companies today…

They’ve started calling us the first time we arrived here in Mexico.
I’m damn sure we will be busy throughout this week.
Mig is a charmer..and i must say if not for him,i won’t get jobs like this…Although i get a lot of jobs on modelling but Mig being here made it increase and I’m glad.
Dad is back to his feet…he has left for work early this morning and I’m very much happy about that.
Fleur has gone to her prince charming’s place and Dianne is in her room watching the moves of Mrs Winters.

My make up artist is already waiting downstairs at the living room and i can see the mini-van of the B&M perfume company parked in the compound.
That’s the first company we will model for today,we are gonna help advertise their products and all.
I got to know through Fleur that Braun Mortimer owns the company and also the delivery company who delivered the camera to me.

He’s very wealthy and i can’t help but smile at the pay we are getting for this particular modelling shoot….he didn’t even negotiate,he just gave us the price we charged which is quite much…We had thought he was gonna negotiate,that was the reason we raised the price but to my surprise,he didn’t and i even tried to bring down the charge but he didn’t agree saying he’s okay with the first price we mentioned.

I wrapped the items on the bed neatly and packed it in a box.
I carried it and slipped my feet into my foot wear..
One more glance at the mirror..I made my way out of my room.
I got to the living room and met Mig already dressed. chatting with Vanessa my make up artist.
I smiled and walked slowly to him then pressed a kiss to his cheeks.
He smiled on noticing my presence and pulled me to sit with him.

“How was your night?” He asked.
“Fine…and yours?”
“It was not fine” He said and i furrowed a brow.
“I couldn’t sleep…I just kept thinking about you” He said and i blushed letting out a chuckle.

“Good morning Miss Vinnie,so nice to see you again…I’ve missed working with you” Nessa said before standing up to pull me into a hug.
I smiled hugging her back.
“Good morning Nessa …you have no idea how much i missed you also and you’ve grown more beautiful” I said checking her out with smiles.

She smiled “Thanks Miss Vin..I knew you were back because i watched the news…the airport news was quite a show,i was wowed and to be sincere you are both cute and perfect together” Nessa said.
Mig and i glanced at each other with a gleam.

“I had thought you won’t call me back but i was wrong…thanks Miss Vinnie for asking me to resume as your make up artist” Nessa said with a smile.
“It’s nothing Nessa …you’ve been my make up artist for years and you are the best I’ve ever known”
“Thanks Miss Vinnie”

“So B&M perfume company’s mini- van are outside,can we leave now?” Mig asked and i smiled at his eagerness.
I’ve taught him the little things he needs to know about modelling and being a smart being,he grabbed everything fast so I’m sure we won’t have a problem.
This would be his first shoot and he’s so anxious.
“Do i need to take someone. like a maid?” I asked.
“Mhm…you think?” Mig asked and i shrugged.
“Selena” I called loudly.
“Yes boss Vinnie” She said hurrying to the living room.

“I need you to go with me now,so go have a change of clothe, and make sure you inform Dianne…if she grants you the permission to come with me then you can…we will be waiting outside” I said.
“Okay boss Vinnie”
“And…what of little Dan?” I asked.
“He has gone to school” She replied.
“Woah…so can leave” I said and she bowed hurrying away.

‘My mind flipped back to the other kids at the hospital…they are just six, i would love to bring them to Mexico to make them school and live together with Dan…they deserve more than staying there without a proper education. It’s bad for their future.
After all there are a lot of rooms here’ I thought as we walked outside.
That will be later and i will inform Mig about it first.

The driver of the company’s van came out and bowed.
“Good morning…” He greeted collecting our boxes, putting them in the car trunk.
“Good morning” we replied.
He opened the door to the van and we entered.
It’s a nice mini-van with comfortable seats.
He got behind the wheels about to turn the ignition.

“Can you please hold on…I have someone coming with me and she will be outside soon” I said and he nodded.
Selena came out few minutes later,now dressed in a pink short gown and white shoes…her hair is packed in a bun.
It has always been like that, she loves dressing smart and beautiful anytime she’s coming with me on my modelling shoots,she was just like my manager then.

I smiled as she joined us in the van.
She joined Nessa in the back seat.
The driver turned on the ignition,and drove out of the gate, speeding away.
Selena and Nessa chatted at the back while Mig and i kept stealing glances at each other.
We will chuckle when we catch each other’s glance.

This continued till the driver pulled the mini-van into the company’s parking lot.
“Wow…the company is so huge” Nessa muttered with a glow.
“Yeah it is” Selena added.
We stepped out of the mini-van breathing in fresh air.
“Wow this is beautiful” I said referring to the company’s building.
“Yes it is” Mig said.

Three huge guys came out to usher us in.
The workers stopped all they were doing the moment we walked into the company,their mouth opened.
I’m not surprised some of the ladies have started loosening the buttons of their shirts down to their cleavage, sending Mig naughty looks.
I smiled as Mig held my hand in his giving them a ‘Can-you-all-stop-embarrassing- yourselves…I’m-taken’ look and it was so loud and clear.

A disgusting look fell over their faces immediately Mig did that and i heard Nessa and Selena chuckled behind us.
I smiled, blushing hard.
We continued moving,and some of them were already taking pictures of us.
“So this is what being a celebrity feels like?” Mig asked with a smile.
“Of course…you will still experience more than this and trust’s fun and sometimes tiring” I said to him.
“We haven’t even started modelling shoots yet and we’ve started getting the public attention” He said.

“Yeah…it’s because of you” I said and he shrugged.
“It’s not only because of me…it’s because of us” He said.
“You think so?”
“Of course yes…if you hadn’t been with me,i won’t have been recognized,so we are both in this together” He said and i smiled.

We got to the elevator.
One of the guards stepped forward.
We walked in and he pressed the floor’s number we are heading to.

“It’s my first time in an elevator” Mig said with a smile.
“Yeah…there is always a first time for everything” I said.
He wrapped his arms around my shoulder kssing my hair.

“Mig” I scolded with a firm look.
“Who cares” He said with a chuckle.
The elevator stopped and we all stepped out.
A guard led the way while the two others were at the back.
I turned and smiled as i saw one of them hitting on Nessa who kept on blushing.

We walked into a corridor and turned left, following the direction of the guy in front.
He finally stopped at a door,twisted the knob and walked in…we walked in behind him.

“Wow!” Mig,Selena and Nessa exclaimed.
I should have also exclaimed but I’m used to seeing this.
This place is wide and beautiful,it’s just like a private office because there is a room in it..the bed is well spread,the shelf containing some cosmetics…there is also a mirror conjoined to the shelf just like the one in my room.

There is a wardrobe, couches with a sparkling glass table in the middle.
There are office equipment well arranged at the other side of the room.

“This is Mr Mortimer’s Private office,he asked us to bring you here once you arrive…he’s still at home but will be here soon…
Your make up artist can begin the process and i will go out now and call the make up artist we hired for Mr Miguel because once boss is here we will start immediately” The guy hitting on Nessa said with a bow.
“Okay then…call up Mig’s make up artist because i want the make up process to start at the same time,so there won’t be delay” I said and he nodded walking out with others.

Nessa opened her make up box and started bringing out the make up tools.

“Elva…you mean a make up artist was hired for me?” Mig asked.
“Yeah…” I replied.
“You mean..i will also make have a make over like you” He asked, almost in horror and i laughed.
“Of course no… don’t you know there are make ups for males,it’s just a simple touch that’s gonna make your face brighter and cuter” I said.
“Oh… really?..then why is the company in charge of hiring one for me?” He asked.
“Yes…all the companies we want to model for will be in charge of everything,clothes,make up and all..they should have hired one for me for me also but i informed them i have a personal make up artist” I explained and he nodded.
“Wow..That’s nice” He said with a smile.

Selena opened the box containing my outfit and started spreading it on the bed.
Just then…a lady walked in with a big box.. Mig’s make up artist i guess.
She almost gasped on seeing Mig and smiled later on.
“Good morning…I’m Morris,the make up artist assigned for Mr Miguel Sydney” She said.
“You are welcome”
“Thanks…so Mr Miguel,your make up, outfit and all is here” She said pointing to the big box in her hand.

“Have your seat let’s begin”

“Wow… Nessa this is the best make over you’ve ever made for me” I said glancing at myself in the mirror after Nessa is done with my make up…
She smiled…” I took advance classes during the time you were not around”
She has improved greatly.

I’m now clad in my purple velvet gown with the necklace,and earrings.
Im yet to check out myself in the mirror but i know i look stunning with the way everyone’s gaze was on me.
“You look so beautiful Boss Vin” Selena said.
“Thanks Selena” I said with a smile.

Mig has been done with his a while ago,he’s looking more dashing now dressed in a new outfit,his hair styled in a super way making him more cute.. he’s backing me, reading a fashion magazine.
His make up artist had left immediately after his make up .
Nessa also began packing her make up tools back into the box.

I stood up from the dressing table with a smile “Mig”
He turned back and I saw a look of admiration cross his face.
“OMG! Elva is this you?” He asked, surprised.
I chuckled slightly..
“Wow…you look stunning” He said dropping the magazine before walking towards me.
“You look dashing also” I said.

He pecked my forehead repeatedly and i couldn’t help but grin.
“Come here let’s take a look at ourselves in the mirror” He said holding my hand,we walked to the mirror and stood in front of it.
A gasp escaped our lips…”oh my God.. we are so cute” I said.
“No we are not cute” Mig said and my face fell immediately..
“Really?” I asked sadly even if i knew we were stunning.
“We’re not just cute,we look breathtaking” He said and i smiled, hitting him playfully on his shoulder.

We both laughed…”Selena get me my second phone from that bag..we need to take some cute selfies” I said with a smile.
Selena handed my phone over to me.
I clicked on the camera app …” My selfie stick please” I said to Selena who hurried to my bag to bring it.
I collected it and set it up with my phone, lifting it up.

Mig pressed his lips to my cheeks and i smiled clicking on the ‘shot’
We took several shots and later sat on the bed to take a look at the pictures.
Our beautiful pictures came into view before us.
“Wow…” Mig and i muttered with happy faces as i kept swiping it.
“I’m gonna use this as my screen saver ” I said happily, referring to the picture of Mig pecking my cheeks.

He pecked my lips this time and i almost gasp.
“Mig, the lip gloss” I said almost laughing at the colour his lips has changed to.
“I’m gonna wipe it off,i just couldn’t resist your lips” He said and we chuckled.
Nessa passed him a wiper and he used it in wiping his lips off.
“I hope my lip gloss isn’t smeared?” I asked Nessa.
“No, miss Vin it’s looking more beautiful,i think the kiss did a great job” She said and we laughed.

The door opened….Mr Braun Mortimer strode in with a smile,he gasped on getting closer.
“Oh my God…did two angels descend from heaven?” He asked jokingly and we all laughed.
“Good morning Mr Mortimer” We greeted.
“Good morning…and you both are looking stunning” He said and we smiled.
“Thanks Mr Braun”

I noticed there is someone,a lady behind him.
She stepped out and stood beside Mr Braun.
“Fleur” Mig and i called together in surprise.
“Woah!…is Elva and Mig?… definitely not,I’m going back to check them at home” She said playfully,turning back already.
We laughed…she ran towards us and pulled us into a hug.
“I almost didn’t recognize you” She said,looking at us admiringly.
“You came with him to his company?” I whispered to her.
“Yeah he asked me to” She whispered with a grin.
“Yeah…i’m gonna fill you in at home” she whispered.

“It seems I’m the only one confused here” We heard Mr Braun said.
“My bad!” Fleur exclaimed “Braun,meet my elder brother and my sister, Elva/Vinnie and Mig” She said.
Whoa…she calls him by his name now.
“Oh..really?” Mr Braun asked.
“Yeah” Fleur said with a smile.
“Wow,i never thought you both were related to Fleur..” He said.
“Yes we are” Mig said.

“Okay we will get back to the chatting later…the photographer is waiting…come with me please” Mr Braun said.
I slid my feet into my black stiletto…Mig took my hand in his and we followed Mr Braun out of the room.
We all got to a silent open place…there are loads of perfumes in boxes.
The background has been set and there were ring lights glimmering.

The photographer is truly waiting.

“As models…you both should know what to do right?” Mr Braun said and i nodded.
“There is a big banner attached to the wall with the company’s logo on it.
That’s where we are gonna stay while the photographer take shots and hope you didn’t forget the poses i taught you” I whispered to Mig.

“Of course not” He whispered back.
I nodded with a smile and walked towards the boxes of perfumes.
Mig and i picked two perfumes each and headed to where the banner is.
They all watched us as we were about to begin.
I’m an expert in this and i’ll make sure we wow them with this.

“We are ready,are you?” I asked the photographer who nodded, setting his camera right in front of us.
“Mig the first pose i taught you” I whispered to him and he nodded.
We started posing with the perfumes in hand and smiles lighting up our cheeks.

I remembered more poses as we went on and Miguel surprised me by pulling different cool poses.
It was perfect!

We heard ‘wow’ but we weren’t distracted.
We put in all our efforts as we applied the beautiful poses to the admiration of everyone.
I was glad to see we were progressing.
We continued posing….we are paid for just 15 shots,so we are almost done.


Claps followed wows immediately we were done with the shots.
“Wow I’m so impressed… thanks so much” Mr Braun said with a happy face.
“You are welcome Mr Braun” We said.
“Will you stay for a little chat?” He asked.
“No we still have two companies to model for today” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yes Mr Braun”
“Okay then,we will see some other time… thanks so much for the work you both performed…it’s wonderful” He said.

We smiled and began walking back into the private office.
“It felt so good” Mig said to me.
“Yes” I replied with a grin.

We walked into the private office and began packing up.
“OMG…your performance was wow” Fleur said coming in.
“Thanks Fleur” we smiled.

“You won’t believe that just now that Braun sent the modelling pictures online…people have started ordering in packs” Fleur said.
“Yeah…you are both so beautiful and that was what attracted the people…right now you don’t have to change because the press are outside” Fleur said and my eyes widened.

“What!” I exclaimed.
“Darn it” Mig sighed.
“Yeah…just hurry and find your way out of here…I need to go meet Braun..Bye see you at home” Fleur said walking out.
“This press are so annoying” I said and picked up my bag.
“We just have to pass through them” Mig said as we walked out of the private office with Selena and Nessa at our back.

Braun told his bodyguards to distract the press so we can have easy access to the car the second modelling company sent over.
The bodyguards did so and we quickly passed through them.
We entered the car and the driver drove off.

I breathe out in relief…I smiled looking forward to the second company we will be Modelling for.
We got home late in the night after we finished modelling for the last company.
We’ve dropped Nessa off.
We walked into the house,tired.
Selena carried the box into my room.

I sat on the couch immediately we walked into the living room.
Mig sat beside me and just then,I saw Fleur and Dianne rushed down the stairs with an unhappy face.

“What’s wrong” I asked worriedly.
“Vinnie…Mrs Winters,Ryan and Sasha were the criminals who partook in the plan of ending your life”



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